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Long time back, there was a movie called Panchavadi Palam. It was an amazing satire on the state of politics of that time. Now a days, we don’t see movies like that. Instead what we have is the organization called AMMA.

For a small state like Kerala, with a tiny movie industry (compared to Tamil, Telugu or Hindi), we have too many organizations. AMMA is the most prominent because it has all the superstars, minor star, comets, business men/actors and politicians/actors. In terms of complexity of people, it is like a swamp.

For a limited set of people, the bureaucratic complexity of AMMA is hard to fathom. There is an executive committee, general body, Governing body and perhaps many other bodies. It looks so ridiculous. If Mammootty and Mohanlal meet in Kochi, it is the general body meeting. If they meet in Trivandrum, it is executive body. If they meet in Delhi, it would be the Politburo.

Recently Dileep was accused of being behind the assault on a young actress. The story behind that would put any serial to shame. But AMMA could not expel Dileep because, in their bylaw, they had no way to expel an actor unless his name is Thilakan. How convenient! Even Adam had a better fig leaf to cover his shame. The bye law is not god given. It was written by the same set of people. Even the Indian constitution has been amended. So why not add a clause which says, if you are accused of assault and if the Indian judicial system thinks that you need to be put in jail, then you are expelled from AMMA.

The original goal of AMMA was to help the poor and helpless actors and give them a monthly pension. Very noble cause indeed. Guess what, you can do all that without an organization and various committees. Just informally make a notification that Mohanlal will take care of the following actors. Every month, Mohanlal deposits the money right into the account of those people. Simple as that. No overhead. No need to drag all the bodies to the meetings.

The younger generation is conspicuous with their absence. Just disband the organization as it looks a relic of the past which is not serving any useful purpose, but has caused disunity than unity. This organization is nothing but a tool to control people, a mafia, an extra-constitutional authority. This organization is a disgrace to Malayalis and should be disbanded. The modern day Neros are playing the mridangam, while Rome is burning.

PS: We ask again, what has AMMA contributed towards recovery from Kerala’s biggest natural disaster?

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