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Hating Prithviraj


Rediff has an interview with Prithviraj in which he asks “What have I done to deserve this”. By that he means the nasty comments created by Malayalis on him and his family. It seems that has reached a peak on the Internet.

I don’t know. I think the vehement attacks started happening much after that. This, I think, has started in the last two months and it seems well organised. I have nothing to say to them. It is very tempting to go and pursue a film career in another language.I am an actor but also a human being. At the end of the day, I live my life, I have my family and my privacy. It wouldn’t have affected me if I had actually done something wrong — at least I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.

Eleven years in films is a long time. You start thinking that if this is what your 11 years have come to, it’s not worth it. But then, had this so-called character assassination been for professional reasons then Indian Rupee would not have done well.

So why is there such organized hatred of Prithviraj? Is it because he is opinionated? Or it is because of the insecurity of physically challenged Charlie Chaplins of Malayalam industry? Or is it simply the Jagathi Sreekumar mentality of Malayalis?

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  1. I feel malayali men are jealous of him. He is educated, articulate and of course unapologetic about his opinions.Many in kerala take offense at any display of self confidence,which they seem to
    characterize as arrogance.I like Prithviraj for being a good actor and a well read,confident man.
    He kept his wedding private which seems to have upset many. I have my mom in India tell me he is arrogant because he wanted to keep his wedding secret to ” fool everybody”. So I had to argue with her to make the point he did not want his wedding to be a media and public event. Finally my mom grudgingly agreed he had a right to have a wedding of his choice. I wrote about my mom because she likes Prithviraj but got caught in all the hype.

    • why should malayalis be jealous of him??? he is acting in malayalam film,watched by malayalis.malayalis are not jealous of mohanlal,mamotty,jayaram,deleep etc and in what way is pritviraj different ???
      No malayalm fim actor or audiance has said that pritviraj is arrogant ,it is prtviraj HIMSELF who is creating a hype that he is arrogant. you watch the numerous tv interviews,paper interviews college functions and he says that “others have a problem with him since they say he is arrogant.” he wants to create a IMAGE of a arrogant man.
      So many film actors,actress have married,some very secretly,others publicly-the malayalis dont care a bit on how you marry.
      prtviraj married soon after the release of urumi,maybe he had got advise that if he is married it may effect the intial crowd pulling to urumi of which he is one of the producers. a few days before his marriage a news apeared in hindi tv news that prtviraj is going to marry a BBC reporter based in mumbai and her name was also given which recieved wide publicity in kerala.prtviraj gave a denial and interview in many tv shows that it is a false news and that he is in not in love with any girl.he gave a interview in manorama daily in which he said that he feels very sorry for the mumbai girl who is alleged to be in love with him and that it might effect her future marriage relationship and he also added” we actors live with allegations but this poor girl is a victim of journalist”
      ONE WEEK after that he marry the girl with the same name and she is a BBC reporter too . malayalis were angry at him not because of his marriage but his attempt to make us fools.
      malayalis love mohanlal and mamooty and they are in film industry for the last 25 years and they did not have god father in film industry when they both first came and they became superstars by their ACTING SKILLS. pritviraj came on the basis of his father sukumaran a superstar of yesterdays.
      in one of the interviews he said that both mohanlal and momotty are old,should not do love scenes and LEAVE the film industry to young stars like him. malayalis were pissed but they kept the cool and in internet no hate on prtviraj appeared and then came the FLASHPOINT.
      in a TV interview during vishu watched by most malayalis worldwide prtviraj and his new wife was interviewd. prtviraj stared boasting about his skills and then his wife said that SHE LOVED PRTVIRAJ AND WANTED TO MARRY HIM SINCE HE IS THE ONLY ACTOR IN SOUTH INDIA FILM INDUSTRY WHO KNOWS ENGLISH.
      of course malayalis were pissed and most of the young malayalis know english. while prtviraj studied in army school many malayalis study at ooty,doon school and while he reads fountain head by rand we read Nisch,karl popper etc.

