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December 28, 2013
by NikhiMenon

Best Malayalam Movies of 2013

It’s that time of the year where we crib about the best and the worst of the passing year.The first one in a series of posts,here’s my list of this year’s Best Malayalam Films. [- NikhiMenon] 10.Romans- This KunchakkoBoban-BijuMenon starrer … Continue reading

December 2, 2011
by NikhiMenon

How to Save Malayala Cinema?

Malayalam Film Industry and the word ‘crisis’ are like the ‘Lava-Kusha’ inthe Ramayana. Whenever we talk about Malayalam Cinema we hear someone lamenting:   ‘Malayalam Cinema is in deep crisis’ or ‘Malayala Cinema ICU vilanu’ or ‘Malayala Cinema Nashikkunnu’…   … Continue reading

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