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Ranjan Pramod is back

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When Photographer sank, so did it’s director Ranjan Pramod. An exceptionally talented screen writer, who had penned scripts for  movies like Naran, Meesa Madhavan,  Achuvinte Amma, we were baffled by his absence. With Rose Guitarinal, he’s resurfaced.  His comeback will be an asset for the resurgent Malayalam cinema. That said, we were surprised by his recent comment, that Photographer is instrumental for the new wave of Malayalam cinema .  But if you think about it, that is true. The movie was so terrible that it became a guideline for film makers on what not to do.

PS:  We started this post before the reviews of  Rose Guitarinal were out, looks like it’s going Photographer way.

One Comment

  1. Rose guitarinal seems to be a terrible film.In some places,the movie has already got removed(i.e within two days of it’s release!)

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