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Love in the time of Pralayam

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During Mahabali’s time all people were alike and helpful to each other. We saw that happen recently during the floods. It was a time when every Malayalee came together irrespective of ideological, religious, political differences and helped other human beings in need. There were stories of incredible gestures of kindness from all over the place. While the threat of getting submerged in water has gone many are left with no help and their lives and livelihood in ruin. We at Varnachitram always like to bring the movie angle into any proceedings.

Some of our beloved movie stars helped out during the flood and some of them came out when water receded. Now we are seeing lot of help flowing in from other states as well. That said, our main gripe is against the alphabet soup of Malayalee movie related groups – what have they done?

The unity and swiftness which AMMA displayed to legitimize the criminal activities of a lead actor were not seen in this instance. What is FEFKA doing? What is Film Chamber’s stand on this? This is the time to support the very people who supported and tolerated this industry. We stood with you during your dark times and patiently waited for the next hit movie. How would the movie organizations want to respond? Do they want to still gather the muck that is around and still throw at each other and entertain us?

We demand that all the artists, technicians and producers come together and have fundraising STAR shows in all major cities in Kerala and give all the proceeding towards rebuilding Kerala. This would be a small gesture of kindness, which might make us forgive many of your lapses.

One Comment

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