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July 21, 2006
by vc

It’s just movies

Punathil Kunjabullah has a strange request . He wants the superstars, Mammotty and Mohanlal to stay out of the film industry for a while for the following reasons. Forty and Fifty year old actors are acting with eighteen year old … Continue reading

July 20, 2006
by vc
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Simply South has the following comparison between Bollywood and South Indian Film industry.   Bollywood South India No. of theaters 5289 7611 Biggest hit in 2005 Bunty Aur Bubli Chandramukhi Earnings Bunty Aur Bubli (45 crore) Chandramukhi (110 crore) Movies/year 246 … Continue reading

June 6, 2006
by unni
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(Written by guest contributor Unni) The human mind is a strange thing – it can do all sorts of wonders. For a scientist, it is the mind that is the laboratory on which his revolutionary inventions germinate. It is the … Continue reading

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