      • manoj….

        the marriage news came in kerala kaumudi news paper first,the news was prithviraj going to narry prateeksha menon,an ndtv news reporter from mumbai….

        -i have the copy f that news paper with me(kaumudi flash),if yu want i will send a scanned copy via e mail..apparently there s someone in the name prateekha menon who works in utv bloomberg.even the day prior to the marriage,they reported,vivaham naale,vadhu prateejsha thanne…
        ps-praj dint marry some one named pratteksa

        on the other matters that u said,thats yur opinion and i respect that…..just correceted the factual errors…

        • you may be correct. i just remember the girl was some menon in Tv news industry. i was once a fan of pritvi,not for his acting skills but when he walked out of AMMA meeting for some actor,i thnk thilakan. modesty and humility comes from strength and not weakness.In arthashastra kautalya says that a prince is recognised by his behavior and speech. in malayalam it says nirakudam thulbula .
          so much for prtirajs arrogance,bodylanguage and ego.

          • I feel this is a trick being played by Prithvi something like this :- He knows that he is not a very good actor and may fail to impress large viewers for a long period and that he may unlikely to become a superstar. So when he ultimately fails and becomes out from the industry, he can convince people and he himself that it is NOT because he lacks acting skills, but because of his arrogance he was thrown out of the industry! This is the route cause all drama he creates!

  2. 1) Malayalee men(average) feel inferior to strong opinionated individuals. Especially if he or she is another Malayalee. It’s possible that he makes them feel inferior, so they make themselves feel better by belittling him.

    2) PR is touted as competition for M&M, unlike Kunchacko. So natural hatred from M&M fans.

    PR has never been wrong in his opinions. If in one interview, he stated that people of his generation in general lack political awareness, it is not without reason. But the people listening would dislike that. People only want to hear what they like to hear. And Prithviraj rarely says things because he wants to please people. He states what is his belief.

    People whose culture is to gang together and shout slogans would never like an individual who is not afraid to stand alone.

  3. The answer to the question is both…

    1.he is opionated….in our country esp in our state,whoever with strong opinions always have had to face stiff resistance.’s true that he has this ‘self promotion’ thing,but every other actor in the industry does so.DIDn’t dilip try to defend his lop movies like pacha kuthira and pandippada wen reports surfaced that they were flops and not hits?didn’t mamootty promote his disasters ‘doubles’,august 15 et al?
    3.ts true that some vested interests in the industry who feel insecure with this guy’s rise are trying to side line him.
    have personal experience abt this 3 rd point wen i went to watch his new movie indian rupee in an ekm multiplex.i was astonished to see a group of 3 ppl (one upcoming actor-script writer and 2 others one of whom had directed a recent malayalam movie)bad mouthing and talking ill about this beautiful movie,pritviraj .they were even booing for some really gud scenes in the mvie….c’mmon tell me,what does all this mean?
    malayala manorama-tvm edition had even published a report saying that someone frm the film industry itself are behind the attack on indian rupee ,pritvi’s recent hit….!

  4. 4.some ppl say that praj is arrogant.but how does that matter for the average movie goer?haven’t we seen vdo s of mammootty slapping his fan in a public function and mohanlal trying to push his fan out of a stage?
    does all this mean that our own so called superstars are all humble and noble and only praj is the rotten one?
    Since ages actors have had attitude and the greatest exapmple is th biggest star in india salman khan-he has got attitude,yet is un apologetic about far as his mvies entertain,ppl will go and watch his movies…else pritvis atest mvie indian rupee wud nt have been a success…!!!!

  5. 5.malayalees want a scape goat-all the tym..t was sreesanth sum tym back-then pritviraj-now t s santhosh pandit,it seems….!

  6. I have to disagree with the all “jealousy” argument. If that was the case, we would have been jealous at other stars as well.

    The main problems are those interviews that he gives. A public figure should be careful about what he says in public. I know in Hollywood all actors/filmmakers have a publicist. They keep intact what the celebrities say in public. This is a very important thing for some one who is in the public’s image.

