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  1. How many National Awards a film industry wins means jack. The people who pick the awards have made mistakes time and time again. Plus, almost everyone agrees that 2011 was one of the best years for Malayalam movies in a long, long time.

  2. I agree. Regardless of movies like Beautiful, Salt n Pepper, Traffic, City of God, etc. not getting any national awards, these films are a fresh breath of air for Malayalam cinema and I hope to see more of this kind of film-making.

  3. I think people misinterpret what the National Awards mean. They are awarded, yes, for artistic merit, but most of all, in my opinion, they are about recognizing films that further the mission of the Indian state.

    At its best, that means improving the lot of women, backward castes, the elderly, children, national unity (incl. bringing largely invisible languages into the national dialogue), preserving the good part of traditional culture and rewarding more than commercial merit.

    What all the news channels are missing in their handwringing about Malayalam cinema not receiving awards is that last year was a relatively good year for the commerce of Malayalam cinema.

    There was definitely the perception that Malayalam cinema was not the underdog that it once was. For all the talk of crisis in the Malayalam film industry, most Malayalees still watch Malayalam films.

    I have a lot of Marathi friends and most of them have never seen a Marathi film or listen to Marathi film music. In fact, I’m usually the one to introduce Marathi films to them. The National Award for films like Deool and Byari are recognizing those industries’ perseverance in the face of those kind of odds.

  4. Just for fun, here’s who I would have given the awards to (Of course, I haven’t seen everything so can just go based on what I have seen.):

    Best Movie: Yudham Sei (Tamil)
    Best Director: Myskin (Yudham Sei- Tamil)
    Best Screenplay : Kumararaja Thyagarajan (Aaranya Kaandam-Tamil)
    Best Actor: Vikram (Deiva Thirumagal-Tamil)
    Best Actress: Shweta Menon (Salt N Pepper-Malayalam)
    Best Supporting Actor: Mohanlal (Pranayam-Malayalam)
    Best Supporting Actress: Lakshmi Ramakrishnan (Yudham Sei-Malayalam)
    Best Music: AR Rahman (Rockstar-Hindi)
    Best Score (Background Music): K (Yudham Sei-Tamil)
    Best Cinematography: Sathya (Yudham Sei-Tamil)
    Best Editing: Kishote (Engeyum Eppothum-Tamil)
    Best Malayalam Movie: Pranayam
    Best Dialogue: M. Saravanan (Engeyum Eppothum-Tamil)

  5. ——————————————————-
    The National Award for films like Deool and Byari are recognizing those industries’ perseverance in the face of those kind of odds.


    I second this statement.

  6. Upon second thought I would give Best Actor to Lal for Salt N Pepper b/c Vikram (who is one of the best actors in India) had the luxury of using a Sean Penn performance as a template)

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