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Randamoozham – Who should act in it?




After years of speculation, looks like novel Randamoozham is going to be made as a movie. We as fans of MT and Randamoozham cannot comprehend how topic that vast and canvas that big could be made into a movie. But we are sure that MT being MT will come up with a fitting screen version.

Bheema is all set for a new act. Nearly three decades after M.T. Vasudevan Nair’s masterpiece novel ‘Randamoozham’ (Second Turn), floored Malayalis, the Pandava warrior from the Mahabharata is eyeing the big screen.
M.T.’s celebrated novel is going to be made into a film by Hariharan. M.T. is working on the script, even as Hariharan is doing his own homework for what is perhaps the most ambitious project of the writer-director duo in their association of over 30 years.[‘Randamoozham’ to make its screen debut]

The announcement about the movie has led to furious discussions and intense speculation about casting of this  movie in various film forums and webs sites and in public minds. As  we said earlier, being huge fans of this novel do not want nothing but the best set of actors to enact  the various characters of this novel. We are curious to know your take on who should do the following characters:

  • Bheeman
  • Draupadi
  • Arjunan
  • Yudhishtiran
  • Vidurar
  • Krishnan
  • Kunti
  • Karnan

Update (May 8th): If your comment has to be approved, you need to provide your suggestions for all the characters listed above. This is to make the “M” fans stretch their brains a bit. Earlier comments have not been deleted.


  1. This looks like an exciting project from legendary MT-Hariharan team!

    Here are my picks:

    Bheeman: Mohanlal
    Draupadi: Padmapriya
    Arjunan: PrithviRaj
    Yudhishtiran: Mammootty
    Vidurar: Nedumudi Venu
    Krishnan: Nitish Bharadwaj
    Kunti: Lakshmi
    Karnan: Sarat Kumar

  2. I seriously think they should have gone for another director instead of Hariharan. I was very disappointed by Pazhassi Raja as I don’t think Hariharan was able to bring it to a certain level of standard. The technical aspects of the film were sub-par.

  3. the one and only mammootty should play bheema in randamoozham
    .he is the only actor who can do it

  4. Only mammootty capable of doing that kind of role.. I cant even imagine Mohanlal doing that role..

  5. only Suresh gopi can act as bheeman.

  6. mamooty is suit for that of his body language……but lal is nt perfect

  7. Seriously? Can’t Malayalees let got of these two “M”onsters? Are we so dogmatic and narrow minded? How about an unknown/not-so-known stars?

    Peter Jackson’s cast for the Lord of the Rings trilogy was like that. Wasn’t he successful?

    But there is a vaaaaaast difference between Peter Jackson and Hariharan. Hariharan’s directorial capabilities in Pazhassi might have had a good response if it was screened to an audience of Tyrannosaurus rex. Hariharan is a relic.

    Cinema worldwide has moved eons ahead of us. Very few Indians have explored the possibilities of cinema as a pure audio-visual medium. For most of Indian fimmakers, its still a video coverage of a ‘naadakam’. I am not saying drama should be missing. It definitely is the foundation. And solid foundation is the beginning of a great building. But a great building is not limited to just its foundation. And something like Mahabharata has spectacle, drama, characterizations, and grandeur that might be waaay out of Hariharan’s frequency. Mahabharatam/Randaamoozham is not Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha and the year is not 1989.

  8. mammutty is bheeman

  9. mohan lal don the role of beema in a drama called chayamukhi- and it was brilliant

  10. Oh, that was a spelling mistake to write sureshkrishna in two places.
    Bheeman – Suresh gopi
    Draupadi – Shobhana/vidya balan
    Arjunan – Inderjeet
    Yudhishtiran – Sharat Kumar
    Vidurar – Nedumudi Venu
    Krishnan -Jayaram
    Kunti – Kaviyoor ponnamma
    Karnan – Suresh Krishna

  11. mohanlal(after some workout) will be perfect as bheema.
    don’t have any opinions for yudishtira and panchali.nedumudi venu will be the best as vidurar.
    for arjuna some one like ajith/surya could be used.
    we need some one older than mohanlal to play karna.
    and i have another opinion that technology should be pushed beyond it’s limits.I mean something like we saw in “300”.
    i know it’s gonna increase the budjet but it’s necessary to have producers with big pockets to create such an epic.
    and i need to tell that if they are going with a lot of out of the state stars they need to make sure that the dubbing is better than pazhassiraja

  12. I am big fan of Chandu of vadakkan veeragadha and Mohanlal of Kireedam and I also feel both Mammootty and Mohanlal enact the role of Bheeman in a fantastic way but we would have so many expectations and our own dictations on these actors. But someone like suresh gopi whose body also wuld fit for bheeman would be better. And on acting skills we never expected Suresh gopi would be fit for Aromal or Captain Raju would make the role of Aringodar evergreen. Or who all support Mammootty as Bheeman and Suresh Gopi as Arjunan because Arjunan has similar character of Aromal in MT’s Vadakkan veegragadha.

