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Randamoozham – Who should act in it?




After years of speculation, looks like novel Randamoozham is going to be made as a movie. We as fans of MT and Randamoozham cannot comprehend how topic that vast and canvas that big could be made into a movie. But we are sure that MT being MT will come up with a fitting screen version.

Bheema is all set for a new act. Nearly three decades after M.T. Vasudevan Nair’s masterpiece novel ‘Randamoozham’ (Second Turn), floored Malayalis, the Pandava warrior from the Mahabharata is eyeing the big screen.
M.T.’s celebrated novel is going to be made into a film by Hariharan. M.T. is working on the script, even as Hariharan is doing his own homework for what is perhaps the most ambitious project of the writer-director duo in their association of over 30 years.[‘Randamoozham’ to make its screen debut]

The announcement about the movie has led to furious discussions and intense speculation about casting of this  movie in various film forums and webs sites and in public minds. As  we said earlier, being huge fans of this novel do not want nothing but the best set of actors to enact  the various characters of this novel. We are curious to know your take on who should do the following characters:

  • Bheeman
  • Draupadi
  • Arjunan
  • Yudhishtiran
  • Vidurar
  • Krishnan
  • Kunti
  • Karnan

Update (May 8th): If your comment has to be approved, you need to provide your suggestions for all the characters listed above. This is to make the “M” fans stretch their brains a bit. Earlier comments have not been deleted.


  1. Read it in a site that Mohanlal is Bheeman and Mammootty is Duryodhanan(????????????????);can any one confirm it;if it happens it will be the casting magic in malayalam film history;hope urge for making a good movie goes before the ego of these stars.

    • it is true,but with a twist,the film may not be the copy of novel,and duroyadhanan will be portraited as the victim of manipulations of sakuni and dussassanan,where e earns sympathy also.i think it is MT who is going to have the last laugh,by rewriting the epic like oru vadakkan veeragatha

  2. I also heard a news that our lalettan is going to do the role of bheemasenan and also I heard that the movie should have a good acting line up including mammookka……..any way its a nice news for all malayalam movie fans like us.

  3. bheeman: Mohanlal
    Yudhistran and Karnan :Suresh Gopi(Because they looked identical)
    Arjunan: Biju Menon
    Vidurar: Nedumudi
    KRISHNAN: Jagathi
    Draupadi: Meera Jasmine.

  4. In my opinion actors should not be limited to malayalam film industry only..being an epic of india and being a multi-language film it should include actors accross india who are outstanding in their career…like naseerudeen shah,prakash raj,amithabh bachan (if the budget alows)…This film should be at par with hollywood films like TROY..

  5. The huge canvas should necessarily transcend the confines of Malayalam screen,hopefully roping in the best talents of Indian film industry.
    Yudhishtiran-the always ‘upright’ Suresh Gopi should fit the bill.
    Bheeman-Mohanlal has already been selected
    Nakulan/Shadevan-any two looking guys
    Duryodhanan-Saikumar? I myself am not happy about it.
    Shakuni-Jagathy or Thilakan
    Kunthi and Gandhari? My god! can’t think of anybody from Malayalam films with the right maturity.
    Dhritarashtrar-May be Saikumar will fit in here.
    dushasanan-Some good villain from Tamil films.
    Krishnan has to be a new face with an ethereal look.
    Will be back with more….

    • There is no chance for a doubt in the role of Gandhari. KPAC Lalitha will do it.

    • jayashree good selection….

      Duryodanan—the apt person is sarathkumar


  6. some website posts say that mohanlal has been selected for the role of Bheeman and Mammootty as Duryodhanan. One thing should be remembered Hariharan and MT are always perfect in chosing the right the actor for each role. Remember Captain Raju as Aringodar in Vadakkan veera gadha and Suresh gopi was only just few films old that time still MT and Hariharan trusted him with the role of Aromal and he did it in an excellent way and also Babu antony as King in Vaishali.
    Suresh Gopi or Suresh Krishna would be good in the role of Karnan.

  7. Jayashree, nice selections. Actually, Shobana was my first choice for Draupadi. But then I had to change it to Padmapriya because Draupadi has to be romantically paired with younger actors playing Nakulan & Sahadevan.

    On second thoughts, like many commenters here who chose Shobana, I too think that she would be the right choice for iconic Droupadi. There is a high possibility that in epic Mahabharata, Draupadi was indeed elder by age to Nakulan & Sahadevan (not an issue during those golden days!). Can someone who is an epic-expert confirm this? I vaguely remember MT writing in Randamoozham about Draupadi’s motherly affections towards Nakulan & Sahadevan.

