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  1. Condolences.

    The most tragic moment in ones life is to see the death of his or her child, and that too at a young age. We can’t even imagine how intense their grief would be as they have waited for 15 years for that cute little angel . May God Give strength to Chitra and Vijayan to overcome this tragedy.

  2. Some anecdotes about Nandana:

    Chithra loved her daughter very much. She has said a lot in interviews about her daughter. Several months after the child was born, she gave an interview to a regional magazine where she talked about how long she was waiting for this child, and all the emotional torment she faced in 14 years of marriage, until the child was born. Also, at that time, she had only taken the child out to two places. One was to Guruvayoor Temple, and the other was to Ilayaraja’s house. Ilayaraja placed the child on top of a piano, and played a tune. Chithra said she had tears in her eyes seeing Nandana enjoy that. (When Chithra won the Padmashree around a little later, she mentioned that Ilayaraja had been a guiding force in her career, much like a father to her). She had stated that the day her daughter calls her ‘Amma’, will be the happiest moment in her life.

    Then six years ago, I remember an interview where she was talking about all the child’s antics. Chithra was excited, as it was the first time she was officially allowing the Nandana’s photo on a magazine(or so the magazine stated). I remember, the child was wearing a beautiful yellow frock, sitting on her mother’s lap and saying something to the reporters(Chithra was watching her articulate). Chithra said that she and her husband travel everywhere with the toddler, because they can’t stand to be separated from her. She listed the words that the child said, including mom, dad, sister. How the child would start to yell “kaa kaa” if you ask her how a crow shouts. Nandana loved songs from TV serials and some other famous Malayalam lullabies sung by her mom.

    Many believe that Chithra had named the child “Nandana” because of the movie Nandanam, which was the last movie she sang in before going into hibernation for the advised bed rest before she had Nandana. But she told Kumudam magazine that one of the reasons she was named Nandana was because Chithra’s late mother-in-law’s name was Anandam. They named her Nandana so that her name resembles that of her mother in law.

    She said that she can never bring herself to be strict with her daughter, because she had waited for so long for her. Even though the child was affected by down syndrome, Chithra raised her like a normal child. The child met with many important personalities, including people like Bala Murali Krishna and Sai Baba.

    I still have articles from the time the child was born. I cannot believe that a human being with a good heart like Chithra, who everyone who knows have only good things to say about, has to face so much pain in life. She has been a strong woman even in the face of so much pain before Nandana. Everyone can express their condolence, but only the family has to live through the grief. I pray with whatever power that is out there, that Chithra be spared further grief.

    I remember, after the huge success of the Piya Basanthi album, Chithra had commented in an interview to ExpressIndia, as a response to a question on how she remains humble after so much success. She said: “The lord keeps giving me extreme pain after every joy. It feels as if He is saying ‘don’t be overjoyed child’. So that keeps me grounded.”

    If there is such a thing as God, I can only pray that God spares this good woman from further grief.

  3. The very fact that every malayali has felt the grief personally itself is a tribute to how much they love chitra and her family. Its a sad moment for the entire malayali fraternity.

    God had taken away her near and dear. This was the last straw.
    And this to a woman who had sung many a hymn in praise of all Gods of all religions.

    The trauma will be there for a long long time. One moment the child would have been all bubbly and alive and the next….

    Hope HE gives her the strength to get over this tragedy.
    And may little Nandana’s soul rest in peace.

    PS: A road accident had taken away Suresh Gopi’s first daughter Lakshmi. It is a trauma for him even after 20 years or so, despite God giving him 3 children.

  4. Extremely saddening news. My condolences. Losing a child is perhaps a parent’s worst ever nightmare.

    On a positive note: the same week, ABC News had an item on a 9 year old boy who saved the life of his 2-yr old sister who had fallen into the swimming pool, by performing CPR on her. He apparently had learnt to do CPR from watching a movie multiple times! (Forget the name of the movie he mentioned). Amazing!

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