    Look what happened to Tom Cruise, after the Oprah TV incident of 2005 his star value dipped in the US.

    • i disagree…
      the year was 2004.the movie released was classmates..
      the theatre was ekm kavitha..
      the show was the first day 6.00 pm one..
      as soon as pritvi was introduced in the screen a group of 30-40 men inside the theatre stood up started booing for no reason whatsoever.
      since i was inside the theatre,it was pretty clear to me that it was nothing but an act by some insecure fans of some ageing superstars…..!!!!!!!
      ps-he was nt married,hadnt given the so called ‘nasty interview’ et al,then….!!!

  7. He started blabbering about everything under the sun before achieving any stature of any sort. He had few hits here and there, but compared to Dileep’s track record he is a financial liability. For a man of such “intelligence”, his script reading skills are really bad.

    Mammotty has the same style of arrogance. But the reason we listen to him is because over three decades he has carved a space for himself in Malayalam Cinema.

    I would not blame “Charlie Chaplins”, but PR himself for all that has fallen on him. If he had the guts to produce opinion on everyone, he should have the courage to stand the criticism.

    Then regarding the attack on the family and all. Who said Malayalis are very ethical in their fights?

  8. Looks like the argument is that Prithviraj talks to much. It’s not as if he is talking about anything that he doesn’t have knowledge of… Are we saying that we won’t listen to a ‘young’ person talk, even if that person has some knowledge about the matter he is talking about. Is there some yardstick that means people’s speech should be respected only if they are over 40?

    Tom Cruise’s incident was truly stupid for many reasons. Who expects a 40 something guy to jump on couches and declare his love for a ‘girl’ who is nearly 2 decades his junior? And the media in US needed something to become a sensation.

    There are enough people comparing the physique of Unni Mukundan and hoping he will become a competition for PR. It’s obvious that PR’s physique and personality brings a lot of heart burn.:-)

    On the other hand, the same Malayalees will praise when he is standing on other industry platforms. If he finds a market in Tamil, Telugu or Bollywood films, for sure, they will want to accept him and pamper him as ‘nammude sontha Raju” to the rest of the world.:-)

  9. kajan,

    In your family setting, when your parents, uncles etc are sitting, try as a ‘young’ man who offers advice on something you know. Typical attitude is, oh he is showing off. We may not know what you are saying, but just keep quiet. That habit has just extended to the film world. That is what I think.

    Why is Tom Cruise’s action stupid? He felt genuine love and displayed it. It was sincere. Also, what is wrong in marrying someone 20 years younger? Is there some yardstick on this? Lot of American film actors have married younger women. Nothing unusual about it at all.

    I agree that once Prithviraj becomes a sensation in other languages, Malayalis will make him “swantham Raju”. And with his attitude, I think he has the ability to go places.

  10. You might be true about the family setting extending to film world. But my elders don’t know much about today’s technology and they listen to what I say about it.

    With his hard work and dedication, he has the ability to go high places. But I would still bet on him being the best that Malayalam industry will have for a while. It seems certain people are parading newcomers like Asif Ali and Unni Mukundan more to have competition for PR than for any credentials. Yes, Asif was part of a few hits but then, his role was miniscule in most of them(the hits).

    Rich men marrying younger woman is nothing new. But read the ‘media’ part of paragraph. They did everything to make someone who was portrayed as the ‘cool guy’ into a ‘dumb dimwit’. Of course, it didn’t help that he got into verbal attack with Brooke Shields around then. The yardstick would have to be someone jumping on Oprah’s couch as he did, unless most of her guests behave so when excited.

    Coming back to PR, good luck to him. Malayalam cinema was not what it was 30 years ago. Times and ties are tougher. Not just PR, but I hope all the upcoming young crowd will give many memorable films.

