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Dunning–Kruger Effect


Do you know what is the most important news from Malayalam cinema world? It is the last line in the Rediff article on the new Mohanlal-Priyadarshan movie.

The film was originally titled Arabiyum Ottakavum P Madhavan Nairum (Arab, Camel and P Madhavan Nair) and the addition (In Oru Maruboomikkadha–A desert tale) was added after certain groups raised objections to the word Arab.

What else was happening in Kerala at this time?

Every sector in Malayalam film industry is gunning for each other and in the process there is total deadlock.

The film industry organisations have various reasons to go on a strike.
First the Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation (KFEF), the powerful organisation which controls the theatres in the states ‘A’ class centres, refused to screen new Malayalam releases.
They wanted the Minister in charge of cinema Ganesh Kumar to withdraw his statement regarding the scrapping of service charge on cinema tickets.

The Kerala Film Distributors Association (KFDA) hit back and said that they will stop the release of OLF (other language films) from November 11. The move is in protest against the KFEF’s decision not to screen Malayalam films from November 1. KFEF had screened OLF Diwali films- 7aum Arivu, Velayudham and RA. 1 etc successfully in Kerala which irked the Malayalam film industry. Adding to that:

Production has also come to a standstill as films that were originally planned for Christmas like Mammootty’s King & Commissioner and Mohanlal’s Casanovva will now get pushed to January 2012.

And that is when we found the right terminology to explain what is happening in Malayalam cinema. It is called Dunning-Kruger effect. Wikipedia explains it as follows

The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled people make poor decisions and reach erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them the metacognitive ability to recognize their mistakes.[1] The unskilled therefore suffer from illusory superiority, rating their ability as above average, much higher than it actually is, while the highly skilled underrate their own abilities, suffering from illusory inferiority.

If this does not explain Malayalam cinema we don’t know what does.

We hope the same groups which objected to the word ‘Arab’ are made the in charge of MACTA as soon as possible.


  1. unless shit ppl stop making shit malayalam movies,the industry wont survive

    • Bad movies bring down the standard of the industry but the industry in itself will survive. Take the bhojpuri film industry for example. They make the crappiest movies and still there is an industry. Even if you compare the Malayalam film industry for the last 5 yrs can we say we have not performed well? We like all other language industries have started differentiation between ‘Art’ movies and ‘Commercial’ movies and that for me is a dangerous sign. The real problem is lack of talent or our perceived notion that there is no talent. We are just obsessed to see who will replace M & Ms and have been blinded and taken to tantalizing highs with scripts during the golden period during the late 80s and 90s that now even something which is mediocre is not bearable for us.
      Transition is happening; unfortunately we are caught in this phase.

  2. You guys are delusional. The most important discussion in Malayalam cinema these days is about Santhosh Pandit.

  3. Any idea why so many Malayalam films these days have silly-sounding English titles?

  4. filmmaking has come down to the masses.The following is the link to a feature length malayalam movie made in ireland on a ZERO budget. pls watch and comment

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