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Recently we saw this article

Actress Ranjitha who had been into controversy, following the video clips of her in compromising positions with Swamy Nithyanandha, is said to be hiding in Kerala, according to some websites. It is also rumored that the state police has already found out her hideout and will soon arrest her.[Ranjitha in Kerala?]

So tell us why this actress is being arrested? Is having consensual sex a crime in India? Maybe it is if money is exchanged. But here we don’t know. Again she did not have sex on the street. She did it in the privacy of some bedroom. So if she is being arrested, will the Government place hidden cameras in the bedroom of all the politicians, film producers, and even random people and arrest them for having different moral standards. Among the billion people is this actress the only one guilty of this crime?

You can probably argue that adultery is a crime, but as far as we know, only the man is at fault and that too with lots of if conditions.

Section 147 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which makes adultery a crime for men lays down a sentence of up to five years in jail and also a fine. But an offence is registered only if the “aggrieved” husband whose wife has cheated on him files a criminal complaint against the other man. The state or the police can’t act on their own, nor on a complaint made by any other person. And the existing law clearly says that a wife shall not be punishable even as an `abettor’. [Centre mulling law to punish cheating wives too]

It bothers us when the Government gets into the business of enforcing morality. It reminds us of Saudi Arabia and Taliban and the Ministry of Virtue and Vice. In our opinion, the Government should stay out such activities and focus on making sure that more Pakistanis don’t come by boats and kill Indians and more Maoists don’t kill CRPF soldiers. If we are old enough to vote, we are old enough to decide whom to sleep with as well.

The person who should actually be arrested is the person who placed the hidden camera in the bedroom. He violated someones personal space and recorded a private activity. But very rarely you see the media and our police even talking about it.


  1. very good point from VC. completely agree with it though it got nothing to do with movies.

  2. “Though Ranjitha, who has been caught in the Nithyananda sex scandal, is required by the police for an enquiry, the lady seems to have been dodging their enquiry session. The police sources say that Ranjitha is considered as an important witness in the case.”

    – it seems the police may be looking for her for questioning her rather than arresting her.

    As for the swami, there are cases filed against him (which seem fair to me given that he has cheated the sentiments of a large segment of the population):

    “CID is interrogating Nithyananda under seven sections of IPC, including 376 (punishment for rape) and 377 (unnatural offences).”
    And some of them are non-bailable offences.

  3. good thought…quite an apt one too

  4. @Devina,

    You wrote “which seem fair to me given that he has cheated the sentiments of a large segment of the population”. Is there an IPC for cheating the sentiments of the population. If you ask me, it is a private un-written agreement between the people. There is no crime committed.

  5. @Jibs – ‘cheating’ is a crime under IPC. And in this case, the fact is that the person chose his livelihood as a swami who is understood as someone with no sexual interests (and has probably achieved enough wisdom to guide and advise thousands of people). So in this case, with no emotions attached, it is cheating because his livelihood and speeches do not match his deeds.

  6. Voyeurism and sexual jealousy; not virtue and morality is what drives our actions. Somehow our culture has imbibed these qualtities along the way.

    Whether the story of police looking out for Ranjitha is true or not; the point of view of article deserves merit; can’t agree more. Good work VC.

  7. @Devina, ‘cheating’ is a crime if there is a written contract. If someone believed something and that did not happen, there is no crime. There are many who pray in temples, churches, mosques for various favours. If nothing happens, is that cheating?

    Who says a Swami is a person with no sexual interest? That is absolutely wrong. It depends on which path the Swami has decided to follow. For example, if you are following the Tantric path in Hinduism there is no such rule. You have mistakenly assumed that all swamis must follow brahmacharya, while it is not so. Nithyananda as far as I have read was following the Tantric path and there is nothing wrong in what he did from a spiritual point of view.

  8. I’m outraged too – outraged that all this sex tape showed was some mere sisterly cuddling. Have we Indians forgotten how to produce quality hardcore?

    The guy who video-taped this thing’s already been arrested. Don’t you follow the news? And regarding Renjitha, you’re getting all worked up based on article in some gossip rag? You need to chill.

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