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An unsound idea


Recently, the man who worships Bal Thackerey as God, held a screening of his new movie Enthiran for his Hindi Cinema friends. But the screening did not go very well. Towards the end of the movie, the sound system crashed. So the whooshing sound which comes when thalaivar waves his finger could only be heard in n-3 speakers.

This got Resul Pookutty all upset. From that upset mind came a brilliant idea to enhance Government corruption to new areas. What he wants is a sound police – not as in police with sound mind, but police which will check the sound system in various theaters. This is a perfect prescription for corruption, just like all the other regulatory agencies we have who give checks or approves based on the ‘fee’ they get.

So instead of introducing one more avenue for corruption, let the industry self regulate. Let a watch dog agency be created using private money. They can even get a dog. Lets spare the tax payer from the intricacies of Dolby Digital and DTS vagaries.


  1. When i first started reading Varnachitram, it seemed like an interesting blog on malayalam movies. But these days, the quality and frequency of your blogs leave a lot to be desired. I hope you guys do something about it. Nowadays, I hardly visit varnachitram 🙁

  2. Very nice post! But I wonder if you would be driving away few of your regular (or target?) readers by being more abstract in your language especially when you use sarcasm like in this post. Although brilliantly written, your recent posts do not put things across in a simple style or language usage (again assuming that the target audience is non-intellectual movie-goers). Nevertheless, I really appreciate you bringing about very relevant matters from the ‘moviedom’ rather than going behind the glitz and glamour alone as is the case with most of your contempory movie blogs or magazines.

  3. was a regular visitor of varnachitram but as my frnd above said…site hasnt been updated on regular basis…miss those reviews comments frm u VC guys….pls see to it tht v r not starvd….

  4. This seems as kind of a pointless dig…Pookutty was making a valid point…also no need to disrespect Rajini….his films may not be the greatest in the world but Endhiran is truly amazing (credit goes to Shankar of course)…easily the best Indian film of the year

  5. U r misinforming! Rajini mentioned that Bal Thackeray is ‘like God’ to him. Its not that he worships him as God. Even if your point is true, I don’t think you should make a remark that way. Sorry, not because I’m a Rajini fan. But considering the larger population connected with the movies, filmmakers, the artists of today who are trying to imitate him in every one or otehr way, don’t you think Rajini has a solid place in the world of cinema for being who he is.

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