  13. Lalettan is the best option for act Bheema

    My options are
    Bheema – Mohanlal
    Draupadi – Padma Priya
    Arjunan – Surya
    Yudhishtiran – Sharat Kumar
    Vidurar – Nedumudi Venu
    Krishnan – Manoj K Jayan
    Kunti – Seetha
    Karnan – Suresh Krisha

  14. Both Lal and Mammootty are 100% fit for Bheema. So…

    Bheeman Mohan Lal/Mammootty
    Draupadi Vidya Balan
    Arjunan Prithwiraj
    Yudhishtiran Rajat Kapoor (Agni sakshi like sober character)
    Vidurar Nedumudi Venu
    Krishnan Nitish Bhardwaj of course
    Kunti Rohini Hattangadi
    Karnan Suresh Gopi ( Karnan’s resembalance to Yudhishtira is not taken into accounted)

  15. •Bheeman: mammooty
    •Draupadi:Vidya Balan

  16. Bheeman-Mammootty
    Draupadi-Padma Priya
    Arjunan-Amir Khan
    Yudhishtiran-Anil Kapoor
    Vidurar-Ohm Puri/Nasserdin Sha
    Kunti-Priyanka Chopra
    Karnan-Kamal Hassan

  17. My choice are :

    Bheema – Mohanlal
    Draupadi – Shobhana/Shobhanan/Shobhana
    Arjunan – Surya
    Yudhishtiran – Mammootty
    Vidurar – Nedumudi Venu
    Krishnan – NItish Bharadwaj
    Kunti – Geetha
    Karnan – Sharat Kumar

  18. bheeman-mammooty
    yudhishatran-shahrukh khan
    krishnan-NItish Bharadwaj
    Kunti – Geetha
    Karnan – Sharat Kumar

  19. i think mohanlal is perfect for the role of bheema. why because i read the book randamoozham. in that m.t said bheema as THADIYAN AND MANDHAN. BHEEMA IS A FAT MAN. SO MAMMOOTTY IS NOT SUIT FOR THE CHARACTER PHYSICAL APPEARENCE IS SUITABLE FOR MOHANLAL.

  20. if u have read the book Randaamoozham you wont call Bheeman like that;in original Mahabharatham he was just a personb who was strong and whose strength was exploited by his more popular brothers Yudhishdhiran and Arjunan.His character never got the importance that he actually deserved inspite of the fact that it was he who killed the 100 kourava brothers and help Pandavas win the kingdom.But it was Arjuna who is always given the hero image.Bheema was always considered as just a fat thug.But in Randamoozham Mt shows Mahabharatham from Bheeman’s point of view;giving importance to his feelings; his thoughts and emotions.How he was ignored by other characters including his motjher,his wife droupathi,his elder brother Yudhishdhiran etc.
    Its the brilliance of the great writer MT that just like Vadakkan verragatha’s Chantu,he could see things in a different perspective in Bheeman’s case too.

    • I agree with Visakh. It just pisses me off to see that people who apparently don’t have the intelligence to comprehend ‘randamoozham’ actually have the audacity to comment on who should fit into Bheeman’s cast. They don’t realize that the Bheeman M.T saw with his brilliance is not the same Bheeman their muthashiis and friends exaggerated to them while growing up as little kids….

      • Don’t worry. Mohan lal will not take this role anyway [if MT doesn’t accept to change the script to accommodate his idea of a hero] because Bheema despite being the hero is always at the losing end. I think Mammootty has the nerve to take such roles and make it great. But, I would rather Kamal be the Bheema and Mamootty could may be do the Karna. Surya/Vikram should be good for Arjunan.

  21. I definitely think Mammootty is far better than Mohanlal in playing historical characters..however in this case i think Mohanlal would be better as Bheema. The main reason i say this is because Mohanlal’s physique matches more to Bheema’s than Mammootty’s does. Bheema was like a really huge person with a belly and all that and Mohanlal certainly matches these requirements. Mammootty can probably do a great job in playing characters of Karnan or Arjuna. Plus Bheema’s personality was not really all manly and did not reflect much “pourusham” like Arjuna and Karna and picturing Mammootty as a man without pourusham is rather difficult.