  11. IMHO it is mostly his opinionated interviews that is causing the negative opinion from all quarters – especially when seen to be coming from an young upstart.

    a. There is a huge disconnect between what he says, and what he does. To talk of improving Malayalam cinema and then do movies like Thanthonni, Tejabhai etc does his stature no good. It is not that other actors do not do bad movies, but then they do not make tall claims either. However to Prithvi’s credit, he does attempt to act in offbeat movies like “V.Wazhi” and produce semi-risky ventures like “Urumi”; hence this is 50:50 in the favor of the actor.

    b. Some amount of badwill in the industry itself: What with defying the ban and getting away with it successfully etc. This could cover the jealousy factor within the industry as well (with hired folks booing his films etc).

    c. Lack of humility: All major stars in India act humble, at least for the media – be it Rajnikanth, AB, the Khans (who also cover up arrogance with humor), the 2 Ms, or even the lesser ones like Vikram, Surya, Vijay etc. Prithvi is a blatant exception to this list, but without the years of backup that someone like a Naseer or Kamal can afford when they sound arrogant.

    d. Prithviraj is yet to deliver that single authoritative movie / performance that can shut up his critics once and for all. Although he has given credible performances in movies such as “Classmates”, “Vargam”, “Vaasthavam” etc, these are no “TP Balagopalan MA”s or “Thaniyavarthanam”s.

    • Points a and c are the big ones in his interviews.

    • @Ranjit
      About point a), when he was asked the same question “why does he do such movies”…he gave a clear cut answer- “For money…nothing else”

      about lack of humility (point c), I don’t think he needs to fake humility to please the public. He doesnt owe anything to the people of Kerala. People should watch films when they want to, not because the actor or actress is a good human being.

      • If your saying he doesn’t owe anything to the public. Then why couldn’t a person have the right to hate a celebrity? In a democratic country like India, everyone has the right to hate a celebrity for whatever reasons. And there are a bunch of PR haters out there and they have the right to do what they believe in. Just as there are Justin Bieber haters out there, there are PR haters out there. This is one of the outcomes of the celebrity lifestyle, you will have fans and on the other end you will have haters who just can’t stand you. He can either live with this or do something to change it around. It’s his choice.

      • If P does s*it movies for money, so do the 2Ms, Dileep etc. So the to criticize others, make tall claims of rejuvenating Mal cinema etc sounds like hogwash.

        Also, if Prithvi had just acted cool and said “ok I have some folks who hate me, I’ll try my best to turn them around”, or even “I can’t please everyone, let them continue to hate me” – we would not be having this disucssion.

        I am an IT guy, so my equivalent of this situation would be “bitching” about my colleagues and seniors, and then delivering a product full of bugs. I use the term “bitching” loosely, of course.

  12. The question here is that why are there PR haters out there?

    I’d like to ask a different question out. What has PR contributed to Malayalam cinema over the past decade?

    Would it be right to argue that the only reason for his success was the fact that he was fair-skinned and 6 ft tall? He never rose up through the ranks by playing villain roles or anything. He was just put out there as a star. He was hired because during the early 2000s there was a need for younger actors who would replace the MMs. What’s even more crazy is the fact that he’s still alive in the industry when 35 of his 50 or so films were commercial failures.

  13. If we clearly observe the charector assassination that is growing to it’s extremes in that last 6 months agaianst prithvi,we can distigush two sets of group behind this
    A preplanned ,well organised group.The are not high in number.These counted peoples signature we can observe in all the attacks behind prithviraj at different online platfrom in different nick names.Just observe their style of posting.You can simply catch those fellows.They are misleading the common people by generating false news and exposing some edited clipping and incomplete news
    and the second is innocent other fans gruop they are just enjoying this type of jokes.
    I should say prithvi doesn’t deserve this type of personal attacks and it not going to affect his carrier in future perspective though it can make a short term impact. Those who behind all these dirty deeds will repent one day ,they will also have family ,sister,mother
    nature law is like that.One day it will come infront of them,then only they will understand how much irritating if somebody uncessary bring your family ,personal life all in to some nonsense.

