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The Worst Malayalam Films of 2018 (so far)


Okay, this post is a bit too early. 2018 is not over yet and we are a few months away from 2019. The state had witnessed its worst floods in recent history and film industry was in limbo for almost two months. The success of ‘Theevandi‘ has brought some cheers to the industry and we hope that blockbusters like ‘Kaayamkulam Kochunni‘ and Odiyan will succeed and give the industry it’s much needed impetus. Meanwhile we will look at super awful films of the year, so far!

10.Kuttanadan Blog (Sethu,Sep 2018)

This Mammootty starrer was Sethu’s foray into direction. With a couple of lacklustre films to his credit ever since he turned a solo screen writer, no one expected miracles from this ‘Cousins‘ ,’Achayans‘ writer. Even a half decent flick would have done the trick for him. But unfortunately with a nauseating moth-eaten script meddled with illegitimate pregnancies and the 90 s style do-good principal character, Kuttanadan Blog ended up as one of the most boring films of recent times!

9.My Story (Roshni Dinaker,July 2018)
The director would have liked to believe that the controversies surrounding Parvathy was the sole reason behind the film’s failure at the box-office. But truth to be told, My story was a pretty dated story told in the most. Agreed, the production values were top notch, the music by Shaan Rahman was soothing and melodious but it couldn’t overcome the potholes in the script and it’s shoddy execution.The final twist in the tale was straight out of those run-of-the mill candy floss Bollywood films of the 90 s and the movie on the whole reminded me of those boring Suneel/Dharmesh Darshan films of the last decade!

8.Rosapoo (Vinu Joseph,Feb)

What was the talented Biju Menon thinking when he signed up for this boring misadventure? Ofcourse, the core idea was interesting and the initial fifteen minutes or so was genuinely entertaining but after that the movie was a snooze fest!The ‘motta’ song also failed to create the intended buzz around the movie!

7.Parole (Sharrath Sannidh, April)
Another one of those turkeys of the year, Parole was neither entertaining nor classy. May be the director wanted to make a social drama which could go down well with the family crowd, but there were hardly any takers for this old fashioned melo-drama!

6.Panchavarna Thatha (Ramesh Pisarody, April)

Perhaps the only commercially successful movie in this list, Panchavarna thatha too had a basic thread which was interesting. Infact the ‘No one is insignificant’ life lesson has been conveyed effectively. But apart from that this thatha had nothing else for the discerning viewer.This Ramesh Pisharody movie failed to provide the ample laughs which it promised! Kunchakko Boban gave an earnest performance overshadowing Jayaram’s hammy act, but the flick fortunately gave him the much needed hit!

5.Mohanlal (Sajid Yahiya, April)

Mohanlal is a classic case of celebrity worshipping being stretched to intolerant levels. This migraine inducing mess of a movie was successful enough in earning more haters for Manju warrier, her over the top ‘Meeenooty‘ being the single most irritating thing about this movie. It’s sad that an excellent performer like Indrajith has to get contended with utterly pointless roles/movies like this!

The second part of this post will be published in the last week of December

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