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RIP: Bombay Ravi


Composer Ravi Shankar Sharma is no more. For Malayalees he was Bombay Ravi. Integral part of MT-Hariharan movies, his music made those movies memorable. Instead of writing long amounts of text about him, let his music speak. Actually we should list all his songs since they are all classics. But here is our selection.


  1. Ragasudharasa is actually a carnatic music piece by Saint Tyagaraja.

    BTW in my mind Andolanam dolanam is a piece that stands out; it is in the highly carnatic raga kedaragaula, and I haven’t heard it in any other film song. It is really amazing that even south Indian music composers didn’t venture to try out such a carnatic raga (mostly confined to classical singing) while this north Indian did.

  2. Good music director in terms of tunes…the arrangements in his songs always sounded the same/similar…Sukrutham, Panchagni, and Nagashtangal were probably my favorite soundtracks of his

  3. sending a semi satirical review kind of post of the king and the commissioner..yu ppl can publish t f yu find t worth publishing in

    the post..

    Stuff I learnt through the Movie ‘The King &The Commissioner’..!
    by nikhimenon on 11:28 AM

    1. The King and The Commissioner is the first super hero film in Malayalam.The two heroes in the Movie can do absolutely anything under the Sun and I seriously think this awesomely awesome film deserved a better title.Something like ‘The Iron Man and the Superman’ or ‘Rajnikanth & Vijaykanth’ would have been apt.
    2.There was more to Amoorthananda(Ekalavyan1993) than atrocious wigs,loud screams and a saffron dhoti.No Saikumar can match the screen presence and charisma of (the late) the legendary actor however hard he tries.
    3.Tongue is mightier than sword.
    4.RanjiPanicker’s fetish for firangi women and girls in saffron sarees has only grown since his Rowdram,Ekalavyan,Bharatchandran IPS days.
    5.Pakisthan Army-Chief not only understands Malayalam but can also speak fluently in that language.He lives in a warehouse somewhere in the suburbs of New Delhi.However he should bol ‘BHARAT MATA KI JAI’ if he doesn’t wish to be killed by Indian IAS-IPS officers.
    6.In a particular scene in the Movie,Joseph Alex (STRIKE THROUGH)Renji Panicker teaches one of the Villains(STRIKE THROUGH) us the difference between Patriotism and Jingoism.However the director(Shaji Kailas)goes one step further and gives us a visual description for the latter in the film’s climax.
    7.The Movie has got three 3 cinematographers-strike through)The services of 3 talented cinematographers were wasted to film this load of crap.
    8.King and the Commissioner is funnier than Mohanlal-Rosshhhann Anndrewwss’ magnum opus ‘Confident Casannovvaa’.
    9.Mammootty(60) and Suresh Gopi (52)can still mouth page long multi language dialogues at a stretch without getting dyspnoeic.
    10.IAS-IPS officers can torture and kill anyone in India.
    11.Indian Prime Minister is a weak,spineless human being who is afraid of smart,efficient beaureaucrats like Thevally Parambil Joseph Alex.
    12.Renji Panicker’s verbal diarrhoea requires immediate treatment.The guy is already severely dehydrated.I fear he’ll go into a state of shock soon.
    13.ShajiKailas and Renji Panicker (The Commissioner-1994/The King-1995) made great(strike through) entertaining films once upon a time.


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