    • very well said….the point s highly relevant…the so called hate vdo(prithvirajappan) against him was so polished and well made that it’s pretty clear that it has been made by a professional (obviusly hired by the organised group).

  14. Though Prtivi’s way of talking seems a bit arrogant, I strongly feel the organized attacks against him is by So called Super star fans. In fact those stars are the “Pradisanthi” to Malayalam cinema.

  15. Yea, this has been done by the jealous fans of some superstar. Just look at the wikipedia page of the National Film Awards for Best Actor, some crazy Mohanlal fan is trying to make Mohanlal have 3 National Awards for Best Actor so to be equal with Mammootty. In this same regard, some fan of some superstar is trying to break Prithvi’s image.

  16. I completely agree with A Menon, Kajan and Nikhimenon’s first comments. I strongly feel it is the inferiority complex of malayalees which is showing here. They just cant stand a opinionated and confident person. They want all public figures to be completely submissive and at least by words give all the credit to the people of kerala.
    Before Mammootty was the arrogant SOB, then Sreesanth, Prithviraj, then came Ranjini Haridas, now it is Santhosh Pandit (not that I think he is any good).
    If you ask mohanlal an opinion about any issue he will give a vague answer or some philosophy and evade it completely…which mammootty and prithviraj doesnt do.
    May be in the theatres it is the superstar fans who are creating the ruckus but even other folks who are not any association or fan club dislike Prithviraj..So i think it more of a inferiority complex

    • I do not have any issues wth this guy, n I used 2 like him…but after watching some of his interviews, man this guy is some kind of joke. He has his own opinion for everything…ok tht’s gud. Agree tht..BUT!!!!! In reality, he says something, n do just opposite of tht. n he never has had a strong stand on his opinions. He changes his statement all the time (tharathinothu marunnavan…thelichu paranjal OONTHU!)IF U WATCH HIS TWO INTERVIEWS, HE IS DELIVERING JUST OPPOSITE IDEAS ON A SAME SUBJECT IN DIFFERENT INTERVIEWS!!!!In the beginning, after watching his couple interviews, I was under impression tht he is a bold guy..SORRY, I WAS WRONG; HE IS JUST UTTER WASTE, NOW I DON’T WASTE TIME FOR WATCHING HIS NONSESNE. I’M NOT A FAN OF ANYBODY. I WATCH MOVIES SOMETIMES. I DO NOT ADORE FILM STARS. I ADORE ONLY GOD.I WAS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ELSE AND ACCIDENTLY CAME TO THIS PAGE.THIS IS JUST ONLY MY POINT OF VIEW.DOESN’T MEANT TO HURT ANYONE. THNX. (anusanthu- watch my vedios abt SANTHOSH PANDIT’S STOLLEN MUSICS IN YOU TUBE)

  17. The real reason for initiation of this online attacks and theater booings is “Jealousy”.. not ordinary jealousy, but “Professional Jealousy”.. Read below

    Prithviraj is now on a different level altogether. No longer can he be grouped with the youngsters nor can he be grouped with the biggies. The business of his commercial films are also different from typical youngster movies or senior Superstar movies. Prithvi started to command a salary of 50 – 70 lakhs and his films get very good satellite rights as well as dubbing / remake rights compared to other youngsters. Most of his commercial movies are getting dubbed in other languages and are getting average to good run in TN & Andhra. Therefore Prithviraj movies have budgets north of 4 crores nowadays as they are aimed at multiple markets and not just the tiny Kerala market. Prithviraj started getting projects from acclaimed directors like Maniratnam, Anurag Kashyap, Santosh Sivan etc.. He started his own production company. He bought stylish sports cars, etc.. Above all this, Prithviraj was getting a lot of media attention and some media boosting (totally unwanted).

