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Guest Review: Pappy Appacha


by nikhimenon

Pappy Appacha is brutally bland!

Thanthonni, Pramani, Janakan, Body Guard, Agathan… Malayalam cinema has been delivering duds one after the other this year. Debutant Mammas (mis)directed Pappy Appacha ,  is nothing but a mere addition to this seemingly ‘never ending’ list. The movie is painfully silly, predictable and boring to say the least with some mediocre performances by the lead cast.

If George ‘Thanthonny’ Varghese’s did a cut and paste job on his favourite movies like Usthad, Narasimham, Lelam, Vazhunnor, Devasuram and Puthiya Mukham to deliver a Thanthonni, Mammas has done the same to Sathyan Anthikkad directed Manasinakkare, Sibi Malayil’s Ishtam, Joshiy’s Lion and Lelam and served it as a weird ‘dish’ called Pappy Appacha.

The posters of the movie promised to be a light hearted tale on the friendship between an illiterate father son duo. But sadly the movie ends up as a B Grade flick with cheap/stale jokes( that seldom rises above the standard of silly ‘tintumon’ kind of sms jokes), loud action scenes, fake melodrama and a predictable climactic twist(which is a routine these days, thanks to Lal) that might have worked in the techni colour era.The audio CD of this movie had a couple of melodious numbers tuned by Vidyasaagar like ‘Manjin Velli’ and ‘Thammil Thammil’. For some strange reasons the makers haven’t included these two songs in the movie and there are two other noisy ones instead which can potentially gift you a migraine.

Coming to the performances, Dileep repeats his usual antics and one liners for the nth time with limited success. Innocent is wasted and he has had a better role in Satyan Anthikkad’s Manasinakkare with Jayaram. K.P.A.C. Lalitha yells at the top of her voice whenever dileep feels sad and so does the girl who plays Dileep’s sister. Kavya Madhavan looks plumb and totally unfit for the role. Cinematography was adequate which Sanjeev Shanker aptly did visualising the beauty of Melukavu-Thodupuzha on screen. Had the editor been sincere to his work ,the movie wouldn’t have been this much painfully long and for the same reason I dare to accuse the editor for complacency. One of the plus points of the movie(and may be the only one) was the genuinely funny title cards.

VERDICT: Avoidable


  1. I don’t understand how websites like Sify can put up positive reviews for a really intolerable film as this one.

  2. a weird coincidence ? or plagiarism?
    the review published by indiaglitz on April 15 th has atleast a couple of lines that look as if they are lifted straight from this review…be it the reference about the absence of two melodious songs in the movie, the reference to the silly and stale jokes,the reference to the innumerable inspirations like manasinakkare, everything is there in place..may be the reviewer might also had my same feelings after seeing the movie…

  3. so…the verdict is clear…indiaglitz is a great fan of vc…….!

  4. Its not just this review, Indiaglitz just combines the Nowrunning and Sify reviews every time and comes up with a review. Any number of instances could be pointed out. It has been going on for a long, long time.

    Even phrases are lifted per se.
    See this, for instance.

    Nowrunning: Paappi and his Appachan have built up their empire
    Indiaglitz: to built the empire they are presently on.
    Nowrunning: Kavya, is back, and definitely with a bang.
    Indiaglitz: Kavya too is back with a bang.
    Nowrunning: She has always had the facility to make some unbelievably ridiculous scenes look real on screen.
    Indiaglitz: even make some illogical scenes look very believable on screen.

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  6. paappi appcha is good film.. i like it very mutch/……..

  7. Hopeless movie…. Nothing else to say….

  8. Well I have seen all the movies which you claim to have resemblance with Pappi Appacha.But I never remembered any of the movies while watching it. Probably I’ve watched it long before.I wouldn’t say it’s a very good film.But I don’t think it’s such a waste unless you don’t like any of the cast.I watched it just a few minutes before.I really think it’s watchable unless you have a very good movie running in the opposite theater.I guess it’s very unlikely since malayalam movie industry is not delivering any good movies nowadays.

  9. The James above me is a different James. So I guess I’ll call my self PP James.

  10. And the James above me is a different James. So I guess I’ll call myself KK James.

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