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People like Lal Jose had to struggle, but now thanks to new media, we can popularize content easily. We want to facilitate the spread of new ideas. In this page we would like our readers to show case their creations. It can be a short movie or piece of music you composed or song you wrote… In fact,  anything creative can go here. Also in the immortal words of Srinivasan, inside every kakki kuppayam, there is a movie maker, script writer and cinematographer.

To submit, just leave it as a comment  with a valid e-mail address.  If it needs furthur information, we will contact you.

One Comment

  1. KAALAM – Reflections of a collegemate

    This video is not a short film but a montage which I created as solo inspired from the memories of my college days.

    There is a beautiful story related tohow this was created using all content from social networking forums and archived data.
    Hope you all like it

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