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Ram Gopal Verma, the eternal experimenter in Indian cinema, is trying something new.

I am starting a Telugu film called “Dhongala Mutha” (A Gang of Thieves) with stars like Ravi Teja, Chaarmi, Brahmanandam, Laxmi Manchu, Prakash Raj etc, from February 9th. The unique thing about this film of mine is that this 2 hour long feature film will be completed in just 5 days start to finish, with a crew of just 5 people including me

We have seen such experiments in Malayalam where movies were completed in a few days like Mohanlal’s Bhagwan and Director Jayaraj’s Adbutham. All those movies were terrible. So what is RGV’s point?

My primary intention of doing this film is to establish a fact of how it is possible to use present day Digital Technology to make a Theatrical film in just 5 days and with just a 5 member crew and that too at zero cost.

The technology I am adapting for this film is going to once for all prove that it’s not Crores of rupees that one needs to make a film but it’s just a story which excites all concerned and a passionate desire in all concerned to see that the film gets made and gets released[I am making a film in 5 days with a crew of just 5 people including me]

There are two points here. Now a days you can make a movie cheaply. Now except for the 10 superstar movies, 90% of Malayalam movies are made cheaply. But still they flop. So what matters is the story and he is right about it. It does not matter if you are spending crores or lakhs. You need a story.  For example, you can spend crores and make Khandahar. Ha. Ha.

No one is going to see a movie because it was made in 5 days or with 5 people. People will go to see the movie if it is good. So RGV’s excercise is more for the producers than the viewers. Or if the story is so good why can’t RGV make a proper movie taking normal amount of time? Or is he trying to minimize the damage?


  1. RGV has been kicked out of Hindi cinema. Pretty much. Going by his current investments in Telugu cinema.

    Telugu cinema doesn’t take him seriously and the reverence still existing is for his films from the early 90s, mostly for that trendsetting Shiva.

    An article prompted by RGV’s action on a Malayalam cinema site.

    Why doesn’t this surprise me?

  2. ksk,

    You wrote

    An article prompted by RGV’s action on a Malayalam cinema site.

    Why doesn’t this surprise me?

    The suspense is killing me. Tell us all why it does not surprise you?

  3. I’m looking forward to the movie…yes RGV has made his duds….but let’s not forget he’s made good movies like:

    Siva (1989)
    Anaganaga Oka Roju,
    Rakta Charitra Part 1,
    Sarkar Raaj,

    he also helped usher in an era of more gritty action/thriller movies and a more visual movie style (even the best of Indian movies usually are lacking when it comes to visual storytelling)..

  4. Filmbuff,

    Absolutely. He also made movies funny movies like Kshanam Kshanam. I was watching ‘Company’ recently and that movie is an epitome of stylish film making. The framing of each scene, the way tension is built up etc is really a lesson to people who make cartoon movies with Suresh Gopi. He definitely has made a name for himself in Indian cinema.

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