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Kandahar: Review Roundup


Kandahar has that quality which even brought vc back to life from life support. We cannot take this movie in isolation. Instead just being a flop, it shows a worrying trend for Mohanlal, who again and again proves that he doesn’t care about script or the lack of skills of the director. Major Ravi, after the flop shows of Mission 60 Days and Kandahar is about to become Minor Ravi.

If you look at the theme, it is one which provides scope for a great story and a great implementation. It could have been an edge of the seat thriller which would have found audience all over India. Instead, read what people are saying. Next time, it is better if the Lt. Col. finds a director who knows cinema, not the army. Or a director who has seen Air Force One.

Watch how writes it is a terrible movie in politically correct words:

A note of advice for all of you who haven’t watched Kandahar , it is not a conventional action film. But the film has some sincere and enduring moments, which can shake you up in a positive way. Watch it for Mohanlal and Amitabh Bachchan, both of whom are known for their acting prowess and you won’t be disappointed.

Now mourns:

Major Ravi’s film on the other hand, is hijacked by an utterly disastrous script that doesn’t even let his flight take off. It’s a sloppy film that falls par way down our anticipations and that monumentally wastes two of the best actors Indian cinema has ever seen.

The best review of the movie comes from webdunia , which incidentally has one of the best lines as well.

Ratheesh writes

The narrative and dialogues are so pathetic that it looked like parts of some boring mega serial coming on TV. Major Ravi himself acts as an instructor in the army school, as if he hasn’t irritated us enough through his script and direction. Before watching the movie, I was hoping that it would be in the form of a thriller, showing the flight hijacking incident and the rescue operations by commandos. But these incidents are shown in just 10-15 minutes in the second half, and they are not well-executed either. In fact, those scenes are somewhat comic – in the end we see Major Mahadevan taking control of the aircraft, while the wounded pilot, who is lying in a corner of the cockpit, keeps on commenting “you are doing good..” etc.! Mohanlal repeats his Major Mahadevan character once again, and it just looks like an extended guest role in the film.


  1. //Or a director who has seen Air Force One.//

    athu kalakki

  2. Quite unfortunate Lalettan’s situation is.
    VC, you forgot ‘Best Actor’.


  3. It quite disheartening to see an actor of lalettan’s caliber , and a professional who had arguably the best script sense in malluwood (remember rajavinte makan and devasuram were rejected by mammootty, and lal had no qualms in playing the side kick hero in heroine oriented films like manichithrathazhu ) is going through such a bad phase.

    I think the turning point ( i mean the down turn) of his career was when Antony perumbavoor was made his prime minister. that guy clearly has done more harm to lal than all of the latter’s enimies put together .

    I hope lalettan is going to make a comeback with christian brothers , casanova and china town. lal is too important a factor for mallu cine lovers to say good bye.. .

  4. It is such a shame that they ripped off music from Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke. I’m referring to the scene in the first 10 minutes of the film, where the casket is dropped off from the plane.

    They basically used this, which is by Joe Hisaishi.

  5. the first 10 minutes is enough to guess the rest of it. we see a Major sitting in a chair with his neck tie loosened. Its a major fault, mister director ravi, were you a toilet cleaner in army, or were you ever near the army for real. Army men never loosen their neck ties, its customary to remove the tie and keep it in your pocket if you must. The lip synch is not accurate, who cast that tamil SOB, who acted as the son of bachan. SOB has a new acronym,SON OF A BACHAN. i feel pity for all those who worked for this. the animation is absolutely horrible, wonder why Ananya is forever tagged in all the recent mohanlal films..

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