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S P Balasubramanyam does not sing after midnight. So one night Vidyasagar made him listen to the track of a song he had composed for an Arjun film. Impressed with the song, SPB sang that song, though it was well past his bed time. Arjun was present during the recording and the only request SPB had for Arjun was that it be filmed beautifully. Arjun took that beautiful song and did a visualization which even Vinayan won’t do. The song is called Malare Maunama and here is the video.

We are telling this story because it depresses us when someone takes a beautiful song and does not visualize it beautifully. The amount of care directors like Lal Jose, Priyadarshan etc take in filming songs have to be appreciated. So it depressed us a lot to see the visuals of the song “Enthadee Enthadee Panamkiliye” from the film Shikkar.

What the heck is Mohanlal doing? Especially between 1:25 and 1:30 and also between 2:50 and 2:58. Looks like he has some body pain and the doctor asked him not to move his back and only his knees and finger tips. Now, this is from a man who danced like this in Chotta Mumbai. It is pretty bad when senior citizen superstar, whose body parts started moving after he turned 50,  is dancing like this.

See you don’t even have to shake your body like that. Just do something like this or this In earlier times, when song comes on screen people used to stream out for bathroom/cigarette breaks. It takes a very very creative director and a choreographer  to plan and picturize a song beautifully. Now the movies are released in 120 theatres and they make money in 2 weeks and disappear from theatres. Longevity of a movie in theatre is not a necessity. If the song is picturized nicely, it will live forever, at least on  YouTube.


  1. Its not just the dancing. Mohanlal looks jaded all through the movie and the closeups look real bad. I dunno what it is that has happened, but age seems to be catching up with the actor real fast.

  2. Compared to Hindi cinema, dance surely has been an issue in Malayalam cinema with all stars and so also physical fitness…I can imagine that these stars can afford personal trainers…..I disagree with the usage of “senior citizen super stars” though – age should not be the focus again – look at Denzel Washington (58 yrs and one of my favorite stars) or many other stars in the West – they have a stronger screen presence and better performance with age…lets hope for better performances from all artists in Malayalam…

    • Denzel Washington is getting the scripts for older characters that are his age. His recent film Unstoppable had him play a character that was the father of two college kids. Yes, he has the screen presence but he gets suitable roles as well. Malayalam cinema has to go with this kind of change as well. I’m glad to see Mohanlal playing a character that suits him in Grandmaster. And I hope more challenging scripts come out in this phase of his career.

  3. Exactly – script is part of the problem. I don’t fully agree on age (and / or parenting) based roles as a criteria for assessing artists – Yes, physical form and appearance matters in playing age based roles, and Grandmaster looks like a decent one from Lal – although, after watching Lal in Bhramaram, I have started expecting more and more from him – I cant simply get over the last scenes – he is definitely different, gifted, and unmatched. Going back to the blog topic, choreography is also an issue with most performances by most artists in Malayalam cinema – but they still do it – I guess actors can refuse some of these temptations.

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