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Prithvi apologizes


After shunting out the media for this secret wedding, Prithviraj has realized that the same media is required for the publicity of this movies. So he formally apologized and gave yet another lecture on the topic. Now that he has patched up with the media, will he patch up with Hitler, who too was not invited. (LT Nikhi Menon)







  1. Why should Prithvi apologize? Senseless idiocy prevailing in Indian media silences even sensible, rational men like Prithvi. He has a mind of his own and he makes his decisions. What’s everyone else’s problem with a young man with doing things his own way?

    We complain about actors abusing their star power for personal use, like politics and business. Yet the same people feel it’s alright to nose into their private affairs.

  2. Wedding is a personal affair. Why should media complain?

  3. I think it’s high time the media forgave Prithvi Raj for keeping his marriage a private affair. I just don’t understand what’s wrong in that. And all the dumb lady fans, what were they expecting? Him to come down to their houses with his wedding invite. I really appreciate him for handling his marriage in this class way. He has also proved that he is an actor with a great human heart by marrying divorcee. Kudos!! He really understands the pain his mother had from her 1st marriage and the rebirth after that. The 2nd marriage saved her.

  4. //He has also proved that he is an actor with a great human heart by marrying divorcee.//

    ha ha…from where did yu get this piece of info dear friend….t seems yu are also one among the so called ‘gossip mongers’ or one belonging to the pseudo intellect crowd.i.e those who gossips and ill talks about others but act as ‘the liberal.intelligent’ lot when t comes to posting comments on blogs and forums in the internet..
    ps- though i agree with yu that marrying a divorcee is nt a bad thing.where as he hasn’t ,thats a diff matter altogether.

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