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Asif Ali super Star


He is currently trying to be the next superstar and there is concerted effort to make that happen. The best way to be a superstar is to do the role of an underworld don and that is what he did in Asuravithu. Maybe it was due to A K Sajan’s talented direction, the underworld movie went underwater. Soon it will also have the company of Unnam in the ocean bed.

But then is Asif Ali really superstar material? We don’t think so.

For example, look at Salt N Pepper. There is a scene where he sits in the train and introduces himself to the girl sitting opposite, pretending to be an acquaintance. When he gets caught, his reaction is really terrible. Similary, his scenes with the heroines are really bad. Stacked against seasoned actors like Lal and Shweta Menon, he was found lacking. In fact we will go on to say that he is the weakest link that wonderful movie. He was terrible in Unnam as well.

The performances, except perhaps for Lal, are mostly disappointing. After his dismal show in ‘Asuravithu’, Asif Ali proves once again that he is not yet ready to be an action hero[Unnam Review].

But then we liked him in Traffic. That is a pure adrenalin movie with little time for dialogue with hardly any “reaction shots” and he did a wonderful job in it. But is doing action movies alone sufficient? It won’t take him far since there are others with better physique.

Why are we lowering the bar for these new superstar wannabes? Mohanlal and Mammootty proved their ability in every genre of movies before they were anointed as superstars.

So it maybe a bit early to call him a superstar. He has to prove himself in a range of roles and that is when he will find public acceptance. Till then we say, let’s wait for him to do some excellent scripts as he looks very promising compared to many.


  1. Neither Asif nor Prithviraj nor Jayasurya nor Bobban Kunchacko are superstar material….they simply have neither the charisma, range, nor gravitas to be one…also, idk why people are so hesitant to admit that after Mohanlal and Mammootty, the third superstar in Malayalam is Dileep…the numbers don’t lie…

  2. the saddest thing is that asif ali has neither the charisma,emoting abilities or even the crowd pulling capability to be even considered as a super star material.but he s trying hard to be one by giving media interviews,making some remarks against fellow actors like mohanlal,pritvi or even dileep thereby trying to prove to the world that he himself is going to be the ‘one and only savior of malayalam cinema. The paid news which he used to get himself post the release of salt and pepper in his favour also helped to boost his off screen persona!
    whats even funny s that someone has commented above that dileep is the super star number 3!the fact is that in kerala,there are no real super star yet.Ms were once upon a time super stars but not now in any means.An actor is called a super star when he can pull in crowds for atleast one week irrespective of the quality of the movie in which he has acted in.
    FOR instance,let’s take the case of the hyped,expensive movie’Casanovva’.Agreed there were huge crowds in the day of ts release,but once the first show was over and bad reports came pouring in,the movie started falling and by the second day itself the crowds have dwindled considerably.The fact that movie got removed from a few releasing centres even before a week and from more than half of its releasing theatres by the second week proves malayalee gives importance to the quality of the movies rather than how big or small ts lead actor is.
    the same was the case with the other super star movies(or the wannabe ones) like Vellaripravu,spanish masala,venicile vyaapari or even tejabhai.
    as far as the business is concerned, if a part movie has got M or a D or a pritvi or even a boban,jayasurya in it ,the movie can recover upto 50 percent of ts cop by satellire revenue ,thats it.nothing more ,nothing less.

  3. and what vc has said about asif s perfo in snp is absolutely correct.there s also the scene in snp in which mythili falls into the sewage.The expressions which asif gave in that particular scene will even put the great ‘santhosh pandit’ to shame i believe.

    definitely asif ali has a long way to go before trying to be a ‘super star’!

  4. ps- my remarks on the releasing centres/theatre updates of casanovva and other movies and their bo perfo is based on the detailed theatre list,updates on the particular movies which is easily available in the internet .so all the fans of the actors may kindly go through them and cross check before starting a fight here .

  5. yes Asif Ali is not up to the mark. Prithviraj, jeyasoorya etc are far ahead of him.