    All this caused some serious jealousy in other actors of his age like Jayasurya, Kunchako Boban, Anoop Menon etc.. There has been multiple instances when these actors have indirectly taken potshots at Prithvi through their Interviews, thus exposing their mindsets. The fans of these actors too have an active part in the organized booing in theaters and intentional online character assassination of Prithviraj. So one cant completely blame the fans of M&M or Janapriyan, eventhough they too have an active part in this. The non-fans or ordinary people just played along unknowingly with this carefully plotted plan..

    Since he’s being attacked from all quarters, the best thing for Prithviraj to do is to keep quiet, stop giving interviews and let his work do the talking.. Do great films like Indian Rupee, Urumi etc while skipping projects like Thanthonni & Teja Bhai..

  18. btw mohanlal’s interviews deserve special mention..wenever some one asks something in an interview,he will give some vague philosophies in such a way that at the end no one even the one who asked him the question recollect what he/she had asked him in the first place…!!!!!

  19. “the best thing for Prithviraj to do is to keep quiet, stop giving interviews and let his work do the talking.. Do great films like Indian Rupee, Urumi etc while skipping projects like Thanthonni & Teja Bhai…” – absolutely.

  20. Ranjit is right. Best thing for Prithviraj is to stop giving interviews and let his work speak for him. See Director Joshi never gives any interview but his work speaks for him and that is why he is in this industry for a very very long time.

  21. @manoj


    When did she say that? I also saw that Brittas interview. All she said is about how she met Prithvi. That she being a reporter of an English channel and she had to do an interview of South Indian hero. So when a discussion happened listing heroes who could talk English, Prithvi’s name had “also” come.

    Exact words ” English ariyavunna aara ullathu ennu vannappol Prithviyude perum vannirunnu”

    Which means, among a list of south heroes, Prithvi’s name had also come.. It never means Prithvi is the only south Indian hero who knows English..

    Btw, that interview was cleverly edited to create the prithvirajappan video which shows her statement the way you said it.. So see the original interview before making dumb comments..

  22. I would like Prithvi to work on his acting skills than doing all these things.. Noone can eliminate a talented actor.. If he is an actor, let him prove.. Whtever others say, You need to know that every actor is coming up in the same way, prithvi is also the same. Mohanlal and Mammooty did not become superstars in a day.
    Prithvi could not prove his ability till date.. only few movies.. i would rate Stop Violence as his best till date which was his third or fourth movie. He is not growing as an actor since he is wasting his time on other things.. From the comments, it is evident that he has lots of fans too..He is talented and need to learn more. He could take his brother as an example. I would say Indrajith is much more talented than Prithvi.
    My request to Prithvi is don worry about others, then please get back to work !!

  23. Those who have watched only commercial masalas of Prithviraj and have formed their opinion about his acting abilities or versatility and say that he hasn’t proved yet as an actor are advised to see, rate and comprehend his performances in the following movies.

    1. as the Ruthless gunda in ‘Stop Violence’ (2002)
    2. as the Casanova in ‘Swapnakoodu’ (2003)
    3. as a reckless young man & a middle aged writer in Akale (2004)
    4. as the sophisticated and cunning villain in ‘Kana Kanden’ (2005)
    5. as the corrupt cop in Vargam (2006)
    6. as the corrupt bureaucrat in Vaasthavam (2006)
    7. as the soft talking Naxalite in Thalappavu (2008)
    8. as the non-chalant film-maker in Thirakkatha (2008)
    9. as the fierce determined warrior in Urumi (2011)
    10. as a ambitious spoken teacher in Manikyakallu (2011)
    11. as a doctor in search of a terrorist in Veettilekkulla Vazhi (2011)
    12. as a money minded real estate broker in Indian Rupee (2011)

    None of the other young actors of his age have displayed such versatility or different range of characters as Prithviraj. An exception wud be Indrajith, whom I consider a better actor than Prithviraj but not as lucky as him.

    Mohanlal & Mammootty already have set the bar real high in terms of quality performances, so its really difficult for young actors to make their mark. But still, Prithviraj has proved that he can act and he is here to stay, no matter how hard detractors try to pull him down.

