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Oru Naal Varum – in a nutshell


Oru Naal Varum evokes nostalgia, unfulfilled potential and leaves you with a sense of incompleteness.

Srinivasan’s┬ácharacterization: Srinivasan’s role as a corrupt Asst. Town Planning Officer is half baked and confusing. We are not sure if Srinivasan became corrupt for obtaining a medical seat for his daughter or if he’s corrupt all the way.

Mohanlal’s characterization: Though the movie starts with promise of story a charming common man facing hurdles in life goes off the track when character evolves. Mohanlal’s character lacks details and is not realistic. Lack of chemistry with Sameera Reddy’s character is one of the major drawbacks. Those scenes(involving Mohanlal and Sameera Reddy) are neither well written nor well directed.

Best Scene: Mohanlal’s first visit to Sreenivasan’s house. It’s a hilarious scene aided by some self deprecating humour from Srinivasan, which brought back fond memories of some of the good Mohanlal-Sreenivasan movies of yesteryears.

Sameera Reddy – Trophy heroine of Mohanlal, character has no impact, no acting needed

Background score – jarring and inappropriate most of the time.

Good Acting: Devayani gets the most believable role in this movie and her acting makes the role very convincing. Nedumudi’s competent performance as an ex service man in one of the good things about the movie.

What went wrong: Boring second track, which involves Mohanlal’s family life makes the movie slow down and pulls the movie down. So boring that you desperately want the movie to switch to the other track involving corrupt Srinivasan.

Ending: You know that bad buys will be punished. Script writer chose a hurried ending leaving behind lot of undigested stuff.

Final word: Showed us some glimpses of that glorious period when the Mohanlal-Srinivasan duo did wonders. Very topical subject, but treatment not as humorous as movies like Vellanakalude Naadu. Srini didn’t deliver – as an actor and as a script writer.


  1. VC,
    I could be the ONLY person who liked this movie.
    I liked this movie more so because, I could not get out of the theatre not liking a Mohanlal-Srinivasan combination; you may call it an obligatory liking.
    Maybe I liked it as I read all the reviews that thrashed and trashed this movie with ‘2 stars’. My expectation was set by these reviews, but again I was biased because of the M-S combination.

    Srinivasan’s role: In a scene, he tells his wife why he is corrupt. From the tone itself did you not get it that Srinivasan was always corrupt and his just trying to give reasons like ‘MBBS seat’? C’mon, Devayani’s character wasn’t naive enough to believe that her husband was not corrupt. She was told by her friends that he husband was corrupt. You expect her not to have believed them?

    I seriously hope this movie runs in a period where a Happy Husband and Gulumal are received with much fanfare.


  2. Yep.. that’s right. You need to have that “obligatory liking’ if you are to fall in love with this movie. As for the unfortunate ones who lack it, the movie is nothing but a big yawn.

    This film doesn’t deserve to be called even a decent satire. Times have changed and Sreeni needs to move away from his skin color. Yeh, we found it funny, but that was ages back. As for Lal, the less said the better.

    This is where the “obligatory liking” comes into the picture again. For those without it, ‘Pokkiri Raja’ and ‘Gulumaal’ might be one kinda trash. And ‘Oru Naal Varum’ is just another kinda trash.

  3. If I watch this, will I have to sit through Mohanlal dancing?

    If not, then I might give it a chance.

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