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Katha Thudarunnu


Recently Idea Star Singer Season 4 celebrated 250 episodes and there were four days of celebrations in which they invited the singer Jayachandran and bombarded him with Tamil and Hindi songs. The judges and Jayachandran sang some terrific songs, but it seemed as if the participants who were only recently singing Vayalar-Devarajan hits were from some other state. The man who produced Pokiri Raja is a smart person for he knows the Malayali compulsive obsession with other languages.

As our superstars lament about lack of good stories and act in Tamilified Malayalam movies, one man still stands out for not leaving his roots. A true Malayali to core, he makes only one movie/year, but those movies touch upon the events of daily life, unless your brother is a slow motion walking Gounder.

In a recent interview Sathyan Anthikkad mentioned that the reason why most Malayalam movies don’t connect with people is because they don’t have good women characters. There have been good supporting characters, not the main. So in this movie, Sathyan takes a less exploited talent named Mamta Mohandas and gives her the role of a life time. Finally here is a director who thinks differently. He does not say, everyone wants to watch movies like Sura, so let me make one like that. Instead he says, these are the problems facing Malayalis and let me make a movie like that. You can read the reviews of the movie here and here and here.

Ultimately Pokiri Raja might make an insane amount of money. But it takes guts to write a socially relevant movie and make it interesting. We need more Sathyan Anthikkads.


  1. Finally some one exposes the plight of poor hindu women exploited by Muslims..

  2. I agree such directors are needed, but the statement that only movies with “good women characters” can connect with people is a bit reminiscent of Shahrukh Khan’s statement that good actors have to necessarily make their mark in comedy.

  3. Sathyan Anthikad is the most consistent director in Malayalam movie industry…his movies are always at least average….the only one that I would say is “bad” is Thalyanamanthram…but that’s more for its overly conservative social values and chauvanism (I didn’t appreciate that it advocates the joint family as a superior domestic arrangement)

    also…no one in India directs comedy better than Anthikad…he is a master of tone…not being overly hysterical (like Priyadarsan), diluting the comedy with excessive drama/violence (like Siddique-Lal or each of them on their own), or using the awful (except in some dramas) Salim Kumar….the humor is Sathyan’s movies is always unassuming and has a natural flow…

  4. I would say that Thalayanamanthram was one of Sathyan Anthikkad’s better movies; one of my favorites actually… but then again, i agree with idea of the joint family as a superior domestic arrangement; living in america all of my life made me realize the social problems that occur when the complete opposite is the case.

  5. The scenes from Thalayanamanthram are still alive in my mind. Sreenivasan’s driving lessons and mamukkoya’s reply are all classics..We need more such movies.

    Coming back to ‘Kadha Thudarunnu’, I saw it yesterday i. It is one of the good ones from Sathyan. The “Love Jihad” movement could have been picturized clearly in the movie. At least some director has shown courage to discuss it.

  6. Hi guys,

    Not publishing any reviews of ‘Alexander The Great’?

  7. Looks like movie was copied from Will Smith’s hollywood movie “Pursuit of Happyness”

  8. Katha Thudarunnu is a copy of ‘the pursuit of happyness’ starring will smith.
    it also has striking similarities to the tv movie ‘no place like home’
    u can see for your self. the pursuit is shown on star movie and HBo and the ‘no place like home ‘ is aired on MGM channel

    sathyan, be original next time.

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