  24. Defenitely i feel that attacks towards Prithviraj are well organised deliberately to create a hatred towards him..Before adding more let me tell you frankly that i am not a Prithviraj fan. Reasons may be many , but its really bad to insult a youngster like this. About his marriage issue its a private thing and as someone put here i have also read in newspaper clearly that some Prathiksha menon was Prithvi’s bride and the same name was asked to him by an interviewer ( u can check that times Manorama website exclusive interview with Prithvi if its still avilable).Then Prithvi soon denied that and replied that he never know that person and its really bad to bring an unknown girl to the news. Only things is that he ddnt tell that person about his plans to marry Supriya then .( which is defenitely his own personal right). It was for this that later the name Prathiksha menon was avoided and media charged him that he lied. I personally read that part i am sure. And in that controversial interview in Asianet even a well known mediaman like John Brittas was asking him without checking those details. For that i heard Prithvi replying very correctly what he told earlier. And about the English thing also Mrs Supriya never told that Prithvi is the only person who knows English in malayalam industry.( that was the news spread all through internet and comedy videos were created etc etc). She was answering a question put by Mr Brittas that some collegue has chosen prithvi from the many actors who know english to put in BBC,and it was a very unintentional passing remark.And also earlier before this i have read that supriya went to prithvi 1st to take and intrview on upcoming young stars, which was defenitely 4-5 years back you know.and naturally we know that our big M s etc are not a competition there as they were already Kings.Then how come people can accuse her of this english thing comparing our big M s guys. Some people are trying to spread false impressions for no reasons, If we start to see things with -ve eyes then everything will be looked upon like that only. And personally after hearing all these things i feel that a young couple were really harassed too much for that interview. Now i think this so called egotistical/arrogance is hyped only when Prithviraj speaks. the same things are told by other actors also, only thing is that they are putting it in their own style with very pleasant faces and laughs. So that we dont feel anything wrong in it. Unfortunately Prithvi is not gifted with those interview talents.We cant blame a person for having his own talking style. May be everyone can change that so easily. Atleast we must respect him for not changing much after all these things guys. Please spare him, and think that he is only one among us and support him. I tell again that i am not a big fan of Prithviraj, but now i started appreciating him for his good films as well as the willpower he showed on this crisis situation. My honest wishes to Prithviraj.

  25. yh i think Sree has told a good point here. Will try to keep away from forwarding those type of silly jokes friend. May be some people are making some money when we forward those edited things and click to watch those hate Prithvi videos. Best of Luck Prithviraj.

  26. Hareesh K has said it. Me too saw that interview from youtube ( as i could not see it from tv ).I was really angry when someone told that Prithviraj’s wife has told that He is the only one who can speak english. comedy videos also saw. But when i saw the interview i felt ashamed that me too fell a pray for those fake news spreaders. No Malayali who can understand malayalam and English A,B,C will tell that Supriya has told that thing. Its all fake news spreading , dont believe them or you can really wach what supriya has told really. Sorry Supriya Sorry Prithviraj.

  27. Dear people with all due respect just as prithviraj is entitled to his opinion so do every body else ..As far the interview is concerned it was boring and self contradicting have loved watching interviews of mamoothy ,mohanlal ,kunjako Boban etc these guys are not concerned about anyone else whereas prithvi is always concerned about others and is always making digging statements against others ,reminded me of the times when some Hindi actors with no substance used to do films and boast about their acting ability .As far as supriya is concerned she exhibited the typical north Indian mentality of feeling superior to south indians … sorry guys but we live in a liberal country and don’t have to tolerate any ones nonsense if we dont feel like ..If people cant tolerate him then they wont ,they will opt for other actors .Everyone in any field is replaceable whether he will remain or not let people decide.

  28. “karma bhalam”…why no other actors or actresses are targetted?? -upcoming new talents are being pushed down by the senseless fans of megastars–this statement is utter bullshit. because you do not see such things happening to the other new talents in Malayalam industry, anoop menon, asif ali, jayasurya, fahad, vineeth srinivasan etc etc..even not to Kunchako Boban who came before Prithviraj. Its time Prithvi asks himself the big question “why me”!!