  6. Asif Ali looked promising initially but of late looks like he is not trying hard. A person with stuff should only increase his capability and maturity with experience but for him the graph is trending to the lower side now. Maybe we judged him wrong in the beginning. For PrithivRaj if he manages his head weight and high maturity aside or atleast tries to keep his mouth shut for some time aside could then his future may look promising. But the poor man just doesn’t get it even now. Of late after all the allegations I was surprised to hear one of his interviews in an FM radio where he has only progressed on being a proud self praise.

    Don’t know what’s happing to our youngsters. There is no urge to learn and improve with humbleness. Instead after ½ movies all feel they have achieved the ultimate.

  7. i have never been much of a fan of prithvi and feel he is arrogant and even though looks down upon m&m mass movies he goes aheah and exactly does that…but compared to asif ali prithvi looks like dilip kumar…i mean asif ali has not been half convincing in any of the roles he has played and the media wants to make him a superstar…unbeleievable…kuchako or jayasurya or prithvi r light years better and hav some kind of likeability factor which asif completely lacks…but no one currently has the talent or presence of the 2 senior legends and the true superstars m&m..

  8. asif who? super staaa *laughs uncontrollably until jaw paralysis* cmon, lets accept the fact that, despite the N number of flops, bad choice and still acting like they are in their late twenties, we can’t deny the fact that they are still the only superstars we have. yes, prithviraj, dileep, santosh pandit comes a distant third. not to mention suresh gopi. guys like asif ali has years and roles to go.

  9. malayalis favourite pastime- degrading another malayali who tries to make it big in cinema, sports or any other venture.

    no other comments to make about this article. pathetic mindset!

    • good point, finally read something fair. superstar!!! tats smthng created by media, why bother if the guy s trying to do different things?? felt like most of them here are passouts from Film schools, commenting this and that!! phewwww!! No1s proclaiming to be a wannabe superstar, if hes the one, others ‘ll hail him. And gosshhh, am nat a fan of his.

  10. This guy has been blowing his own trumpet.. Actually he was so lucky 2 have an opening 2 the film industry without much effort. Perhaps this lack of effort may cause his failure soon.. He has a lot learn from other young actors like Fahad.. Asif seems 2 get expired within or less than 2yrs.. lest 2 happen it, he has 2 undergo a big transformation,

  11. Asif Ali is the most over hyped actor in recent times. Despite of delivering back to back flops, he is being picturized as a super start promising star. This proves that any food with below avg skills can be called as a super star in malayalam provided he has some luck in his initial movies. We do have better actors who have more experience like Jayasurya ( whose did a wonderful job in few movies like cocktail, beautyful), Narain etc, but they r not getting enough roles to prove themselves unlike this Asif whose calendar is booked for another 2 years . I am pretty sure that 99% of those movies will be flops unless there are other actors in that movie who can carry the movie well like what lal and swetha did in salt N pepper. Any common man can understand that salt and pepper is swedha lal movie when asif ali and mythli had nothing to do in this movie, but all the praises went for asif ali. I realized the talent of prithvi after seeing actors like asif ali. There are promising new actors like Unni Mukundan, Dulqar and Fazad Fazil. I hope that they will win the race ultimately and over hyped zero tallented actors will have to say good bye ultimately.

  12. Asif Ali even doesn’t deserve to do the job of a spotboy, forget acting in cinemas. Talentless, full of head weight. Its only the big mistake of casting him in Ritu by Shyamaprasad & in Kadha Thudarunnu by Sathyan Anthikad that we have to suffer the torture yet. I just cannot even relish the cinema experience from the moment he comes into the frame. I have not seen even any of his cinemas as solo hero (happy I never did). The only ones I saw are Ritu, Bachelor Party, Salt N Pepper & Traffic. I wish only if Malayalees had the talent to identify and respect talents similar to ones we had in the golden era of malayalam cinema (80-90s). I would never watch any of his movies in theatres. Eventually, he’ll be thrown out of the industry soon without any doubts. And the rising real talent to be identified is Indrajith. I dont know why no one mentions his name. City of God, Nayakan, Ee Adutha Kalath are some of his movies which clearly prove his acting talent.

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