    • don’t forget Mammootty has a big belly too… ha ha…What do you mean Bheema’s personality was not manly? M.T has done more research than you could ever imagine before writing this book..Nowhere in this book (that’s if you read it) has he portrayed Bheema less than manly…

      • k first of all Mammootty may have a belly but what i meant was that Mahanlal’s physique is more closer to Bhima’s..then..i never said i have done more research than the great M.T but i do know a thing or two about bhima..have u listened to the poem ‘Kalyana Soughandhikam’..? in the poem bhima’s wife orders him to get Kalyana Sougandhikam from the forest and Bhima obeys it without saying a word..Doesn’t that indicate that Bhima was not all about manliness..sometimes u have to read between the lines..and what i meant by manliness is not being able to fight a lot of guys..i meant Bhima is not really a hero. Like Mr.Kishore said he faced rejections and hence is not really a ‘traditional superhero’..

  22. Actually they can both do an incredible job as both these fantastic actors have proved that they can play the character of Bheema beautifully through the stagedramas’Chayamukhthi'(Mohanlal) and ‘Bheeman'(Mammootty) and they were both well appreciated.

  23. However other actors should also e considered rather than just two M’s of Malayalam cinema.

  24. Bheeman-Mohanlal
    Arjunan-Manoj K Jayan
    Yudhishtiran-Prakash raj
    Vidurar-jagathy Sreekumar
    Krishnan-Aamir Khan(guest)
    Karnan-a teenage boy s required.

  25. Bheeman-Mohanlal
    Arjunan-Manoj K Jayan
    Yudhishtiran-Prakash raj
    Vidurar-jagathy Sreekumar
    Krishnan-Aamir Khan(guest)
    Karnan-a teenage boy s required.

  26. Karnan is the eldest(illegitimate!) son of Kunthi. Yudhishtira is his younger brother. To cast a teen ager as Karnan and Prakash Raj as Yudhishtiran- sorry Sreejith- seems ridiculous! I feel Prakash Raj is fit for Duryodhanan.
    And Sakuni is a most important character who turns the tide of events in Mahabharatha. It is tailor made for the great Jagathy.
    Manisha Koirala also can be considered for Kunthi. See her fantastic performance in ELECTRA by Shyama Prasad.
    Who will do the role of Drishtadyumnan, the Commander in Chief of Pandavappada and brother in law of Pandavas?

  27. Hariaharan – How do I say this nicely….ummm… I’m sorry but YOU JUST DON’T have what it takes to make this into something nearly as beautiful as the novel. It’s evident from your decision to cast Mohanlal as Bheeman. True, as a director you should try to take M.T’s imagination to the next level, but it should be a sincere attempt that should be evident starting from your casting. The lovers of M.T’s work may be able to forgive you on the basis that not many can match M.T kind of imagination in forming characters. But come on, “Mohanlal” for the role of Bheeman??? WHY? Even M.T doesn’t take from the folklore to describe him as a fat flabby person. M.T did his own research and used his intelligence and logic when painting each character. How about you? How about looking for someone that fits the cast rather than working with your limited knowledge of movie casting that is confined within the boundaries of Kerala…? If anything, Prithviraj would’ve been a good choice…
    Several crores spent to impress on the technical aspect of movie by hiring someone like Rasul does only a little to create a good film. That “little” is actually an insult to someone like Rasul who does his role beautifully.. Pazhassi Raja is an example.
    M.T Sir – I sincerely wish you didn’t hand this beautiful work of yours into the hands of mediocre film makers to be destroyed. Randamoozham deserves much better fate. The Bheeman you’ve created in my mind is peaceful so far. I am not sure if that’ll be the case after Hariharan & Mohanlal(not to mention his acting skills that is getting unbearably worse by day)will tranform my Bheeman into something else…Randamoozham has a universal appeal and that’s how this should be treated if making into a movie.. Give an opportunity for a larger world wide audience to have respect for this beautiful work and M.T. Please do not make this into another fantasy tale without class filled with songs,dances and gimmicks so that the world movie lovers would call this as another “Bollywood movie”.

    • I’m with Randamoozham Lover and Bruce Lee. We are about to witness the greatest slaughter in Malayalam film history!