    • kishore, it is not correct that Draupadi was elder by age to Nakulan & Sahadevan, b’coz in mahabharata after their studies drona asked pandavas and kouravas for ;gurudakshina’, and the gurudakshina was to defeat drupada,who was drona’s old friend who later when became the king of panchalam ignored and insulted drona. thats y drona aked his sishya to defeat and bring drupada alive before him . and after recieving the half of his kingdom drona set him free. and after that drupada had planned to take revenge against drona and he had done a yaga. the yaga was done inorder to have a son who can defeat and kill drona. at the end of the yaga, drishtadyumnan, droupathi had arisen from the homakunta, this is the story of the birth of panchali(droupati). so it is clearly evident that droupati is younger to nakulan and sahadevan.

      • Hi Rakesh,
        Thanks for sharing the Mahabharatha story behind Draupadi’s “birth”. From the story, it is evident that Draupadi & Drishtadyumnan were not delivered as new-born babies but “originated” from the homakunda. In our epics, when such origins happen by immaculate methods, the person does not appear as a new-born baby — they appear as grown-up adults(Remember Urvashi originating as a sultry seductress during Palazhi-madhanam).

        I also double-checked Randamoozham. MT has mentioned many times about motherly affections that Draupadi has towards Nakulan & Sahadevan.

        • i too checked…and in it there is a\even a para in which kunthi says even nakul and sahadev look at her with different eyes whilew consoling bheema

  8. mohanlal has been selected for the role of Bheeman and Mammootty as Duryodhanan. IS IT RIGHT CHOICE,There is a high possibility that in epic Mahabharata, Draupadi was indeed elder by age to Nakulan & sahadevan,so i wish vidyabalan or nayanthara are right choice,nakulan & sahadevan,unnimukundan & rathinirvedam actor i don’nt know his name that best choice.

  9. ” We are about to witness the greatest slaughter in Malayalam film history! ”
    I was going through the other comments and liked this comment in particular.
    Even I have this apprehension at the back of my mind.The movie has pan-Indian appeal and is Hariharan capable of pushing his boundaries and create a master piece?

    Mammootty as Bheeshmar is also a good choice,which means there won’t be much scope for an ego clash between the super stars.
    May be Prthvi-Indrajit can become Nakukan and Sahadevan.
    Surya could do justice to Krishnan with his soft looks.
    Looks like ARR is taking care of the music department.

  10. I hope that this is gonna be a ground breaking Malayalam movie without the overacting and histrionics that has become the bane of Indian cinema. Casting too many ‘super stars’ is going to spoil the broth. Mohanlal is a great actor but the character ‘Bheeman’ is a top-notch athlete and a warrior. The same applies to ‘Dhuryodhana’ as well, though Mammooty is a lot fitter. Imagine if Kirk Douglas and Russel Crowe were unfit and on the plump side in epics like Spartacus and Gladiator. Motion pictures is definitely not a theatrical art form.So unlike in theatre, the physical attributes of the actor should match that of the character to some degree. I think the whole movie should be shot in Tamil with Surya and Vikram as Dhuryodhana and Bheema.

    • Dear Cherish,

      Please read the great book once. MT’s Bheeman is not a SIX PACK one. He is ‘VRIKODARAN- one with the Stomach of a Boar’. MT’s Bheeman is with a heavy belly, who drinks lots of liquor and savours a lot of meat.He is with an irregular beard and heavy upper body..

      I appreciate the suggestion by you.. but you are in lines of Mahabharatha.. not in lines of MT.

    • i support pradeep sir.there are instances in the book where bheema is called manthan and also vrikodharan due to the size of his girth.further,bheema is not all portrayed as a true muscular athlete but as a behemoth giant like persona

  11. am just saying my dream, i know it will never happen…

    bheeman – Mohanlal
    duryodhanan – mammootty(as both are selected for the role its absolutely right bcoz in randamoozham bheeman is the lead and duryodhanan possess the same importance)

    yudishtiran- sidhiq
    Arjunan – Vikram/ sonu soud(dabbang villain)
    Krishnan- All time krishnan Nitheesh Bharadwaj(njan gandharvan hero)
    Karnan- Suresh gopi
    Bheeshmar- amitabh bachan
    Dhritarashtrar- Captain Raju
    panchali- Vidya balan
    sakuni- one and only jagathy sreekumar
    kunthi – actress seetha

