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Mohanlal in Avatar 2


Recently when Mr.James Cameron visited the sets of Priyadarshan movie Arabiyum, Ottakavum, P Madhavan Nairum there was a lot of speculation on the real motive of his visit. Now clear picture is emerging from the LA Times report and Mr.Cameron’s office’s press release.

LA Times reports:

Mr.Mohanlal, a leading actor in Southern Indian Cinema will be doing a major role in the untitled  sequel of James Cameron’s Avatar. Recently Mr.Cameron vistied Mr.Mohanlal in UAE and held discussions. Mr.Cameron had offered a role for a southern Indian actress Ms. Lakshmi Rai in Avatar 2. It’s also reported that the parts of the movie will be shot in Indian sub-continent.

Mohanlal will be in Los Angeles soon, to hold more discussions. Media had already reported that Ms.Rai will be in California soon.

Entertainment Weekly offers more details about Mohanlal’s role in Avatar 2:

Story will revolve around a submerged Island off Indian coastal state of Kerala. Mohanlal will be doing the role of an Indian Army officer leading a contingent of multinational army for an underwater warfare. Mr.Lal was selected because of his convincing roles in Indian War movies. Another Indian movie star, Lakshmi Rai was also offered a role.

This is a major development for Indian cinema, perhaps on par with Kabir Bedi’s role in Octopussy.

Happy April 1st everyone


  1. News published on April 1st does not hold credibility.Let time proves…

  2. Its Fake News…..

  3. Prank? I could not find the LA Times story. :\

  4. Happy April Fool’s day. Good one 🙂

  5. Dey, manushyane vadiyakkunnoo.. kuranjanthu april 1 vareyenkilum wait cheythoode..

  6. is this a prank?or some sort of satire?

  7. Good one, buddy… Really good one… I almost choked about Lal’s “convincing” acts as an army officer… I wish I’d read this post on the 1st… Still, better late than never…


  9. It is incredible!!!!!!!

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