      A Mani Ratnam may barely pull off “Ponniyin Selvan” but Hariharan? NO WAY! Choosing Mohanlal to play Bheeman proves that he has no appreciation nor understanding of the book or its characters.

      I wonder if some director in the future will get a “Randam Oozham” at this movie?

    • @RandamoozhamLover: Song & dance is very much part of Indian culture and can be beautifully incorporated into movies depending on the situation. Do not mix it up with “Bollywood” terminology.

      We don’t need to blindly imitate Hollywood – either in format or in naming! If we do, it will destroy our movie industry in the long run……



  29. People who suggest Prithviraj as Bheeman scares me! They either did’nt read the book or runs the local Prithviraj fans association. Vyasan’s & MT’s Bheeman is indeed a fat, flabby killing machine for the Pandavas. He is not a 6-packed, gym-toned hero. MT’s Bheeman also faces romantic rejection from (shared)-wife Draupadi, and hence is not a traditional super hero.

    @Satyabrata: “Karnan” story is also covered in detail in Randamoozham. Two birds with one shot.

    • The story of Karnan is not covered in detail in Randamoozham.It only his support for the Kauravas has portryed in the novel.Only towards the end they have mentioned Karna is a Pandava the Elder most!!

  30. Bheeman: Mohan Lal
    Kunthi : sheela
    Karnnan: Mammootty

    These could be ideal chemistry for Randaamuzham

  31. K all those guys who are blaming hariharan for choosing mohanlal..its not true..hariharan clarified that he has not chosen or any other actor to don the role of bheema

  32. what about Prakash Raj as Bheeman, Suresh gopi as Arjunan and Mammootty as Karnan

  33. i hope that the entire team of pazhassiraja may working together in randamoozham…

  34. Dear all,

    Randamoozham will be a big FLOP,Because all our comercial movies minimum reqirement of the success is good CLIMAX,we could not see a good climax im Pazhassiraja,But because of the advertisement that movie gor popularity…and people enterd the theatre…I like mohanlal and mammooty…I feel that if the producer want to get back the invested money…try to include one of this star performer in this…then trying for a multi language usual this will loose the money …because oher langauge people dont want to see malayalam movie…but we will eagerly for Rajanikanth or Sharuk Khan…

    • K what do u mean Pazhassiraja didn’t have a good climax…? The story is about Pazhassi’s life and his efforts to get rid of the Brits from India.. so M.T could not just imagine any climax that would entertain the audience and not show the truth…And Rajnikanth and Shahrukh Khan?..Seriously? Both may be the most popular actors of India but they’ll never be able to pull off the characters in Randamoozham..

  35. It would be most challenging film that Hariharan sir would attempt.If to be portrayed as written by MT sir it would be magnum opus – the war sequences – the elephant fights done by Bheema – and even the bow – arrow sequels done by Ghadolkachan and Abhimanyu ,even though much details are not mentioned on the war sequences of Arjuna.

    Bheema is exquisitely portrayed as the Hero who won the war of Kurukshetra ! With all kinds of emotions running around his face this has to be in-acted by someone who has the caliber to do so! His grind less roar in the war fields and captivated face along with his brothers/sons/wifes and dying love for Draupadi — everything should be handled safe in that actor!!

    I would’nt prefer Mammootty for the role – since this is not a role to pose the great actors charm as done in Pazhassi.
    The role of Bheema should be handled without most care with all kinds of emotions running in all times throughout the story line.The emotions and mood keep on varying from frame to frame and should be handled by a born actor and not a method actor. Also Mammootty does not fit into role of Yudisthira since it offers little to do for the master.

    MT – Hariharihar should cast their actors properly and extend the technology limits to the max … else it would fall…

    If well executed this could be the most cherished film for the Indian industry and for the soul of Kerala.

  36. I have no doubt about Hariharan’s capabilities.
    Especially after watching debacles like Mangal Pandey and Urumi, you understand that you need a more mature director to handle such films. Urumi was a disaster due to its gimmicks and Santosh’s complete lack of understanding of a film’s emotional line and rhythm. He is as good a cinematographer as bad a director.

    Pazhassi and OVVG are timeless films because of the way Hariharan made them. And in Pazhassi he proved everyone wrong with the technology involved. Resul’s job was good but it’s only an ignoramus who will say that the sound saved the film. No movie can work if direction doesn’t work. There is only one director in Malayalam who can handle a film of this magnitude and his name is Hariharan.