  12. no matter who acts in it, the movie should be a landmark one, with hariharan and mt at the helm. cant wait.
    devan – udhishtiran
    mohanlal – bheemasenan
    arjunan – prithwiraj
    (the guy who was krishnan in nandanam) – nakulan/sahadevan
    suresh gopi – karnan
    mamta mohandas – panchali

  13. I think a younger cast’d have been really interesting…
    Just a suggestion, but if Mammootty did Bheeshm and Mohanlal did Keechak, the slightly older characters, it’d allow a lot more space for a ‘pan-Indian’ cast… Here’s my dream cast…
    Yuddhishthir – Prithviraj, yes i think he can live up to that
    Bheem- Erm… tough one, but I guess Salman Khan’s as good as any
    Arjun – Arjun Rampal, after Raajneeti no one should doubt it
    Nakul/Sahadev – I’d seriously like to see some new faces here
    Draupadi – no kidding, but I dont think anyone but Konkana Sen Sharma can actually carry it effectively!!

    • Dear friend,

      Before just posting such comments, I beg you to read the malayalam epic “Randamoozham” once. your concept is based on the TV Serials.. please don’t mind.
      MT’s Bheeman is not a SIX PACK one. He is ‘VRIKODARAN- one with the Stomach of a Boar’. MT’s Bheeman is with a heavy belly, who drinks lots of liquor and savours a lot of meat.He is with an irregular beard and heavy upper body..

    • Is Salman Khan an actor?In my view he is an average actor.You just think about “Meine Pyaar Kiyaa”.That film was a hit not because of this guy, its all because of “BHAAGYASREE”, isn’t it?
      You are comparing Mohanlal with salman, what a pity? I think Mohanlal’s versatile acting didn’t went anywhere.He is a natural actor.He is getting the roll which doesn’t ask effort acting.But still he did well in Paradeshi, Shikkaar, Bhramaram, Pranayam etc..
      Bheemasensn not have a six packed body.He is not a body builder.Did you read “RANDAAMOOZHAM” at least one time. It is Mahabharatham in Bheemasenan’s view.

    • What a shocker !!!
      I beg u not to post such foolish comments. I may loose respect for girls altogether with such foolish comments coming from you. salman khan for bheem …. crazy idea. how can you ever compare mohanlal with over rated khans. only ajay devgan is an actor in bollywood. and yudhistar for prithvi …?
      you seem to be interested in just looks of men and not acting skills. why not dhanush for bheeshm instead ….???? if you wish. just crazy…

      The ideal cast would be Mohanlal, Kamal Haasan, Amitab, Vikram, Ajay Devgan and Nitish Bharadwaj

    • Bheem- Erm… tough one, but I guess Salman Khan’s as good as any !

      Salman would be — Chota Bheem

  14. I am revising my selections based on the movie’s pan-Indian appeal and also the need for mature actors to cover an age span ranging from 20ys to 50yr. Remember: by the time Kurukshetra war happens, Arjunan’s son Abhimanyu is a young warrior.

    Bheeman – Mohanlal. The best choice as the fat, flabby killing-machine of Pandavas. We saw his great portrayal of a man facing romantic rejection in ‘Vanaprastham’, which should help Bheeman’s role. Glad that this is finalized.
    Yudhishtiran – Devan. Apt with his level-headed, pleasant image.
    Arjunan – Vikram. Best suited as the handsome romantic warrior hero. Also, will cover the Tamil-Telugu box-office.
    Nakulan – Anoop Menon
    Sahadevan – Prithvi Raj

    Panchali – Shobana. No other actress can stand up to five heroes. Her mythological background and maturity is a plus.
    Karnan – Kamala Hasan. Now, it would be casting coupe if Hariharan can get Kamal’s guest appearance as the eldest of Pandavas!
    Krishnan – Nitish Bharadwaj. Should help North-Indian box-office. Hope he hasn’t aged much.

    Duryodhanan – Sarat Kumar. I cannot imagine Mammootty in this role. Fans also would be happy.
    Dussasanan – Suresh Krishna. His villain image will be suitable.

    Vidurar – Nedumudi Venu. Apt as Virurar, the wise-man.
    Shakuni – Amol Gupte. Great in Thikkurussi’s absence. He was great in Urumi.
    Kunti – Lakshmi. Cannot think of any other actress
    Gandhari – Kaviyoor Ponnamma.

