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Comment of the week(Randamoozham)


Jac the reader, posted the following comment on our Post: Randamoozham – Who should act in it?.  From the comment it’s obvious that Jac has internalized the novel.

I just read the comments here. Its very amusing that how people favor their heroes on each cast ! Also lot of replies shows that most of them never read MT’s novel. First of all the novel by itself is a flick, its not Vyasa’s Mahabaratha. It’s MT’s vision of what might have happened in real life behind the whole glory of the epic. I dont know who will be best fit for those roles here.  Bheema is the major character and the Anti-hero in this, may be Mohanlal at the time of his Spadikam and Aram Thamburan fame.  Is he still have that Charisma? I doubt it.

Yudishtira is the most stupidest fellow who loves to gamble and very selfish in the story. No major actor in Malayalam wont fit in that. Arjuna is the glamor boy with all the whims and best friend of Krishna, any 6 Pack youngster will do that.  Krishna, another major portrait of a cunning fellow which is entirely different from the epic hero, this character reminds me Saif Ali Khan in Omkara. You need somebody like that, a man who smiles and earn respect in public but a pure business minded crook in his deeds and he don’t care anything other than his friend. Suresh Gopi is a best fit for Karna, because MT’s Karna, is exactly the angry hero who is a gem in his moral side but always got deserted by his own people.

Kunthi is not just another lady character in this film.  She is a powerful women, who just made the entire story line of Mahabaratha into existence. I dont think malayalam have any actress who can pull up that aristocratic, politicaly motivated ego centric women.  If Seema can be in her better shape(Aarudam) she might be able to do it.  Draupathi is a voluptuous women, who just play it very safe on all sides, but only loves Arjuna, if she had any emotions at all. Its easy to portrait any glamor girl in that role, but she is far beyond just glamor, if anyone can invent a young Rekha here! That will do it.

Rest of the characters are just objects around this major characters. The only significant one is Dhuryodhana- a dumb strong idiot (find any good villan) and Shakuni ‘s role, jagathy can do that very easily.


  1. i havent completed randamoozham yet,but i believe jagathy will fit into the role f shakuni quite easily

  2. very gud analysis jac

  3. Do not agree a 100%. I agree that Mohanlal is not the best choice for Bheema – his style of acting does not suit the histrionics required of a historical, and he is out of form and shape nowadays. I would love to see what someone like Vikram does as Bheema.

    Yudhistira – he is portrayed as an insecure, selfish man for a huge portion of the movie, but there are moments of redemption toward the end. This needs to be an actor one can feel sympathetic toward despite all he has done. Someone like a Sanjay Dutt in Malayalam/Tamil would do well here.

    Arjuna – a genuine do-gooder, arrogant in his skills and royalty. If only Salman Khan could act. Prithviraj, anyone?

    Karna – I disagree with Suresh Gopi here. Surya would be a better choice. The rage that he displayed in RakthaCharitra was out of this world. Plus his appearance (save the height!) suits the role, with a darker skin tone etc.

    Duryodhana – Mammootty is a good choice; he has the right amount of arrogance and a royal appearance to boot; however after Pazhassi I have my misgivings. Any villain would not do – I mean, imagine one of the stock Shaji Kailas characters here!

    Draupadi – this needs a serious actor. MT has her as a beautiful but conniving – almost bloodthirsty – female who shares some semblance of affection only with Arjuna. A Madhuri in her prime would have been perfect. Sneha, perhaps?

    Krishna – Nana Patekar played this to perfection in Rajneeti, but he cannot play a real Krishna of course. Saif in Omkara was very good (so was Aamir in 1947-Earth) in a devious role. This would have been a great role for a young Mohanlal – schemer with a smile (like in Company!).

