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RIP: Bombay Ravi


Composer Ravi Shankar Sharma is no more. For Malayalees he was Bombay Ravi. Integral part of MT-Hariharan movies, his music made those movies memorable. Instead of writing long amounts of text about him, let his music speak. Actually we should list all his songs since they are all classics. But here is our selection.


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  1. Ragasudharasa is actually a carnatic music piece by Saint Tyagaraja.

    BTW in my mind Andolanam dolanam is a piece that stands out; it is in the highly carnatic raga kedaragaula, and I haven’t heard it in any other film song. It is really amazing that even south Indian music composers didn’t venture to try out such a carnatic raga (mostly confined to classical singing) while this north Indian did.

  2. Good music director in terms of tunes…the arrangements in his songs always sounded the same/similar…Sukrutham, Panchagni, and Nagashtangal were probably my favorite soundtracks of his

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