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Your Creations: Anaavaranam


Anaavaranam / The Unveiling from Narayanan Poomulli on Vimeo.

Vazhur Brahmadathan, the celebrated magician in a small village in India is haunted by premonitions of his granddaughter’s death. The magician unveils his last trick as he desperately tries to save his granddaughter from certain death.

Narayanan Poomulli’s diploma project from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology.

Written, Edited & Directed by Narayanan Poomulli
Cinematography by Tariq Thekaekara
Music by Narayanan Ravi Purayannur
Sound Design & Mixing by Visakh B Nenmini

Third Place Short Film Award, Global Art Film Festival Tour 2010, USA

Official Selection at:
International Short Filmfestival Venlo 2010, The Netherlands – Best Cinematography
Bollywood and Beyond Film Festival 2010, Germany – Audience Choice Award.
Brno16 Short Film Festival 2010, Czech Republic.
The Stepping Stone Film Festival 2010, India.

International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala 2010, India.
Budapest Short International Film Festival 2010, Hungary.
Cellu l’art Short Film Festival 2010, Germany.
Madurai Film Festival 2010, India.
ImagineIndia Film Festival 2011, Spain.


  1. I’ve been watching quite a few independent films recently and this is one of the best so far. Excellent camera work many shots stand out. Good acting by nearly everyone on the cast..except perhaps the girl’s mother. Another bit I had a hard time accepting was that the mother didn’t seem very perturbed by the news of the snakebite..

  2. Must applaud the effort by VC to bring us such gems. Thanks guys!

  3. Agree with Arun!!! It’s a very good initiative by VC. BRAVO…!!

    Even though these might all have been in Youtube and other sites, how many of us have ever known about it? And most of all, it’s also a big motivation for the makers to have their works put up on such a platform.

    BTW, just wondering if all these videos could be in one post, updated as a stack, or may be grouped on a page (replace the scoreboard page which is not much active anyway), or may be a category that could be easily found out. Just thinking out aloud…

    In fact that brings me to the point: I would like to request VC to use ‘tags’ and ‘categories’ differently. It would make the site much more organized and effective. For the benefit of anyone interested:
    Check out this and this

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