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OLF Deepavali


Trailer of Future of Malayalam Cinema

The Kerala theatres which used to screen mostly Malayalam films will be taken over by Other Language Films (OLF) from Diwali day (October 26). OLF means Tamil and Hindi films.

The two major Tamil films releasing for Diwali are Vijay’s Velayudham and Suriya’s7aum Arivu. Plus the Hindi film of Shah Rukh Khan RA One. Vijay, Suriya and Shah Rukh are very popular in Kerala, and all the three command an opening.

The OLF Diwali movies have taken over most of the screens in key towns. They are releasing big and as per trade sources Vijay’s Velayudham is opening in 111 screens, Suriya’s 7aum Arivu too is opening in 111 screens! SRK’s RA One at the last count is opening in 81 screens![OLF takes over Kerala box-office!]

It is like playing the same tape over and over again. The various alphabet soup organizations like MACTA, FEFKA, PEPSI, COKE etc need to stop banning people and get out of family feuds and prepare and five year vision for Malayalam Cinema. You know, do some kind of serious thinking. Can bringing back the studio system help? Will getting bigger movies with the involvement of UTV like money bags help? Will investing in more multiplexes help? That kind of thinking. You can find some such posts in our archives. But if you release movies like China Town, Christian Brothers or Arjunan Sakshi, people will seek refuge in OLF.


  1. Even if you have decent movies like Indian Rupee and Snehaveedu, people will still root for OLF. So its not about Christian Brothers, China Town etc.

    Its not that Ra One , Velayutham or 7 am Arivu are better movies than so called bad Malayalm movies. They have a budget and scale that we cannot match – VFX, Scantily dressed heroines, Koothu paattu etc

  2. Indian Rupee was a brilliant film..snehaveedu though old wine in older bottle was a watchable film….

  3. sad that yu ppl havent written a word about Indian Rupee-one of the good movies of the year

  4. Why does this matter? If people want to watch movies from other languages, so be it! Also, Arjunan Saakshi was a genuinely good movie and Christian Brothers was a solid entertainer…China Town was garbage though.

  5. This is not a review of Indian Rupee.But since vc has nt said anything about this movie yet,i thought i should say something about the movie here.

    Indian Rupee-The best Malayalam Movie of the year so far
    Written and directed by Ranjith (after the super successful Mammootty starrer ‘Pranchiyettan and the Saint’), Indian Rupee is a very good film with a relevant message.Loved this movie so much that I have already watched it twice .What I liked the most about the film are-
    · The screenplay and direction by Ranjith-flawless.hats off to you Mr Ranjith
    · Performances- Prithviraj Sukumaran- You were just awesome,man.As JP you were too good.Thilakan-What a comeback,Thilakan sir.Achutha Menon rocked. Jagathy Sreekumar-Superb as Gold Pappan .Tini Tom as C.H.- Good work indeed.
    · Music and BGM by Shahbaz Aman- Done full justice to (the late)Mullanezhi sir’s ‘EE puzhayum’.’Anthimanam…’ is also hummable.The re recording done for the dowry scene and the pre climactic portions also deserves special mention.
    So what are you waiting for?Rush to your nearby theatre playing ‘Indian Rupee’-the best Malayalam Movie of the year so far.

    • Dowry scene has been one of the most heart touching since long time. One that matches with the climax scene of Aniyathipravu which was immortalised by Srividya. Hats off to Ranjith for beautifully written and crafted movie.

  6. Also, let’s not act like all OLF movies are crap…Yudham Sei, Mynaa, Angadi Theru, Endhiran, Naan Mahaan Alla, Aadukalam, and Aaranya Kaandam are excellent commercial movies that we are not even close to approaching in Malayalam….

  7. Though i come from Coimbatore, I too follow Malayalam films. Its interesting to hear that velayudham and 7am arivu released in 100+ screens in kerala. Here theaters running diwali releases aren’t doing well in second week. Eventhough media reports that diwali releases are doing record business, the truth is otherwise.

    Many Malayalam movies in past have been noticed by international audiences, when their movies have right content to strike chord with audiences. I hope they start doing movies with right content and message. I am really looking forward to “Randamoozham”.

  8. This year was pretty good with films such as Traffic, City of God, Adamante Makan Abu, Salt N’ Pepper, Pranayam, and Indian Rupee. It’s sad that at the end of the year such an event has happened in the Malayalam film industry.

  9. NOW THAT ALL THE DIWALI OLF HAVE BIT THE DUST IN KERALA BO,i think this discussion has lost its steam.
    this s lyk dis only evrytym.the big olf mvies have always had only an opening in kerala for 1 week.after that,they just fizzle out….

  10. I am one person who hated Arjunan Sakshi. It was a badly done Suresh Gopi movie. After seeing Passenger and liking it a lot, this was a total disappointment. Yes, he threw in some pretentious art-movie/award themes into the mix, but it was a weak movie. At the end of it, it is simply yet another vigilante justice movie and nothing more.

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