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According to news, PC George is ranting against Mammootty. According to PC George, people like Mammootty, who is above the age of 60, should give way to youngsters.

“People who are as past 60 should stop acting and give way to younger stars,” said George at the assembly recently. “There are some people who are trying to continue acting even after they turn 90,” he added.

Hmm.. Let’s see. PC George is a politician and Mammootty is an actor. So we have lot of respect for Mammootty and think politicians are below the idiots who run fan clubs. Now that we have that sorted out, lets look at the logic behind the statement. PC George has set an arbitrary age for retirement of actors. If PC George has such a rule, it should apply to everyone and may be even for politicians. So PC George is 62 years old and immediately after he made the statement, he should have resigned to be a role model, after all you would think that governing is a bit more critical than acting. But then PC George has found a balance, he thinks he can combine both these skills. He should have asked his boss, the 80 year old, to quit as well. Following this he should ask for most of the legislature to quit. After that he could ask the Prime Minister also to quit. Once all that is done, PC George could find employment by starting the Poonjar branch of Mammotty fans club and welfare association because there is no age limit and no brain power required. It will also be one level above his current job.

PS: Anyone who says Mammootty is old is blind. He’s like Benjamin Button aging backwards.

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