    • Here Kishore has gone through every single line of the great book… you should comment like Kishore. he know the essence and then he comments.

    • I don’t think Gandhari is not that much fat. I think Bharathi (who played Mohanlal’s mother in ‘DEVAASURAM’ and ‘NARASIMHAM’)will be a better choice. Other roles I almost agree with Kishore Kumar.Thank you for that list.

    • why cant you imagine mammooty for the role of duryodhana? He is even suitable for doing the role of bheem and he will be better than mohan lal in doing classic roles.
      You go and see the classic films of mammooty and lalettan’s kadathanadan ambadi then you can understand who is beter in doing classic roles. If iam the director or scriptwriter of the film then iwill certainly cast mammooty as bheem. Iam not a mammooty fan or mohanlal fan.I like both of them.

  15. In my opinion

    Krishnan- Should be a New face
    Hidumbi- Bhanupriya
    Bheeshmar-Captain Raju
    Dronar-Babu Antony
    Vithurar-Nedumudi Venu
    Arjunan-Manoj K Jayan
    Karnan- Vikram
    Nakulan-A handsome new face
    Sahadevan-Boban Alumoodan
    Dhrishtadhyumnan-Suresh Gopi
    Dussasanan- Suresh Krishna
    Draupathi-Anushka Shetty
    Keechakan-Bheeman Raghu
    Aswadhama- Siddique
    Abhimanuye- Jeeva

  16. I think all acters in malayalam and tamil should acted in thi film.My suggection;

    Bheeman : Mohanlal
    Yudhistiran : Mammootty or Sarath kumar
    Arjunan : Suresh Gopi
    Nakulan : Jayaram
    Sahadevan : Dhileep
    Bheeshmer : Amithb Bachan or Capten Raju
    Karnan : Kamal hasan
    Dhuryodhanan : Sarath Kumar or Mammootty
    Dhusasanan : Devan or Manoj K Jayan
    Abhimanyu : Kunchako boban
    Sakuni : Jagathy Sreekumar
    Dhritarashtrar: Thilakan or Babu Antony
    Vidhurar : Nedumudi Venu

    Panchali : Sobhana
    Kundhi : Lakshmi
    Gandhari : Kaviyoor Ponnamma and
    Krishnan : A New Face

  17. Arjunan vikram.luk at his potential and wat he z capable off..

  18. bheeman: Mohan Lal
    duryodhanan& bheeshmar: Mammotty
    Sakuni : Jagathy Sreekumar
    Yudhishtiran: Devan
    Vidurar: Nedumudi venu
    Karnan : Arjun
    Arjunan: Vikram or Manoj k jayan
    panjali: Padmapriya or Sobhana
    krishnan: New Face

  19. bheeman- mohanlal
    Yudhishtiran and karnan- mammookka( as both lookd alike)
    Arjunan- vikram
    Duryodhanan- kamal hasan
    Nakulan and sahadevn- 2 new good lookind faces

    Krishna- another good lookn… 30 yr old guy

  20. Bheam one and only Mohanlal yudishtiran devn arjunan surya karnan suresh gopi doryodhanan mamooty krishnan nidheesh barathvag drupathi kavya madhavan

  21. in my opinion,its better to have

    Bheema- Mohanlal,already fixed
    udhishtira- Devan
    arjuna-prithviraj, in randamoozham arjuna is tall and handsome
    krishna-Manoj k jayan, he can handle the role of that cunning statesman
    draupadi-Meera jasmin
    Dthritharashtra-Babu antony
    Bheeshma-Captain Raju

  22. Bheeman – Mammootty / Mohanlal
    Duryodhanan – Sarathkumar
    Draupadi – Padmapriya (Wish Shobhana was younger, Manju Warrier was
    still acting or Soundarya was still alive)
    Arjunan – Vikram
    Karnan – Suresh Gopi
    Dussassanan – Manoj K Jayan
    Yudhishtiran – Devan
    Krishnan – Biju Menon
    Vidurar – Nedumudi
    Kunti – Sharada
    Bheeshmar – Thilakan
    Shakuni – Jagathi
    Nakulan – Narein
    Sahadevan – Vineeth

    The biggest challenge is for Draupadi, Padmapriya is the only one in
    malayalam as of now. but since pazhassi-yude set-il aval adi koodi
    poyathu kondu there is no chance that hariharan will take her. So,
    somebody else from tamil/telugu/hindi has to be brought in.

