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Two songs

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Among the recent songs in Malayalam cinema, there are two songs to pay attention to. The first one is Nila Nila from Tournament sung by Karthik and Swetha, written by Vayalar Sharatchandra Varma and composed by Deepak Dev. First,  the song itself is absolutely divine with the guitar in the backdrop. It is not very complicated and is melodious. This song bought memories of Deepak’s Symphony. It has that kind of simplicity and beauty in orchestration. If you liked this version, please listen to the unplugged version as well.

Given a beautiful song like this, how do you visualize it?  The minimalistic set and the lack of extras dancing behind was an excellent idea. A boy running behind a girl in slow motion is definitely cliched,  but the locale made up for it. This visualization bought memories of the other Deepak Dev melody, Picha Vecha Naal, in which Prithviraj ran in slow motion behind Meera Nandan? We are left wondering if this is this the only way to film a Deepak Dev song?

We are big fans of Dileep songs. We have written previously about the songs in Meesha Madhavan and Fast Track and how they are visualized.  Another impressive song is Entadukke from Marykkundoru Kunjadu sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Rimi Tomy, Pappukutty Bhagavathar and Subhalaxmi, written by Anil Panachooran and composed by Berny Ignatius.  The song has a beautiful rythm and is absolute delight to watch. The dance has the same elegance as the song Chinga Masam from Meesha Madavan. The colorful costumes and the mist covered locale definitely helps. Dileep’s dance is graceful and Bhavana looks cute.  Also, thanks to the Dileep for not making Udit Narayanan sing this song.

One Comment

  1. The “Nila” song is okay. I hate the start and everywhere they plug nonsensical english in it. “I see a hero”? If it weren’t for that, this song would be listen-able.

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