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Guest Review: Malarvadi Arts Club


Reviewed by Nikhi Menon.

What should you do if you think you are talented in doing more than a task at a time? Focus on the one in which you are the best in and try to improve more, else you might end up being mediocre in everything. Doubting why I have turned philosophical all on a sudden? Go and watch ‘Malarvadi Arts Club’ and resume reading this post if you still don’t trust me.

Vineeth Sreenivasan, the 26 year old son of the talented, iconic script writer-director Sreenivasan is some one who is obsessed with lengthening his resume every now and then. After a successful singing ( which is still going strong) career and a passable’stint in acting has turned to scripting and directing movies now. His debut movie ‘Malarvadi Arts Club’ was supposed to be a trend setter(atleast Dileep, Kalyan Jewellers and Radio Mango thought so!) with an all new star cast, fresh songs and an astounding story line. After watching the movie I was pretty convinced that Vineeth is also banking on the ‘rent a dvd,make a movie’ trend which has helped Priyadarshan,Sanjay Gupta et al mint crores back in Bollywood. While Sanjay Gupta and Co might have spend a lot more on English/French/Korean DVDs ,Vineeth sreenivasan has effectively cut a lot of cost by resorting to cheaper DVDs(thanks to Moser Baer and Eros) of desi flicks like Rock On!, Chennai 600628, Goa, and Happy Days.

So we have 5 men who do nothing 24*7 living in an imaginary village some where around Thalassery. They organises hartals and walk in slow motion to kill time. Oh! the movie has to run for two hours atleast, so let me add a it felt as if the comedy track was added with Suraj Venjaramoodu just make sure that movie runs over 2 hours. And Suraj plays, once again the role of comic Goonda.

The gang of 5 are always in short of cash , hence they decide to start a music band to earn money. Santhosh Damodaran is the lead singer who can beat even Kaithapram in Kacheri. But apart from Kumarettan who runs the local tea shop(Nedumudi Venu) no one else knows that they are such great ‘pulis’. So no bookings for the show. Surprise surprise,Santhosh comes on TV reality show. Right from Kumarettan to Goonda Suraj start SMSing for him and he wins. Then comes the really surprising twist in the form of intermission.

Two random female characters were thrown into the mix just for the sake of having female chanracters. So we have an love story in between Purushu and Geethu.They meet during one of their early ganamelas and fall in love. After her brother gets him beaten to pulp, their love ripens and they marry only after a touching dialogue sequence between Purushu and her parents.

Now have a climax which is so different from Rock On and London Dreams since neither Salman, Ajay Devgan nor Farhan Akthar is a part of Junior Sreeni’s Malarvadikoottam and Santhosh Damodar has to sing a Malayalam song here.For a change, we have a couple of hummable songs by Shaan Rehman but that doesn’t seem to be good enough for a movie which banks heavily on it’s music to get itself clicked. Where is the Kashmalan song?

Coming to the technical departments of the movie, Vineeth Shrinivasan has chosen the conventional way of story telling . A lot of unwanted scenes like the one in which one of the lead men falling from height while making preparations for a programme could have been easily avoided. Sukumar’s camera also didn’t surprise us much. As far as the song visuals were concerned, there was nothing extra ordinary there too.The new comers were convincing with the guy who acted as Purushu being the pick of the lot.The character of ‘Kuttu’ is not as funny as it was supposed to be.The girls come and go after a couple of scenes. Some of the scenes were genuinely funny like the one in which Purushu first meets his love. As I mentioned before, Shaan Rehman’s songs were hummable,but it’s just not good enough. But the re recording was good. On the whole,the whole movie ends up as just another average fare which desperately tries to recreate the magic of similar ‘friendship’ movies made in our neighbouring states.

Verdict: Very Average Movie(since it is competing with other blunders like ‘Apoorva Ragam’, otherwise would have given it a below average tag)


  1. nice Movie………

  2. Hi guys,

    No review of Oru Naal Varum?

  3. Nalla Padam…….Bt Oru Star Singer Kadhayl Vannathu oRu aavarthanamayi…….Oru flmil POlum Assistant Directorayi work cheyyatha vineethinte direction nannayiii……Santosh Damodarante Rol chrytha nadane kalum nalla kurachu kudi getappulla vere aareyenkilum abinayipikkayirunnu…

  4. ironically the movie is fetching either very good reviews (berly,indiaglitz,rediff) or average ones(sify,,nowrunning) across the web.Anyways hope the movie works at the boxoffice for vineeth sreenivasan and his young team.!

