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Ganesh Kumar: Stop telling us what to do


Minister K B Ganesh Kumar is usually a sane person. First of all he has some ideas on how to get people back to theaters. Second he tried his best to implement his ideas in a state like Kerala which is pretty much ‘anti-anything’. That said we were surprised to hear such an announcement  from him. He says that if the Govt decided to give an award to someone, then that someone better come and receive the award. You cannot skip the award ceremony to make a point about issues like Mullaperiyar which most politicians and film actors are scared to talk about. Of course, he was talking about Salim Kumar’s nemesis Ranjith.

We hate it when the Govt tells us what to do, think, read etc. If anyone wants to skip any ceremony because of anything, it is his freedom. Once you start telling others what to do, then we have  lost a way of life. If Renjith wants to make a big issue out of it, so be it.

All this is because this Government is in the business of giving awards. That should stop. Instead of deciding which movie is good or which script was better, the Government should spend that money and effort in making sure that Mullaperiyar dam issue is solved. Now we have a situation where Government is involved in every aspect of life from arts to literature to what not and is missing from areas where we would like to see them do something.  What we need is to abolish unwanted ministries like the ones which Ganesh Kumar runs and let private industries like the movie industry do what it needs to do.


  1. I have no clue why in India we have the National awards and state awards, govt run award juries for the film industry. It makes no sense at all. Why is the govt giving out awards for a private industry? Neither the Oscars or the Cannes awards are govt run.

    Some kind of legitimate award jury has to be created. Not those TV ones which pretty much give out awards for the wrong films.

    And yes the govt has no right to tell people what to do. This isn’t China, its India.

  2. Mr Ganesh has really made an ass of himself.
    he made the theatre strike worse,made a mess of this year’s IFFK,the Aadimadyantham fiasco,ranjith issue,state award nite right in the middle of the mullaperiyar crisis,and now telling us to do as he wishes..

    Consider this scenario.
    next year the likes o blessy,ranjith,lenin rajendran,tv chandran,rajesh pillai,ashiq abu,madhav ramadasan et al decide to boycott the award.No one except someone like Santhosh Pandit is willing to send their movies for the state govt’s award.Then will Ganesh saab give it to santhosh ji or will he give all the awards to the fellow congress sympathisers like jagadeesh(may be the best irritating actor award) AND Salimkumar(the actor with social commitment- for the mullaperiyar performnace and the drunken act in the ‘Dubai flight’)

  3. I think Ranjith boycotting the function didn’t make any sense. By staying away from an award his own state government is honoring him with, he only insults the state and it’s people. Was he thinking this will be the main news in TN the next day?

    I am wondering if Ranjith will stay away from all public and private functions till the Dam issue is solved. I doubt he will.

    Mullaperiar is not any new issue, so Ranjith’s sudden decision to boycott may not necessarily be to show his solidarity to the protesters.

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