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Cliche: The return of the friend


One of the cliche scenes in the Black Panther movie is as follows.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie, Killmonger reached Wakanda and challenges T’Challa to ritual combat. He throws T’Challa off the waterfall and becomes king. Following this Nakia, Shuri, Ramonda and Ross run away to the tribe which did not accept T’Challa as the king. There they find T’Challa, rescued by the Jabari tribe. After he recovers, T’Challa asks the head of Jabari tribe to support him in the battle against Killmonger. M’Baku, who is the head of the Jabari tribe declines.

T’Challa goes alone to fight the enemy. There is a point in the battle when T’Challa is about to loose. At that moment M’Baku and his fighters appear and help T’Challa defeat the enemy and claim the throne.

This is a familiar pattern seen in Star Wars as well. Towards the end of A New Hope, the rebels identify a weakness with the Death Star. Luke Skywalker joins the rebel squadron while Han Solo collects his payment and decides to leave. Everyone asks him to stay back, but he declines. Then again while the fighting gets bad, guess who shows up. Hans Solo.

We don’t see this specific cliche much in India movies. We have our own like the twins who are split at birth, the blind mother, the comedic villain or various Sathyan Anthikkad movies. We will continue this series with specific examples. If you have your own favorites, please chime in.

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