  37. Hariharan? Relic?
    Wow! This discussion is very mature!
    With all due respect to the wonderful scripts, one of the prime reasons as to why Ayalathe Sundari, Rajahamsam, Sharapanjaram, Panchagni, Amrithamgamaya, OVVG, Sargam, Nakhakshathangal and Pazhassi stand the test of time is Hariharan’s direction.

    No one lasts in the industry this long by being a relic. It is blasphemous to make such a statement. But it just goes to show how much respect youngsters of today have for the older generation.

    While in Tamil, although K. Balachander, S. P. Muthuraman, Mahendran struggled to keep up with times, the Tamil audience will forever remember and honor them irrespective of their present hold on the medium. Whereas in Malayalam, Hariharan delivers a magnum opus like Pazhassi which was liked by the majority, and this is the credit he gets.

    And this is not just in the case of Hariharan. At least in his case, he is still the big budget hit maker. But what about the likes of IV Sasi and Fazil? Those are legends in their own rights, but I’ve seen them being abused in such discussions.
    Why do we have to wait for artists to die to honor them?

    It is time for Malayalam movie goers to acknowledge and respect the past, because it is because of these trend makers and breakers that we had the golden age which paved the way for the future film makers.

  38. I dont understand why people are not eager to know who will act as Khatolkachan, Sikhandi, Jayadrathan, Abhimanyu, Aswathama, Duryodhanan, Yulyulsu, Jarasandhan, , Drishtadyumnan, Viratan, Drupadan, Hidimbi,Naga king, Sathyaki etc? And of course Visokan? Are not these characters important? Hariharan will have to take much pains to coordinate casting! Let us just have our take on these characters too.

  39. They should really come up with a decent making of documentary for randamoozham. The pazhassi dvd one was more like a set diary. It was a nice insight into the size and pain of making the film but I wish it had interviews.

    It would have been very interesting to hear about the various locations, the art work, etc. because it was never done before for a malayalam film. Great effort by Hariharan and crew.

    hope they cover randamoozham behind the scenes right from the start.

  40. it should be a multistar film.. Mammootty,Mohanlal,Kamal hassan,Salmankhan,Vikram. They are the actors i choose for doing the 5 lead male cheracter.If it possible or realise, it should be the Indias biggest film ever made.. I hope the director take good decision.Note: Mammotty is the only one indian actor who done maximum number of historical cheracter. Exmple:Dr.Ambedkar,Pazhassiraja,Chandhu,Bhasheer,etc,etc,etc…

  41. This film is going to be the most challenging film in the history of Indian Cinema. To get profit from this film we should make this an Indian Film not a Malayalam film. So we should cast all the major actors & major technicians from all over India.

    We should include Mammootty,Mohanlal,Kamal Hassan,Nasserdin Sha,Om Puri,Nedumudi Venu,Balachanda Menon,Vikram,Prakash Raj,Aamir Khan&other excellent actors from all regional languages.

    Only Mammootty can handle “Bheeman” in Indian cinema.

    If this works properly this film will get highest number of national film awards & beat all collection records.

    All the best to make this film No:1 Epic Indian cinema to world cinema.

  42. Only Mammootty can play the role of Bhima
    Mammootty Bhima
    Vikram Karna
    Prithviraj/Indrajith Arjuna
    Siddhique Yudhishtira
    NaraIN & Jayasurya Nakula & Sahadeva
    Jayaram Krishna
    Nedumudy Sakuni
    Lal Vidurar

    • Bheeman : prabha from telugu or vishal from tamil or abhishek
      Droupathi: : priyanka chpopra or amala paul
      Arjunan : prithiraj
      karnan : indrajith
      Yudhishtiran : mamootty
      Vidhurar : nedumudi
      sakuni : sai kumar
      Bheeshmacharyar: amithabh bachan
      Nakulan : Kunchako boban
      sahadevan : jayasuria

  43. randamoozham is the best novel of MT bcos every body see bhiman is the comedy charector but MT shows the loving heart of bhima ….so this film is change a historical film and proud of malayalam film…

  44. Finally its official. The project will start in Jan 2012 and Lal will be Bheeman

  45. If we see all the comments above, one thing is clear. Everybody wants to see only Nedumudi Venu as Vidhurar!!.

    VIDURAR-Jagathi sreekumar
    KRISHNAN-Nithish baradwaj
    KARNAN-Sharath Kumar


  48. bheeman: mohan lal
    yudhishtiran: mammooti
    arjunan: vikram
    karnan: kamal hasan or sarath kumar
    krishnan: nitheesh bharadwaj
    panjaali: shobhana


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