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Dam(n) these morons


  1. Tamil Nadu Government: For banning Dam 999. The movie is so terrible that it would have collapsed on its own, but then they had to go and ban it. Banning films is so retarded that we feel that we are living in communist/socialist country. But then this is the same state which banned Da Vinci code. So what the director should do is this: add an item number with namitha and upload the movie on YouTube.
  2. “Bharath” Salim Kumar: Now that he has won a national award which has erased his previous history as an irritating comedian, he has opinion on everything. Can’t blame him, we also have an opinion on everything. Salim Kumar does not like Ranjith making an issue out of the Mullaperiyar issue because it was an issue for 50 years and no one mentioned it before. Maybe holding the national award has eroded the remaining parts of his brain or maybe he saw China Town, who knows, but this is, for lack of better word, stupid. In the past 50 years we have not reached such a stage when people are so terrified. In such a situation the bold step would be to make it a big issue like what Ranjith, Suresh Gopi, Rima Kallingal etc did. What Salim Kumar wants is to sit back and watch disaster strike and see that he scored one on Ranjith.


  1. “What Salim Kumar wants is to sit back and watch disaster strike and see that he scored one on Ranjith.”

    Whoa, that’s a low blow!

  2. 1) I agree that the film should not have been banned. However, the moron in this case is not Tamilnadu government but the Indian government. When India feels it can ban films based on it’s personal interest and not respect the interest of its people, e.g, films based on Tamil ethnic conflict in Srilanka and films based on problems in Northeast, why shouldn’t any state follow such protocol?

    Of course, perhaps VC is just not aware of problems beyond Kerala.

    2) Who says it’s not possible that Ranjith avoided the function due to Salim Kumar? Their whole controversy was ridiculous and the director made a fool of himself. In my opinion.

    The Mullaiperiyar problem has been going on for ages. The arguments for the new dam has always been the same, the safety of the people if the dam broke. The fear factor is not new.

    Social networking has just increased the fever of the reactions. The issue has been ongoing and it surprises me that people like Suresh Gopi, who had a greater platform to relate the issue to TN audience when he was doing films in Tamilnadu some years back kept quiet then.

    Rima seems to be the only genuine young celebrity in this whole affair. Her energy rocks.

  3. the mullaperiyar issue is not new,that’s right,but it cannot be denied that the issue became hot,awareness among the general public created,fears mounted and protests gained this much momentum only now.the point is unless something (strong action from the part of the central govt)materialise now,nothing will happen ever.The issue of corruption has been existing in our country since ages,but it took a hazare to come forward and take the issue to the notice of the general public.
    as far as the celebrity’s part,there are many who believe what ranjith’s stance was genuine.Yesterday even pinarayi vijayan (we know,politics is involved,watever t ts)was seen praising ranjith.C’mmon Jayalalitha the tamilnadu cm had gone and met the PM 1-2 weeks back and had vehemently opposed kerala’s claim for new dam.But even now Mr Ooomen chandy(he was seen posing with Dilip,Salim,Priyadrsan et al in a film award nite,thanks to Mathrubhumu news paper dated 29/11) has nt gone to meet the PM.2 other ministers have gone to Delhi,but will that get the same effect as a CM going to the centre?

    The other day i was talking with a media person of a malayalam news channel.He said everyday they are getting 100s of telephone calls (in their kochi office) and enquiries regarding the safety measures if something happens to the dam in the future.C’MMON is nt that itself scary?

  4. honestly speaking i had been a resident of ernakulam for the last 25 years ,but only the last 1 month many including myself realised that the situation is this much worse.we are infact organising a mass public protest today evening in vennala,ernakulam.Btw the intersting thing is that while campaigning for the cause and trying to get max people for the protest,a couple of youngsters,teenagers were curiously asking us,
    ‘chetta,dam sharikkum pottumo? innale tv yil Ranjith okke award bahishkarikkum ennokke parayunnathu kettu..athrakku prasna ano appo karyangal?’…

  5. “Now that he has won a national award which has erased his previous history as an irritating comedian, he has opinion on everything.”

    Like we all, Salim kumar also have had opinion for everything but his opinions are highlighted now only, because now he is a naional award winning actor. Only because Renjith directed some good movies does not give him any authority to comment on these issues. The mullaperiyar issue is 50 years old and why these celebrities speak about this only now? They have more exposure opportunity than common man and they never used this opportunity to highlight this issue through their movies.
    And Salim kumar is never an irritating comedian. He has his own style and dialogue presentation and his comedy scenes are well accepted by audience – i mean common man(especially in movies like Meesa Madhavan, Thenkashi pattanam, Kalyana Raman to name a few) and that is why these clippings are shown agian n again in TV channels.

  6. Yeah Salim Kumar thinks winning the National Award means he becomes the Prime Minister of India (or North Paravoor) and he can now comment on anyone or anything.

    Salim Kumar should know that National Award can be won by anyone. Even Saif Ali Khan has won it, that too for a dumb movie called Hum Tum..

    Salim Kumar was recently removed forcefully from a Dubai – Calicut flight for being drunk and creating havoc. Does winning a National Award permit him to behave like this?

    Salim Kumar can be best summarized in this proverb :

    “alpanu artham kittiyaal ardha raathri kuda pidikkum”

  7. This is a movie blog. Why are you guys bringing up these sociopolitical issues?

    On a side note, I find it annoying how movie stars, directors, etc. always try to chip in their sound bytes for things entirely unrelated to their work. Their opinions mean jack on these sorts of issues.

    • if cinema about a sociopolitical issue can be made, why can’t a blog about cinema discuss these issues?!
      i believe ppl who have a hold on public opinion must raise their voice on important issues and must take the responsibility of guiding public opinion.

  8. So, is nikhimenon still living in fear of the dam collapsing?

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