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Recently New York Times had this article, On Road to Recovery, Past Adversity Provides a Map, which had this clip:

Each negative event a person faces leads to an attempt to cope, which forces people to learn about their own capabilities, about their support networks — to learn who their real friends are. That kind of learning, we think, is extremely valuable for subsequent coping,” up to a point.

Right now, Mohanlal is turning to his support network so that someone will give him a hit. Mammootty in times like these turns to new directors and new script writers hoping that they will give him something which the new generation wants. But Mohanlal has a different approach.  He is comfortable working with people with whom he has a rapport.  So he is turning to two such people. Priyadarshan and Sathyan Anthikkad, both who have given big hits with him  and been with him from the begining for his career.

According to one news:

Says Priyan, “I have done nearly 40 films with Mohanlal in Malayalam. Last month, we were in London shooting for Tez, our first Hindi film together. I love working with Mohanlal because I feel he is a complete actor. Now, after nearly seven years, we are coming together to start a Malayalam film next month that will be an out-and-out comedy.”

And here is another:

Sathyan will now instead make a movie for his good friend Mohanlal to be produced by Antony Perumbavoor.

In a way Sathyan is coming to his friend’s rescue. Mohanlal is going through the worst phase in his career and 2010 was a nightmarish year for him as all his releases bombed big time.

These are good moves. Additionally, we feel that multi starrers like China Town and Christian Brothers will have a good run.  But there is one more thing Mohanlal needs to do to be safe. Make Dileep, Prithviraj and Mammotty act in Major Ravi movies. If he can get Antony Perumbavoor to produce those movies, it will be the best investment he has made.


  1. Honestly disappointed to read VC taking potshots against Major ravi as if he is the worst thing happened to malayalam cinema. Please do Remember that Keerthichakra continues to be the best military movie made in malayalam (though with ample support from priyadarshan). He has also made punarjanni with Pranav Mohanlal which was critically acclaimed too. Even mission 90 days / kurukeshtra were’nt that bad either. It is unfair to ridicule him like this just because of kandahar..

  2. I think director Ranjith talks about this here:
    at around 4:15

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