  23. Bheeman – Mohanlal
    Duryodhanan – Any suitable Tamil/ Telugu/ Hindi Actor
    Draupadi – Padmapriya
    Arjunan – Suresh Krishna
    Karnan – Mammootty in a guest role or any suitable Tamil/ Telugu/ Hindi Actor
    Dussassanan – Any of the villain who should look like younger brother of Duryodhanan
    Yudhishtiran – Devan
    Krishnan – Manoj K Jayan
    Vidurar – Nedumudi
    Kunti – Sheela
    Dhridarashtrar – Thilakan
    Bheeshmar – Captain Raju
    Shakuni – Jagathi
    Nakulan & Sahadevan – Any of the new gen handsome guys (But Hariharan may prefer his favorites Vineeth and Preejith Kurup – though we can’t say he is handsome)
    Dronar – Babu Antony

  24. Interesting to see more choices coming up.
    Bhanupriya the dark beauty as Hidumbi sounds perfect!
    We should create a spread sheet and mail to Hariharan if he has an e-mail

  25. Additions, Refinements:

    Sahadevan – Indrajith (Prithvi is too-big-star & too-young for this role)
    Abimanyu – Unni Mukundan. A pretty, young, fresh face.
    Dritharashtrar– Charu Hasan. We need a tall well-built old actor for this role and not many choices are available.
    Shakuni – Jagathi Sreekumar. He was great in Urumi in a scheming, negative role.

  26. from all the above posts i think we can finalize Jagathy for the role Shakuni and Nedumudi Venu as Vidurar. Almost everyone is of the same opinion.

  27. Yes Gopi, absolute consensus for these two!

    It would be a total waste if the Randaamoozham creators are not aware of the discussions here. I could not get Haraiharan’s contact info but got MT’s contact info after some googling. I have postal-mailed info about this discussion to him, requesting to share it with Hariharan.

    Wonder if varnachitram editors can pull some strings to make sure that Hariharan is aware of this discussion thread.

  28. i read sm1 sayng dat mohanlal cn play bheema well bt he cnt imagine mammootty in duryodhana’s role cz he does nt fullfil d fitness req’s ..if lal can portray bheema mammootty mst certnly cn portray duryodhana.

  29. From the above discussions i think, only prblm s 4 mammootty role in dis movie.
    My opin-
    Yudishtiran-SURESH GOPI
    Dhuriyodanan-KAMAL HASSAN

  30. Bheeman Mohanlal
    Draupadi Ramyakrishnan
    Arjunan Jayaram
    Yudhishtiran Any stupid
    Vidurar Nedumudi Venu
    Krishnan Mammooty
    Kunti Jayabharathi
    Karnan Suresh Gopi
    Duryodhanan PrakashRaj
    Dussasanan Babu Antoney
    Khadolkhajan Prithviraj
    Dronar TG Ravi
    Aswathamav Sreejith Ravi
    Bhismar Thilakan

  31. I just read the comments here. Its very amusing that how people favor their heroes on each cast ! Also lot of replies shows that most of them never read MT’s novel. First of all the novel by itself is a flick, its not Vyasa’s Mahabaratha. It’s MT’s vision of what might have happened in real life behind the whole glory of the epic. I dont know who will be best fit for those roles here. Bheema is the major character and the Anti-hero in this, may be Mohanlal at the time of his Spadikam and Aram Thamburan fame. Is he still have that Charisma? I doubt it.
    Yudishtira is the most stupidest fellow who loves to gamble and very selfish in the story. No major actor in Malayalam wont fit in that. Arjuna is the glamor boy with all the whims and best friend of Krishna, any 6 Pack youngster will do that. Krishna, another major portrait of a cunning fellow which is entirely different from the epic hero, this character reminds me Saif Ali Khan in Omkara. You need somebody like that, a man who smiles and earn respect in public but a pure business minded crook in his deeds and he don’t care anything other than his friend. Suresh Gopi is a best fit for Karna, because MT’s Karna, is exactly the angry hero who is a gem in his moral side but always got deserted by his own people.
    Kunthi is not just another lady character in this film. She is a powerful women, who just made the entire story line of Mahabaratha into existence. I dont think malayalam have any actress who can pull up that aristocratic, politicaly motivated ego centric women. If Seema can be in her better shape(Aarudam) she might be able to do it. Draupathi is a voluptuous women, who just play it very safe on all sides, but only loves Arjuna, if she had any emotions at all. Its easy to portrait any glamor girl in that role, but she is far beyond just glamor, if anyone can invent a young Rekha here! That will do it.
    Rest of the characters are just objects around this major characters. The only significant one is Dhuryodhana- a dumb strong idiot (find any good villan) and Shakuni ‘s role, jagathy can do that very easily.

