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4 years looks like an eternity in Malayalam Cinema. While the landscape is almost unrecognizable since then, not all changes are bad. While we are thrilled at the infusion of young actors and cool ideas, we still yearn for the giant talents of the past. They are still slots that will remain vacant for foreseeable future.

We are not mindlessly fawning over Tamil or Telugu movies. Our movies are getting recognition and acceptance across India. We are regularly making 140+ movies a year and with the proliferation of multiplexes success rates are also high.

Our super stars are still around, surviving on marketing gimmicks.Neither of them has acted in a meaningful movie after 2014. While their recent hits won’t stand the test of time, they make sure that their legacies are intact, following the nepotistic trends seen elsewhere in India. Not to take away the talents of their progenies, some of them are talented. It’s heartening to see some of the new actors taking the position on top solely based on their talent and cinematic acumen.

While speaking of superstars, it is also important to mention supporting actors. They are what gave an edge to the superstars. When you share the screen with Thilakan or Nedumudi Venu, your acting goes up a notch. Now there is no one to give that edge.

One of the things we are missing is the raw talents that made malayalam movie music stand out – we are very short on that department. Raveendran and Johnson remain memories.

Talking about decline, we cannot avoid talking about moral decline. Last year, we had one of the darkest chapters in Malayalam movie history. An actress was molested and we have the fans of the perpetrator(of course not guilty until proven)who see things in black and white. They say that the success of a movie vindicates the pronouncements of the perpetrator. Are things that simple? This does not vindicate the 100% literacy we are so proud. We salute the courageous actress(es) who have taken a stand and stood up against misogyny.

We will posting regularly with our usual style. There will be movie reviews and analysis, all done with a critical eye. So for those who missed us, — We are baaaack.


  1. Nice to see you guys back! You were pretty much the only source I was reading on Malayalam cinema, which means I was especially out of touch the last few years.

  2. Hey! How’s it going?
    I remember writing posts on here back in 2008, 10 years ago.

    Malayalam cinema has only changed for the better over the last couple of years. It’s pretty awesome now in the 2010s. You only realize how bad things were in the 2000s.

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