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Major Runs to Amma


After crashing a plane called ‘Khandahar’ into the midst of Malayali audience, Major Ravi definitely had to rethink his strategy.  He tried to tell an untold story and it failed due to bad execution. So what is the way forward?  Create another army movie?  Create a historical army movie?  Create a futuristic Avatar kind of movie? Major Ravi has finally decided to give us something new – a non army story which no one in Kerala has seen before.

This time Major will not go for his favourite arena, but will try to make a family thriller in the title ‘Amma’. Mohanlal will appear in the role of an elder brother who is forced to bear the brunt of all problems created by his younger brother, in this movie. Major Ravi will himself script ‘Amma’, which will get to sets by the end of this year.[Now it’s Amma from the Major]

This movie will be huge hit among the people who haven’t seen Vatsalyam, Balettan, Madambi and Vesham etc.  And being a family thriller we are expecting twists like younger brother kidnapped by Taliban.  And with this Lt.Col might get a Param Veer Chakra.


  1. I was discussing this with my friends on Facebook the other day and all of us diehard Lal fans were shocked when we heard the news. I just hope Major Ravi focuses on the plot and not on the Mohanlal the star.

    And VC: over aaakkaruthu… too many Major Ravi jokes these days 🙂

  2. Lol…!!! 🙂
    “Younger brother kidnapped by Taliban” part I liked… I do not understand why doesn’t our so called “Movie Geniuses” could think anymore & come up with something new . Or is it because there is nothing left un-touched…???

  3. just like major is exhausted with ideas, VC also seems to be exhausted with targets now..

  4. Imagine the situation. A superstar facing one of the biggest crisis in his career. Gives the dates to the director who have him the biggest flop in his career for a movie which has the most cliched story line. If I were a Lal fan, I would be concerned.

  5. @Unni: I completely agree.

    @VC: Guys, have a look at this site. Its a blog by this guy called Carson Reeves who is a professional reader of movie scripts in Hollywood. Look at how he analyzes movie scripts and find why some things worked and some didnt.
    I got so addicted to this blog that I can’t wait for Carson’s next post.
    Since VC is dedicating 2011 to scripts, you guess you would enjoy this blog.

  6. Got to give it to Mammotty for his experimentation – Paleri Manikyam, Kutti Sranku. I can see him getting challenged as an actor in all these movies. I saw most of the Mohanlal movies last year and I don’t see him challenged. What is sad is that an actor of his calibre is doing roles which even a mimicry artist can do.

  7. sir ,
    Firstly the sacrifice of elder brother stories has already been discussed in many stories .vatsalym , Baleetan, madambi ,arayannaghaludai veedu ect…these stories where creating records in box office .so there is no meaning in bringing stories like this again.the title dosent suits the theme.
    I dont know wheather you will see this or consider this.sorry’if anything in this went worng in my comment.

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