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National Farce

It is summer. It is hot and it is the time for award controversies. Usually the controversies start after the awards are announced, but now we have the pre-game show.

Senior Malayalam actress Menaka Suresh and musician Johnson have walked out of the jury committee for the Kerala State Film Awards (KSFA). It is reported that they decided to quit the committee after the screening schedule was changed according to the convenience of the Chairman of the Committee, Budhadeb Dasgupta.[Menaka Suresh, Johnson quit jury committee for KSFA]

Also note that the Govt will change during this whole process. While this comedy is happening in Kerala, at the national level there is more drama.

Pranchiyettan, Makaramanju, Gaddama, Veetilekkulla Vazhi, Athmakatha, Janaki, Adamintemakan Abu were among the Malayalam films which were nominated for the National Film Awards for 2010.

TD Dasan Standard VI B, Electra and Yugapurushan, did not figure in the list of nominations from Malayalam films.

The national jury for film awards reportedly has no film personalities from Kerala as its member this time[Seven Malayalam films get National Film Awards nominations].

All this makes you wonder. Why is the Govt in the business of giving out film awards?  Govt is comprised of a bunch of politicians who use various mechanisms to favor certain people. The awards are one type of leverage. Also look at the expense involved. A jury consisting of people whom the party likes is appointed. They spend Govt money and watch the movies and give awards based on random qualifications. All in all it is farce.

Instead, our opinion is that Govt should stop giving film awards and focus on providing electricity and water. Movie making is a well established private industry and it has to run on its own merit. There should not be any state awards or national awards. If they want, the industry itself can setup an organization and do the awards ceremony at a national level. At the state level, we do have various TV channels giving awards to pretty much everyone who shows up. That is a farce too, but at least it does not waste our money.


  1. That’s a good point guys. Why the heck is it in India that the Government is giving out the awards for cinema?

  2. I completely dis-agree.

    National award is the only award which evaluates films made in all Indian languages using the same criteria and selects the “best” as defined by the current jury. (Filmfare award is given separately for each language. It is very commerce-driven with not much thought given to artistic values)

    Without the recognition through National awards and Indian Panaroma, the world will incorrectly think that Indian film culture is all about “Bollywood” movies which, as the name suggests, has degraded into cheap 3rd-rate imitations of Hollywood films.

  3. @Kishor
    Speaking of the world, I think they have no clue about the so-called “regional cinema”. Everyone just thinks Indian cinema = Bollywood. And that all Indian films are just musicals.

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