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Malayalam Cinema 2010 – A Score Card


As we look back at 2010, we don’t see a pretty picture. There were just few terrific movies, instead of a whole lot. The number of people who can think originally, write creatively and execute perfectly are getting reduced. As we move to 2011, we think Malayalam cinema is becoming a small scale industry in terms of ideas. We hope Ranjith, MT, Lal Jose etc prove us wrong.

That said, here is a look at the winners, losers and the ones in between. Do you have anything to add to the list?  If so leave a comment.


  • Lal Jose: for still creating good movies
  • Ranjith: for still writing awesome scripts
  • Mammootty: for his choice of movies and for knack of finding new directors who are good
  • Anne Augustine: finally a new heroine who can speak malayalam and act
  • Jayasurya: for experimenting with characters.
  • Yesudas: for singing ‘Pinne Ennodonnum Parayathey’ in Shikaar
  • Chitra: For that divine voice, which continues to entrall us
  • M.G.Sreekumar: For Singing less and talking more(in ISS)
  • Joshi, Sathyan Anthikkad: for being relevant even after three decades in this industry
  • Mohan Raghavan, Jeethu Joseph: f or keeping the oxygen flowing to Malayalam cinema through movies like T D Dasan Std VI B and Mummy and Me
  • Nayantara: For giving a wonderful Body to Guard
  • Shweta Menon : bold, courageous and talented actress


  • Major Ravi:  for directing 4 movies and still remaining clueless about script
  • Mohanlal: time and again failing to spot a role which is backed by a good script. Since  Bhramaram in 2009, his movies didnt’ do well at box office
  • People who saw Khandahar in theater
  • Meera Jasmine: for disappearing.
  • Suresh Gopi: For continuing to be a One Act Pony
  • Thilakan: For taking civility to new lows
  • Indrajith:  For not being able to create a single hit though he is more talented  and less annoying than his brother.
  • Suraj Venjaramoodu:  For irritating us in every movie of the year.
  • Rajasenan: “Oru Small Family”. Cannot go lower than this.
  • Samvritha: for being all the right movies, but failing to make any impact
  • Lal – for inflicting Harihar Nagar sequels on us
  • Vinayan – his politics is more entertaining than Yakshiyum Njanum
  • Sibi.K.Thomas and Uday Krishna : for carefully writing scripts ensuring lack of originality
  • Sasi Paravoor – Kadaksham make us wonder if Nottam was a flash in the pan?
  • Pokkiri Raja Mammotty and Prithvi try to ape Ranjikanth and Vijay. Apes had the last laugh


  • Dileep. For still providing minimum guarantee, but for not ‘acting’
  • Kavya: For bouncing back , but for still sticking to ‘Pappi Apacha’
  • Prithviraj: For almost becoming a superstar, without being able to produce a memorable character.
  • Salim Kumar: You are absolutely terrible and your ‘comedy’ is unbearable. But we like you better than Suraj..


  1. “Mammotty and Prithvi try to ape Ranjikanth and Vijay. Apes had the last laugh”

    so true.. :-/

  2. Great collection. But has to disagree on the first sentence about Salim Kumar.

  3. Should Varnachitram belong to any of these 3 lists?

  4. (Not intended as a comment; Please rectify these if deemed correct)
    – Bhramaram….? Either you got the year wrong or confused it with Shikaar
    – Neelathamara is a (proper)2009 movie as well
    – Also, it is a crime to bracket TD Dasan and Mummy&me together (ok, this is more of a personal taste maybe :))

  5. neelathamara came out last year(09), right?
    and bhramaram also in 2009?

  6. Indrajith deserves a better rating – for being the actor among the brothers. Can’t fault him for not having a face that would launch a superstar, or for not being Mr. Narcissus, two factors that have helped another guy become a superstar without necessarily becoming a top notch actor.

    The losers’ list is incomplete without Krishna Poojappura and the guy who directs his scripts. Throw in Jayaram too for believing he is still a clown who stumbled into cinema. Kindly mail him some self respect on my behalf.

    The makers of ‘Cocktail’ should get a honourable mention for not sparing even the minutest scraps of another movie’s dialogue while copying, and then calling it ‘inspiration’ when the cat is out of the bag. In which list depends on your viewpoint – losers if you are cynical, winners if you are sarcastic.

    Sibi Malayil deserves a mention in the same line as Sathyan Anthikkad. For a bonus, he dared to experiment a trifle too.

    Vinneth Sreenivasan would be in middle ground for pleasing some sections of the audience, at the same time proving to all but some compulsive optimists that he doesn’t have any serious talent in writing or directing, as yet.

    Talk about keeping the most glaring miss for the top of the list. Kutty Srank was the only classy movie released in our cinema halls in 2010. A bold movie that reminded that once in a very, very infrequent while Malayalam produces gems. A surprise that it passed under vc’s radar.

  7. abhilash,

    what you have said is quite true…

  8. you GOTTA have “Apoorva Raagam” on top of the Winner’s List..hands down the best Malayalam movie of the year….when was the last time there was a Malayalam movie that 1. had unexpected twists and turns 2. no comedy track 3. didn’t slow down for sentiments, messages, any junk like that 4. predominantly unknown actors 5. had no extraneous scenes 6. was an edge of your seat thriller from the beginning to the end?

  9. @ above,

    but for me apoorvaragam turned out to be an idiotic flick with silly twists and un believable situations.nithya was gud.but the acting from the lead male cast (and her father) were pathetic.

  10. Apoorvaragam and top of the list?? Man, that has to be a joke for sure. What was that movie except a whole load of implausible situations? And the climax??? Uff..

    If unexpected twists and turns should make a movie feature in the Winners list, Torunament should be there right at the top. That its not there is because, those were twists for twists’ sake. As is the case of Apoorva Ragam. For any normal film goes who feeds on a staple diet of Hindi and English movies along with Malayalam films, Siby Malayil’s movie was just a yawn.

    There have been much better shockers in films for a while now. Just wait until Siby Malayil (or Anoop Menon and his ilk) catches up to them.

  11. I don’t think we can write off Apoorvaragam just like that;there were some flaws in the script and the treatment;but it was a worthy experiment.These was some freshness in the theme and the treatment.Even though some scenes lacked believability there was a contemporary touch to the movie.Also did we have too many good movies in malayalam to 2010 to call Apoorvaragam that bad;In the era of pokkirirajas,alexanders and many such blunders;i think we must support some good sparks

  12. Apoorvaragam is no collector’s item; nevertheless, it is a significant film of this year. It refreshingly disregards some of the cliched conventions of Malayalam cinema, and is healthily dissimilar to our typical mainstream fare. It is a noir movie without larger than life characters, superhuman protagonists or vigilantism. It dares to be dark, cuts its characters down to size, and refrains from emotionally tagging the viewers along to one or more characters. How many such films does the Malayalam industry have?

    That said, what prevents it from being a good movie is its inability to completely break free from some conventional formulas. It does not compare favorably with a lot of Hindi noir films, but is a welcome and long overdue change in the small world of Malayalam cinema.

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