    • Ranjit, Thanks for reminding me about vikram!! How could I forget that guy, with the pithamahan and his latest film I should say he is a right choice more than anybody in Indian cinema for that character. Now I read about this being a Malayalam film???? Are you guys are kidding me!!! First of all what is mahabaratha, that’s a story which is centuries old and it has great influence on Indian history!!! No way it can be a Malayalam film, when I said that, I should say, it must be an Indian film. Think about it, this story have a great potential to reach international and mass audience appeal, every person who reads a littile bit , knows about Mahbaratha and Ramayana, at least they know that those are one of the great battle’s fought in history of mankind. In India every kid knows the characters of mahabaratha, so it has to be an Indian movie. Now a movie like this is not a joke, if this story to be made for the world we need big screen with $$$$ budget; Instead of thinking in small step, they should approach some movie making companies to do this. It needs professional touch. We all watch pazhassi Raja and Urumi, Pazhassi raja I honestly watched in 2 parts, that story telling didn’t have the spirit to put me there and watch it on a stretch, I should say it’s the directors fault. Urumi, we all watched that because of Santhosh Shivans camera, did the story and extra masala justifies that character??, not at all, that’s why that movie went unnoticed on big movie stages. Epic stories are always the most difficult stories to be made as film. I doubt will hariharan will be able to deliver that depth on this project. He is a great director, but we all see pazhassi raja. Honestly, it was boring. Who ever direct this movie must do a good education in part of the country where this story took place , understands the culture of that times, people and lots of stuff. Also our audience and film world is far beyond late 90’s. We have seen movie’s like Saving private ryan, Gladiator and we know how good an epic movie based on battle’s can be. SO if they make this movie let it be an Indian movie, let them get Big B for bhishmar if possible, let them have all the stars who have name as well as extreme talent in each character that deserve it. If Hariharan does this, he needs to go the extreme side of Manirathinam’s dedication. If they have to shoot it in 4 different languages they should do that!!
      This is a story of India guys, if they can pull out this as the great battle that ever fought on earth(as Mahbaratha says so) this will be crown in Indian film industry.And we mallus can once again be proud of as the best story tellers in Indian Cinema.

      Also don’t forget about the political controversy tha t follows this movie, MT’s characters are human beings, they are not avatars or incarnations of God’s. VHP and it factions will have lot of work after this is released, if the movie is the same story as the randamoozham we know. So this project needs money and great canvas and exceptional cast and crew. If that’s not happening and all we are getting is some gokulam gopalan award nights (like the series after pazhassi raja) better they don’t do this movie. History will not forgive us if we did that!!. This is a story to be told as Indian and it’s a story which can make a great impact on Indian film on the world’s stage.

  4. Vidya ballan for Draupadi. Remember Ishiqiya..

  5. Also, dont underestimate Srinivasan for Shakuni….

  6. As its a Malayalam film I doubt if we have the $$ to bring people from Tamil or Hindi cinema. We have to pick people from Malayalam and if Hariharan and the actor utilize their maximum the results will be good. I agree the current Mohanlal can’t be used for the Bheema role, maybe during ’95, but now he’s past his peek for these roles. Prithviraj’s performance in Kana Kanden and Jayasurya’s role in Cocktail shows that they have what it takes to play MT’s Krishna.

    • I would like to post an objection here why go on abt funds nwand saying malayalams inability…what about sekhar suman,and sarath kumar in pazhassi
      genelia,prabhudeva,vidya,tabu in urumi,jayaprada and anupam kher in pranayam

  7. Kumar – Vidya Balan is a good choice. She was very good in Dirty Picture as well. But I have to say Jagathy makes a better Shakuni.

    James – this is a wishlist, remember? I do not think either Prithviraj or Jayasurya would make a good Krishna. They can act the parts (and that itself might be a stretch), but we are talking of acting as Krishna, and not merely as a symbol (unlike Nana Patekar in Rajneeti) – appearances are important too. Krishna was a soft, non-combative, polished politician who both the Pandavas and Kauravas were in awe of (in Randam Oozham); IMHO the young guns wouldn’t fit the bill.

  8. I think one of the few people who could pull off Krishna would be Nitish Bharadwaj, from the Mahabharat serial and Njan Gandharvan. I think a big part of the reason Padmarajan cast him in his last film was because of his amazing performance in the serial…

    But as for the other characters, i think its very difficult to select an appropriate cast even if one were to look into other languages. I feel there is a high risk of having the actor as he appeared in previous films show through, when the viewer should only be seeing the character played out on screen.