  5. He is only 26. Still has time to figure out what he is good at. There is nothing wrong in trying new things.

  6. i watched this film yesterday.i would rate 5.5 on 10.Vinit has done an excellent job thou.He’s just a beginner,i expect better works from him in future.

  7. Vineeth Sreenivasan’s debut film, Malarvaadi Arts club is a small film with a big heart, for it brings back that smile on to your face after a long time. You tend to celebrate certain moments in the film with so much of satisfaction, that you almost forget that the immensely lovable characters you see on screen are just a result of intense paperwork and passionate film making.

    The story happens at a village named Malarvaadi, near Thalassery. Prakashan, Praveen, Purushu, Santosh and Kuttu are the only members of Malarvady Arts Club. They are graduates who have virtually nothing else to do other than fighting for a local political party. Nedumudi Venu is Kumarettan, their mentor who runs a tea shop at the village.

    Malarvaadi Arts club is about simple characters with innocent emotions and ‘sweet’ is the word that best describes this film. The screenplay is nothing great, but the dialogues are smart at most parts. But there is a clear ‘Rock on’ inspiration post intermission, which is a letdown. Technically, the film is sound, with good editing by Ranjan Abraham, who never failed to impress us. The music by Shaan Rahman is a revelation; especially “Maanya maha janangale…”, “Innoree Mazhayathu…” and “Kaathu Kaathu…”. Cinematography by P Sukumar is neat, with interesting frames and great lighting.

    Though the screenplay is inconsistent and turns ridiculous at certain parts, the film manages to steal your heart with some captivating performances by the leads. Out of the 5 big launches, Purushu is undoubtedly the pick of the lot; Take for instance, the scene in which he asks for Geethu’s hand in marriage; the young actor handles the situation with so much subtlety that you forgive the flaw in the script. Santhosh is a charmer, Kuttu sizzles with his comic timing, Prakashan looks gritty, but uncomfortable & Praveen does his job well. Saleem Kumar shines with his comic timing, and so does Suraj. But its Nedumudi Venu, who comes up with a brilliant act; the emotions he brings on screen are of first rate.

    Ultimately director Vineeth Sreenivasan emerges as the very soul of the film. He treats every scene with so much of passion and love that you tend to forgive certain evident directorial errors. Malarvaadi Arts club is not great cinema and is far from being perfect, but sure is a promising debut from the director. Forget the faults and celebrate this film, for it oozes sincerity and is an honest tribute to friendship. Watch it, for its refreshing and new.

    Rating: 3/5 (Recommended)

  8. The Movie is a 1 the mallus were looking 4….After seeing a hell lot of other South Indian Movies We Have Smthng 2 Cheer 4….

    The Film Starts a bit slowly nd we get tired of the New Actors who lacks talent Bt aftr abt 10 Min they all looks like experiencd contenders who can challenge even the Veterans of Mollywood…………….

    When ever They find a scene 200 difficult 2 execute Vineeth Compensates it with great Background score And some intelligent Cinematography…………..Hats of 2 Shaan Anyway,He has done A Mind Blowing Job…..Vineeth proves Who his father is……….I’am out Of Words actually…….

    .Its really That good……….After Getting Out of the Hall U ll Have A nice feel in Ur heart……
    Nd Mst Importantly U ll Have a Value 4 Friendship………………….

  9. Nd 1 Thing 2 Nikhi………U dnt Match much movies i think Nd dnt knw about Kerala Villages………

    1.Such Uths Who jst Spnt their time 4 Party Wrks r Very Commn in Malabar…….

    2.Its Nt a Very Conventional Way of fil making as he has avoided mst umwanted things like the registrar office scene,the doctor sayng “sorry”,no auditions 2 say santhosh is gr8…nd a hell lot of other things

    3.The Cinematography is so pleasing that the whole countryside is shown perfectly nd mst important he assists lhe less talented debutants with his long shorts(Emotional Scenes)

    Think Nikhi is under the magicfield of tamil,hindi films that jst bcoz it says the story of youngsters its related 2 Happydays,Rock On nd On……………………….

