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  1. I’m in need of a malayalam mp3 song named “AVAL PANCHAVARNA”. I don’t know the exact name of the film but the hero of that film is kunchako Boban & heroin is Kavya madhavan.The concerned song is shooted on top of the mountains with a waterfalls at the background flowing. It’s a melodious song.

  2. Shaktivel, We do not trade mp3s.

  3. sakthivel…i know what song your talking about..
    yeah its a nice song..its from the film called
    DOSTH….and the songs name is “manju pole”…

  4. can we have more music reviews?blogs like these are the only way i have to know about the new developements in malayalam movies and music

  5. i reli badly need the piano theme from the malayalam movie “notebook” (mp3 format)

  6. I wanted to know name of the comedy movie where Innocent is a gandhian and does not even wear slippers. he goes to a wine shop

    other is when sreenivasan is a good luck charm and wherever he goes good luck happens and if he moves out the good luck also goes out. the entire village is trying to kidnap him

  7. Does the Malayalam film industry have a Script Writers’ association like Bollywood has the Film Writers’ Association of India? If so, can I please have the details? If not, how does one go about submitting a bound script?

  8. website defunct?

  9. So I guess there is no Script Writer’s Association where a script can be registered…

  10. Can anyone please send me the script of usthad hotel ? My email id is
    Thanks a ton!

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