  9. Dont really agree that Randamoozham has to be an ‘Indian movie’. Remember ‘Vyshali’, that was also adapted from a story in the Mahabharatha, and yet gelled well as a Malayalam movie, so we do not need all that big a canvas. It is the aesthetic sense that is required. I believe Pazhassi Raja was a good movie. Though the portrayal of the British was stereotypical, the portrayal of a king who stands and looks at the battle from faraway on a hill wasn’t a cliche. Therefore Hariharan definitely has it in him to do complete justice to Randamoozham.

    And why not Prithviraj / Jayasurya..? I believe it is not the person, rather the performance and solid screenplay that matters.

  10. Most Tamil/Hindi actors are interested in acting in a Malayalam movie, provided they get the role of a lifetime – and I can bet Randamoozham will be attractive to many, some of them even forgoing the $$ to act in it (Vikram would be one of them I feel). Vikram would fit into any role easily – but could be used as Arjuna / Karna / Bheema. It is interesting to see no one has a consensus for Krishna – maybe a new face or someone with the stature of Saif Ali Khan. It will be a tough task. Draupadi is also a tough task – Nayanthara seems to be doing mythological roles lately; Vidya Balan or Rani Mukherjee also could work. These are the two characters where I feel non-Keralites are needed. Rest of the roles can easily be filled by the generation of Prithviraj/Jayasurya and newbies.

  11. I agree with Srijith. If MT and Bharathan could create Vyshali in a superb way, MT and Hariharan could do the same in randamoozham within the limits of Malayalam movie. And we dont have to go to Bollywood to enact the roles of other characters in Mahabharata. We have enough talent in our own language, maximum we can depend Tamil actors. Just remember we never thought Captain Raju would be perfect as Aringodar and Suresh Gopi as Aromal. And Suresh Gopi was comparatively just a new comer at that time, so we should look into our movie stars.

  12. I disagree to JAC.. Eventhough Mahabharatha is an epic of india this film should be considered a malayalam movie only for the simple reason that this is “Randamoozham” not Mahabaratha..Ofcourse, I agree that the castings,locations,lifestyles all should have an Aryan civilisation appeal of those times. but this should be a malayalam movie for the simple reason that it is scripted by M T. This novel is a class craft because of the language used by M T for dialogue presentations and to describe Bheema’s inner self. How can anyone imagine these characters speaking hindi, english or urdu..If that happens then it will become Mahabaratha not randamoozham. Ofcourse for business sake and to justify the budget the creative team should consider an overall appeal. But this should be randamoozham.

  13. I am not one of the crazy mohanlal fans out there. But I don’t agree with your view about Mohanlal won’t be able to fit in the role of Bheeman. His physical appearance will suit that role and he will excel in that role.

    Just watch Blessy’s Pranayam as he was brilliant in it. He may not have done a good movie in the past 2-3 years yet the class is still there. As the famous quote “Form is temporary, But class is Permanent

  14. If you are just looking at the physique of Bheema then only Khali can do it; which wont be good for the movie :P. Though mohanlal is out of form relative to his past he has still done well in roles like bhramaram, pranayam, pakal nakshatrangal, thanmatra etc. So once again if mohanlal can bring his best in randamoozham its gonna be 😀

  15. it is very sad to see all these comments about mohanlal. i am not a fan of mohanlal but i should say he is the most suitable for bheemas role. he is a born actor , most natural actor in india. it is proven and he still able to do the same.

  16. i feel very sad to hear all the comments against mohanlal. I AM A GREAT FAN OF MOHANLAL undoubtedly and so i feel for him as well. without any doubt he is the only actor who could do justice to the role of Bheema…in randaamoozham.he will never loose his talent in acting because he is a born actor and born actor can never loose his talent and if you take in to account the acting which he is delivering at the preent cinemas then take my words,the scripts of present cinema only requires that kind of acting and where it is required he is giving it.Remember he is a natural actor he never acts, what the role requires he just behaves. the same way he will behave as bheema in randaamoozham. no doubt and after the movie gets released i want all the person commented now to react…….

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