    • From your message it is clear that you are not interested to watch a good malayalam movie. Even Maniratnam told that the best actors in India are mostly from malayalam. Can you compare any one like Mohanlal, Mammootty, Thilakan, Nedumudi venu, Oduvil, Kuthiravattom Pappu, Shankaraadi, M.S.Thrippunithara, jagathy etc etc in any other language?They are all incomparable. I watch lots of movie in other languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi etc.. I never saw such a long list of good actors in those films. You know that lots of heroes and heroins in other language are Malayalees.
      For me Malayalam actors are the best in India. Why lots of actors from Malayalam got National Award?You can’t tell that all those happen because of money?Then no actor who got national award in India are good.
      Mohanlal’s acting style still is there.He can do best in such roles with his style of acting.Did you watch Shikkaar, Pranayam, Paradeshi etc..? first watch it…ok?

  32. the fight between Mohan lal as Bheeman and Bheemna Raghu as Bakan( the name of the terror king in the country called Eka Chakra) will be really thrilling……….


  34. Maybe Mohan lal, Mamootty ,Kamal ,Rajnikant all are at present playing characters totally unsuitable for them, but the story of RANDAMOOZHAM actually takes place by the time the Pandavas are old , and hence maybe they can be played by these older actors, and if they have to show the younger times as flash back they might have to find young guys, and in MTs story the charatcers are not that flashy or too good, all have shades of grey!! and Panchali seems to be a great manipulator, would be nice to see Shobana, Urvashi , Tabu , Konkana sen sharma or Vidya Balan in this role . Mohanlal will be fine as the older Bhima, Mammooty as the older Yudhishtra, Kamal as the old Krishna, and so on….

    however we could always think out of the Malayalam field actors and have Amitab as Bheeshma, Shabana Azmi as Kunti, Nandita Das as panchali, Radhika as Gandhari, Sharath kumar as Karna etc

  35. Randamoozham is such a powerful story and Malayalam film actors association “AMMA” should take some interest to make this dream project come true.With the help of AMMA only they can make it happen.
    I heard that MT is planning to write a 9 hours screenplay, each movie with 3 hours. That will be a disaster I think.As a reader I dont want to remove any part of this novel from movie and its painful to see a cut-short movie, but I dont think common viewers will accept this fact of three volume movie.

    After reading this novel below are my choices

    Bheeman : Only mohanlal can do justice to this role
    Bheeshmar: kamal hasan
    Dhuryodhan : Mammotty
    karnan and Yudhishtar : sureshgopi in double role,to keep the look alike of both characters
    Arjunan : Anoop menon
    krishana: Narain or unni mukundan
    dravupathi: vidhya balan (no doubt on her acting capabilities after seeing dirty picture)
    vidurar: Nedumudi venu
    Dridhrashtar: Captain raju or director lal
    Drishtidhumnan: Sharath kumar
    Abhimanyu: pritiviraj
    Dussasanan:Biju menon
    Sakuni: I cant think of anyone other than jagathy
    Nakulan: kunchako
    sahadevn: jayasurya or
    Kundhi: shobhana (powerful role in this novel)
    Gandhari:Bhanu priya
    Hidumbi: padmapriya
    Dronar: Sidique
    Shikhandy: Dileep can do this without any overacting
    Keechakan: Sai kumar

  36. Now the great puzzle for Hariharan is to re-create some of the best moments of the novel, which he already borrowed and used in the film oru vadakkan veeragadha. Hope M.T will help

  37. putting it again
    Did the movie went on floors, as there were reports of the shooting to start in April 2012?

    The suggestions by most of them here looks good, but i think the actors has to be chosen as per the length of their role in the novel Randamoozham, rather than in Mahabharata.

    Hence, the likes of Bheeshma will find very smaller screen time.

    My suggestions:

    Kunti – Sheela
    Yudhistran – Devan
    Bheeman – Mohanlal
    Arjunan – Biju Menon
    Nakul / Sahadev – Kunjakko / and the guy who acted Krishna in Nandanam
    Draupadi – Vidya Balan, as i find Shobana a bit aged now, while Vidya can go younger with looks and even act mature as the story progresses.

