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VC Quiz – 3 (With Answers)


(A while back, we used to run these quizzes and they stopped. Trying to revive it)

  1. Name the director who has directed the most number of Malayalam films: Sasikumar
    1. Bonus question Who is second?: I V Sasi
  2. The song “Pichaka poongavukalkumappuram” from No 20 Madras Mail was sung by M G Sreekumar and composed by Ousepachan. The programmer for this song is now a famous music director himself. Who is he? A R Rahman. Vidyasagar also assisted with this song.
  3. Few decades back, this famous actor was producing a movie. At that time S Janaki was the most popular singer. This actor then noticed that the Music Director, M G Radhakrishnan was making a young girl called Chitra sing the songs of the movie since S Janaki was not available. At that moment, the actor recollected in a recent interview, “I could have told Radhakrishnan to wait for a few days and get Janaki, but I just let it go”. That film gave a break to Chitra. The actor in the interview vehemently refused to take credit for giving a break to Chitra and insisted that the credit should go to M G Radhakrishnan alone. Who is this actor-producer? Madhu
  4. Before Jayaram became a film actor he was a mimicry artiste. One day Yesdas saw his act and was impressed and took him along with him for his stage shows. When Jayaram recollected this at a recent stage show, another veteran actor came up on stage and said that once upon a time he too was a mimicry artiste along with his friend. Yesudas saw their act and took both of them along with him. This actor is one of the best Malayalam has ever seen. His friend turned out to be a director who created numerous hits including one of the best movies ever created in Malayalam cinema. Who are these duo? – Nedumudi Venu and Fazil
  5. An interesting topic on VC these days is 1986. This 1986 movie gave a break to Geetu Mohandas as an actress, G Venugopal as a singer and Mohan Sithara as a Music Director. Which movie was it? Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare

Answers will be posted in a week

PS: We are not approving any comments with answers for this Quiz for next week or so.


  1. 1. J.Sasikumar
    A. I V Sasi
    2. Deepak dev
    3. Madhu
    4. Nedumudi Venu & Fazil
    5. Onnu muthal poojyam vare

  2. 1. I.V. Sasi
    2. A.R. Rahman
    3. Madhu
    4. nedumudi venu-fazil
    5. onnu muthal poojyam vare

  3. 1. I V Sasi
    2. A R Rahman
    3. Madhu
    4. Nedumudi-Fazil
    5. Onnu muthal poojyam vare

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