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In 2010 we did not blog much. We were busy and most of the movies sucked anyway. So what do we do for 2011? We are going to be busy and the movies are not going to be Kurosova or Spielberg quality. To keep our mojo flowing we are going to try something new. Instead of doing this film actor/actress based analysis, we are going to focus on the writer and director. So far most of the movie critics have not paid much attention to their talents and lack of it.

A second thing we want to focus in detail is freshness of script. See, we don’t mind seeing yet another entertainer like the guy in front of us in the Beverages shop. What we want is some creativity. For example, the story line for Urumi or Gadamma looks fresh. We don’t want to see is another Pokiri Raja which is a collection of all cliches in Malayalam and Tamil cinemas executed as poorly as possible. Pokiri Raja may have made a ton of money, but we really don’t care.

So when you leave comments or review a movie for us, please focus on these aspects. Unless we start a zero tolerance towards cliched scripts, we won’t get better scripts.

Now, if we write posts only based on these aspects, we might have only a couple of posts. So the regular programming (Review Roundup, Score Card, Moronic comments by actors, antics of AMMA, Thilakan, Vinayan) will be there.

What do you think? Leave a comment.


  1. quite a sensible move by vc…new year greetings btw…..!

  2. It’s a good strategy. But if the site is really serious about its stated intentions, it should also try to build a platform of creative people including writers and amateur film makers. Also the content invited need not be restricted to film reviews but other creative content also.

  3. pulli paranjathilum karyam ondu…!

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