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June 22, 2007
by vc

Stop the ego wars

The official reason Malayalam Cine Technicians Association (MACTA) is striking is to increase the daily allowances of drivers and spot boys. The unofficial reason is that they want to put a cap on super star movies. To teach the producers … Continue reading

June 13, 2007
by vc
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For all the entertainment they provide, looks like the folks behind movies are a bunch of unhappy people. Here’s some of the the activities they have planned for the coming days. MACTA – How do you promote new comers in … Continue reading

April 13, 2007
by vc
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Film appreciation course

Following the footsteps of Education minister’s announcement that government is considering steps to make cinema part of school curriculum, KSFDC has announced a Film appreciation course. Instead of trying to institutionalizing film appreciation, we feel that such quality programs as … Continue reading

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