    Karna – Sharath Kumar
    Krishna – Mammooty (i doubt, since bheema is not particular attached to Krishna, and the casting might not be right), may be Vikram would suit the role

    Vidurar – Nedumudi
    Dhridarashtrar – Captain Raju
    Bheeshma – no clue on this one
    Abhimanyu – Jayasurya

  38. Is there any news of “RANDAMOOZHAM”? is it going to happen?

  39. Dear sivaprasad, every good thing takes time to happen, so it would also take time and since it is going to be a very big task for the producer and director to recreate that era and settings it would take more time. Wait and watch.

  40. Casting is not an easy task. It requires great precision and craft. An apt casting is as important as the script since a loose script can be compensated a bit by a perfect casting (only a little bit) while a taut script can b spoiled by senseless casting.
    For instance ‘Indian rupee’ is a movie of excellnt screenplay.. Renjith showed his talent & boldness by casting Thilakan & Tiny Tom to the roles of Achutha Menon & C.H respectively.. Can u imagine Suraj in the role of C.H?.. How horrible it would be!.. Probably he would have been the 1st option, if the movie was done by another director especially someone like Saji Surendran.
    We have seen some magical feats with casting which made us think that the actor was born only to perform that partcular character….
    Which is the most effective, apt & brilliant casting in the history of malayalam cinema? Can u guess?
    …That’s nothing other than featuring N.N.Pillai in the role of Ajooran in Godfather..
    There r several examples for casting precision..
    *Achan kunju in Lorry
    *Shobhana in Manichitratazhu
    *Salim Ghoush in Thazhvaram
    *Babu Antony in Poovinu Putiya poonthennal
    *Nassar in Gazal
    *Prathap Pothan in Thakara.
    *Saleema in Aranyakam
    *Rasheed in Oridathoru Fayalavan
    *Manoj K jayan in Sargam
    None of these (except Shobhana) had been established in malayalam cinema when they were choosen to these films. And they were engaged to do these characters by some master craftmen who knew the art of casting..
    (I never forget the great roles played by M&M, Thilakan, Jagathi, bharat Gopi, Nedumudi etc. But the above characters deserve special mention..).

  41. Sebastian M X’s comment of perfect casting needs more visibility. Editors, please consider making this a stand-alone article. It can definitely kick-start a ton of useful discussions.

  42. In my opinion,
    1.Bheem – Mohanlal
    2.Karan – Sharatkumar
    3.Duryodhana – (The prime rival of Bheem. I think the negetive shades of this character wont suit Mammootty’s star image. Better choose someone like Rahman
    4.Dussasana – Suresh krishna
    5.Dhritharashtrar – Though he is old & blind, a strong chesty man – as stronger as an elephant (even stronger than Jarasandhan in Duryodana’s words).. Sharath Saksena is apt..
    6.Yudhistira – Coward & selfish at times.. Interested in Gambling & politics. A man who blames fate on his failures.. (Siddique)
    7.Arjun – A black handsome guy. M.T depicts him as brave & almost genuine. Skilled but not a perfect warrior as Bheem is.. (Someone like Vishal & Arya.)
    8.Nakul – A man who is always conscious of his good looking. A gifted horse trainer..(Nishanth sagar)
    9.Sahadeva – Manikkuttan
    10.Draupathi – None other than Vidya Balan
    11.Vidurar – Thalivaasal Vijay
    12.Drishtadyumnan – The brother of Draupati as well as the Commander-in-chief of Pandava army. (Indrajith)
    13.Shakuni – Nedumudi Venu (a short crooked man. resemblance to his roles in Pazhassiraja & Vaishali).
    14.Hidumbi – Mumaid Khan
    15.Kunthi – Rekha
    16.Hidumban – Abusalim
    17.Balandhara – Priyamani or kaniha
    18.Krishna – M.T’s Krishna is not a god. He is all mundane. Krishna is depicted in the novel as a defeated king though he excells in the use of Chakra weapon. He is very good at politics and is crooked &selfish at times. He never dare to fight with his rival Jarasandhan & engages Bheem to do that. Hence there’s no divine face required for M.T’s Krishna. And I prefer Krishnakumar (Melvilasam fame) to do this.
    19.Jarasandhan – Shankar Ramakrishnan
    20.Vishokan – bheem’s ‘sarathy’ and companion (Pashupathi)
    21.Drona – Babu Antony.
    22.Khadolkacha – Dulquer Salman
    23.Bheeshma – Nazar or G.k.Pillai
    24.Drupadan – Captain Raju
    25.Viradan – Prem Prakash
    27.Purochanan – Shammy Thilakan
    28.Bakan – Mohanraj
    29.Gandhari – Lakshmi
    30.Keechakan – Bheeman Raghu
    31.Ashwathamav – Riaz khan
    32.Jayadrathan – Meghanadan
    33.Kripar – Sreeraman
    34.Shalyar – Devan
    36. Abhimanyu – Son of Arjua who was so close to Bheem’s heart (A new face to portrait the boy at 17)..
    37. Nagan – T.G.Ravi….
    Still I wonder how can this many of characters be included in the movie).