  29. //Malayalam industry, anoop menon, asif ali, jayasurya, fahad, vineeth srinivasan etc etc//

    the answer is simple,none f them are nt solo heros yet and till now no one considers them as ‘the next big thing’!

  30. some people say here Y attacks on prithviraj only and not others.. simple answer is that no one in your list stated here above has ever dared to open their mouth and speak loudly on things that they really think. We are used only to super smily faces and being very (some times over) polite replies to the interviewers. That is the wrong that Prithviraj did , he speaks out what he thinks right which many of us donot. And mostly they are all answers to questions put by interviewers ,i am not saying that Prithvi is always correct but one thing is clear that he is different and he will speakout what he feels right and question back if he think differently. Supriya also is outspoken that way and never shies back at the questions put forward by Mr John Britas in that Asianet interview. I admit that Mr Britas is really talented famous media person but on that day’s questions most of them were substandard “too” personal. Just imagine someone asking such type of questions to anyone of us on a channel whenwe expect a bunch of quality ones. I appreciate Prithvi here beacuse on one question he retorted to Mr Britas by saying that a good interviewer should be well prepared on the real facts and double check what a person has exactly said. I am not a big fan of Prithvi, but i feel that even this discussion and our comments indicate the fact that Prithviraj is REALLY DIFFERENT and UNAVOIDABLE whether we love him or hate him

  31. yh sure Prithvi is a frank person defenitely not gifted with sweet speeching ability. One of my teachers happend to be Prithvi’s and Indran’s school teacher. i still remember her words about Prithvi years back much before all these controversies started. According to her Prithvi and Indran were really great students who excelled in both studies and extra carricular activities. She also told that Prithvi was much reserved and frank then itself and that they both were really nice children.This happend even before Nandanam’s realease. we were just having talks and someone mentioned about a possible debut of sukumaran’s son.We were not sure which son. It was then that she told me all these and also put that younger one is a bit shy and frank than the elder one. After that recently i saw her and i told her about all these happenings in the cyber world on Prithvi. She was smiling and told me see i told you then itself right that the younger one is not so sweet spoken though he is really lovely. Friends i have put this here just for your information. I see Prithvi’s movies only occassionally and i am not an avid movie goer, but whenever i hear my friends saying all these i remember my teachers words and how exactly it came to be right. I wish we malayalis stopped these kind of false impressions on Prithvi and give him all love and support.

  32. I stongly believe its dileep fans who was behind all see prtv s first film was a hit and his graph was steadly growing… Remember..jaya,anoop menon,etc was not in that perrid…
    Then police caught some groups always booing him.. And it was fans of a star in malayalam….they wanted another reason to attack him..they edited and made prithvirajappan to insult him…and viewing facebook these days you can see that its not big M fans who r mainly IHP ‘ kovalans

  33. * People hated Prithviraj for silly reasons like concealing the news of his marriage, talking straight, speaking English fluently etc etc
    * They called him Rajappan
    * They said he’s a pathetic actor on par with Santosh Pandit
    * They hurled abuses at him in person and through social media & SMS

    Now Prithviraj has delivered a tight slap on the faces of those pathetic detractors with his well deserved second Kerala State Award for Best Actor.

    Salutes, Prithvi..

  34. Prithviraj is an actor with class and has sophistication and he is versatile – he has a style of his own which many actors don’t possess. Trying to put him down and belilttle him and playing politics is a way of showing their insecurity.
    But time has proved that Prithviraj is beyond all small things and games.He is also a sensible person. What he does with his personal life is his prerogative, people need to give him that space and respect him as a human being. He is doing true to his profession and able to deliver quality movies. I have watched his movies and liked most of them. It is sad that people don’t let his talent be exposed – instead want to keep it suppressed and play gimmicks. All his recent movies surely spell out something. If people are smart and intelligent they will know the different between quality and mediocre !

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