  10. Very very good film if he copied all scene of rock on..pls copy scene to scene next time

  11. @ sachu,

    normally i don’t care to argue with those who comment on my review.

    just want to say a few things to you.
    1.By conventional way of film making i dint mean that the film is full of ‘cliches’.Vineeth Srinivasan is someone who belongs to the young generation and i really expected him to try something new in his narrative.May be yu shud watch more movies( any language) to appreciate that, i guess.

    2.Personally i dont think Happy Days was a great film either.The song visualisation et al reminded the movie at places .Like wise the similarities with Rock On ! was quite obvious.That doesnt mean that the entire story is lifted from any of those movies.

    3.was not much different from the movie either. As far as i know, films are usually compared with those which belong to the same genre.The only point i want to tell you is that , while our neighbours come up with fresh and innovative ideas and come up with new themes,we stick on to ‘safe themes’ like the ‘reality show’ track.

    4.If the idea of using orange/blue filters at places to add effects is what you mean by ‘extra Ordinary’ Cinematography,sorry dude you have to watch more movies.

    5.The idea of movies based on friendship is not that new.But i dint find this movie anything extra ordinary,that’s it.May be my expectations went a bit overboard about the movie ..!

    6.Dude,a review is not the end of nething.It’s just the opinion of one random human being.!If the majority likes the movie it will click at the box office.Being a low budget movie ,this one might end up as a profitable venture for it’s makers anyways.

  12. I couldn’t help myself to sit and watch the whole movie.Somehow managed to watch till the interval.
    I don’t know what they were trying to tell new in that story,the same thing that has been flashing in film since ages..(friendship+falling in love at first sight+becoming a machoman singer suddenly 🙂 )
    why was vineeth in a hurry to direct a film..that too very early,and without having thatmuch experience in scripting and direction..
    It’s not like that he can’t make a movie now..even I can.. 🙂
    but that product will not taste that good to viewers if you lack that talent.
    Film is a very powerful medium,it’s not something that is made just to watch today and’s should showcase and impart those ideas and feelings that still is relevent for someone who is watching the film after say some 25 years also. If you are not yet ready to deliver something that big,just sit there, take time .wait..think and develop that slowly..even if u spend some 5 years and if you are able to deliver a good movie then it’s worth..take hurry..

  13. It may have had its imperfections, but it had the little magic in it to touch our heart. I knw it had many resemblance 2 other films of its genre. But vineeth had brought in the village touch in it. The kind of youth u find only in a typical Kerala village. There wre moments dat remind us of many instances from our own past. Though the cast was inexperienced in acting they did a decent job and Nedumudi Venu’s kumarettan leaves a strong impression in heart. Its not the best but a real good MALAYALAM movie wen compared to the recent debacles in the mallu industry. A nice attempt by debutant vineeth. Hope he comes out with much better one in terms of script next time. Congrats and all the best to the whole team.

  14. the film isnt bad…. the new director , my fav singer has brought a new piece of entertainment . this is it, this what we needed out of a “friendship based movie” .

  15. please don ever discourage such fantastic artists with our ever famous mallu egos n complexes.The movie was really nice.It contains many touching situations.The whole team is really passionate ..we can feel it!

  16. best n malayalam movie

  17. agree with u there..silly sentiments created for commercial purpose rather than well thought out..

  18. People should encourage artists. But if they aren’t creative enough in their work then there is no point to it.

  19. I don’t see why people can’t appreciate his talent. He’s only 26 and has achieved something many other actors have failed to do. While most of these ‘new talented people’ stick to putting their overly make up advertising faces in front of the camera, Vineeth chose to challenge that and try different things.
    I personally thought the movie was amazingly touching. It not only made me value my friendship but also made me realize that Vineeth is indubitably one of the most talented people ever. ?

  20. Extremely disappointing movie..Maybe my expectations were too high because i thought this movie was going to be really great…Vineeth does show flashes of real potential like when somebody says Kuttus real name is P.K.Bajeesh…extremely apt….well hoping for a better movie next of the movie are good but somehow not together..the music is a big plus..hoping for a better movie the next time around

  21. Nalla padam . But aaa payyansinte orginal name endaaaaa

  22. i will give 10 out of 10

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