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Should the Govt Help Theater Owners?


About 200 cinema houses remain shut in Kerala as a protest against various demands. Instead of questioning the sanity of decisions like who loses money if theaters are shut, let us look at some of the demands.

  • Reduce Tax. Sure. Reduce, increase, status quo. We don’t know.
  • Permission to raise ticket rates for big budget movies on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays: We are with the theater owners on this one. They should be able to raise prices to whatever number they like. It is between them and the people. What business has the Govt. got in this?
  • Government support for renovation of old theatres. Absolutely No. Why should the govt help maintain a private business? My house was leaking the other day. Should the people of Kerala who pay tax help fix my leaking roof or is it my responsibility? Also this demand does not make sense with the previous request to raise ticket prices.  

We have one simple point. If you are running a business, it comes with risk. It is not the duty of tax payers to bail it out. This is not America.


  1. But the Govt should facilitate in creating an industrial atmosphere for any industry to prosper.

    We need a conducive business climate in Kerala. Time to wind up the typical “Socialist” mindset.

    • Absolutely. Spend money for creating the atmosphere. Don’t give money to the industry. Give them the freedom to charge whatever amount they like.

      We had enough of socialism and wealth redistribution.

  2. Finally… a good one from Varnachitram!

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