  43. this is going to be epic n casting has to be done with real care here..
    dhuryodanan- mammooty
    karnan-suresh gopi
    krishnan- should be a new face or someone from bollywood
    sakuni- jagathy
    arjunan-dulqar salman
    panchali – shobhana is a good choice but her age is a problem


      DHURYODHANAN :SURESHGOPI or JAYARAM if they are willing to do the negatives role in this filim , or any others popular actors from tamil telugue or hindi.
      (MAMOOTY and KAMAL HASSAN wont suite these roles because I think the negetive shades of this characters wont suit their star image.)


  44. According to me the most suitable actors must be
    Bheema : mohanlal
    Duriyodhanan : Mamooty
    Karnan : Suresh gopi
    Arjunan : Prithviraj
    Yudishtra : Devan
    Nakulan : Narain
    Sahadevan : Indrajith
    Krishna : Asif ali or Surya
    Abhimanyu : dulkar salman
    Bheeshmar : kamal hassan
    Droupathy : vidya balan
    Dushasan : manoj.k.jayan
    vidurar : nedumudi
    Dronar : sai kumar
    kundhi : shobana
    gandary : geetha

  45. Bheeman-Mohanlal

    karnan- mammootty

    Yudhishtiran-suresh gopi


    Nakulan-Sahadevan-2 handsome boys( unni mukundan nd sreejit ravi or even arshad . they shud not be too young )

    Krishnan- Should be a New face

    Bheeshmar-amithab bachan

    Dhrutharashtrar-caption raju


    Dussasanan- Suresh Krishna

    Dronar-Babu Antony

    Vithurar-Nedumudi Venu

    Hidumbi- Bhanupriya





    Draupathi-vidya balan

    Gandhaari-saranya ponvannan ( tamil)

    Keechakan-Bheeman Raghu

    Aswadhama- Siddique

    Abhimanuye- Jeeva

    uthara-meera jasmin


    balandara- vasundara das

  46. Allu Arjun: Krishnan
    Mohan Lal : Bheeman
    Mammootty:Yudhishtiran and Karnan(Duel Role)
    Kunchaco Boban:Nakulan
    Anushka Shetty: Draupadhi
    Duryodhanan: Suresh Gopi
    Dushasanan: Sidique
    Amithab Bachan: Dhrutharashtrar
    Jagathi: Shakuni
    Sheela: Gandhari
    Nedumudi Venu: Vidhurar
    Abhishek Bachan: Dhronar Manoj K Jayan: Ashodhamavu
    Babu Antony:Jarasandhan
    Bheeman Raghu:Keechakan
    Anoop Menon: Hidumban
    Padmapriya: Hidumbi
    Sai Kumar: Bakan
    Pasupadhi: Vishokan

  47. mohanlal is correct lead role bheeman

  48. As per Mahabaratha karna is more powerful than pandavas and he is aware of the fact that he is the elder brother of pandavas.And without the help of Krishna Arjuna was unable to defeat karna. karna assured kunti that he never kill any of the pandavas expect Arjuna. karna known the fact that arjuna is invinicible because of the blessings of Krishna. why duriyodhana is opting for a war because he believes in karna.

    So in the upcoming movie karnan be a very matured actor.

    • According to me most suitable actors for the movie

      Mammoty as Bhishmar

      Mohanlal as bheemasenan

      suresh Gopi as Karnan

      Devan suit for yudishtira

      Sarath kumar as Duriyodhana

      Arjunan as nagarjuna

      Babu Antony as khadolkhachan

      Indrajith abhimanyu

      Dushasan Prakash Raj

      kunti Rekha

      Droupathy shobhana

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