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Kerala State Film Awards 2009


Especially after drawing a blank in this years National awards, much anticipated Kerala state Film Awards for 2009 was announced in Trivandrum earlier today.  Jury comprised of Sai Parnajpe and K.R.Mohanan. Paleri Manickyam is the big winner, followed by Pazhassi Raja.  Below is the full list of awards:

  • Best Actor:  Mammootty(Paleri Manikyam)
  • Best Actress:  Shweta Menon(Paleri Manikyam))
  • Best Movie: Paleri Manikyam
  • Best Director:  Hariharan(Pazhassi Raja)
  • Best Script writer:  MT Vasudevan Nair(Pazhassi Raja)
  • Second best movie:  Ramanam(Director: M.P.Sukumaran Nair)
  • Second Best Actor: Manoj K Jayan (Pazhassi Raja)
  • Second Best Actor: Padmapriya (Pazhassi Raja)
  • Special award: Jagathi Sreekumar (Various movies)
  • Popular Movie:  Ividam Swargamanu
  • Best Children’s movie: Keshu(Sivan)
  • Best Documentary: Ezhutatha Kathukal(Vinod Mankara)
  • Best Singer(Male):  K.J.Yesudas (Madhyavenal)
  • Best Singer(Female): Shreya Ghoshal (Benares)
  • Music Director: Mohan Sithara(Sufi Parnaja Katha)
  • Lyricist: Rafeeq Ahmed(Sufi Paranja Katha)
  • Best Background score:  Rahul Raj(Rithu)
  • Music direction(with emphasis on classical music): Sarath (Megha theertham)
  • Cinematography: K.G.Jayan(Sufi Parnaja Katha)
  • Best Comedian: Suraj Venjaramoodu(Ivar Vivahitharayal)
  • Best Debut in Direction: P.Sukumar(Swa Le)
  • Best Editor: Sreekar Prasad(Pazhassi Raja)
  • Best Story: Sasi Paravoor(Kadaksham)
  • Best Child artist: Baby Nivedita (Bhramaram)
  • Best Makeup: Ranjith Ambady(Paleri Manikyam)
  • Best Costumes: Natarajan(Pazhassi Raja)
  • Best Art Direction: Muthuraj (Pazhassi Raja)
  • Best Sound Recording: N.Harikumar(Patham Nilayile Theevandi)
  • Best Dance Director: Vinish Kumar (Sagar Alias Jacky)
  • Best Dubbing Artist: Shoby Thilakan(Edachena Kunkan – Pazhassi Raja)
  • Best Lab: Chitranjali
  • Best Cinema related Essay: P.S.Radhakrishnan, K.P.Jayakumar
  • Best Cinema related Book: G.P.Ramachandran

Do these awards reflect true feelings of the viewer? What are the notable omissions? We’d love to hear you opinion on this.


  1. Watched Nippon Vanitha film awards on TV the other day. They said that the awardees are chosen by reader polls. Mammootty got the best actor award, and Mohanlal got the award for the popular actor. Now does that make sense? If Mammootty was chosen from reader polls, isn’t he the most popular actor?

  2. This is actually a fairly decent list of winners!

    Here’s what I liked:
    Awards for Hariharan, MT, Shweta Menon, Manoj K Jayan, Padmapriya,Baby Niveditha,

    Here’s where I’d make changes (for the more major awards):

    Movie: Pazhassi Raja
    (Paleri was good but had a terrible ending… while Pazhassi was a movie made on a scale we never thought we’d see in malayalam cinema)
    Actor: Mohanlal for Bhramaram
    (Mammootty was good in Pazhassi Raja but he didn’t really have to do anything hard for Paleri Manikyam…the villain character is pretty much a retread of his Vidheyan work)
    Music: Ilayaraja for Bhagyadevatha
    (all 3 songs were fantastic…Deepak Dev for Puthiya Mugam would have also been a good choice as it’s about time Kerala awards some music that doesn’t sound old fashioned!)
    Cinematography: Pazhassi Raja
    (no question about this one…)

  3. Best Singer (Male)-Karthik for his song in Bhagyadevatha
    (no doubt Yesudas is amazing but you can hear a lot of strain in his voice nowadays….also…Karthik made a good song great with his singing)

    Second Best Film: Kerala Cafe
    (the short films Happy Journey, Bridge, and Off Season are proof enough)

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  5. Best comedian- suraj. You got to be kidding me. Jagathy never won a state till recently(2006 or 05). This guy irritates me to death, i would not have mind Bijukuttan instead. Have not seen Paleri Manickyam so cant comment on that but still kind of sad that lal did not won any award for Bhramaram (atleast special jury), but I was sad that Mammu did not won any award for Orekadal. But still by giving an award to Suraj the state award standard has gone down.

  6. I have seen the review about the changes would have to make.I have a small question how can you suggest mohan lal as the best actor evwn if palery is the retread of vidheyan.Mammooty deserves it because pazhashiraja is enough to get him selected. i think you are a diehard fan of mohanlal otherwise u never thought like this.

  7. “Movie with Best Social Message: Puthiyamugham”

    this i don’t understand.. what was the social message of that movie? don’t rag juniors or someone might retaliate violently? it started off with some allusion to standard social issues, but then veered off into nothing more than dishum-dishum..

    good to see paleri manickyam, shweta menon in particular, getting some love from the film awards committee, though..

  8. @Nisam I think mammootty got the best actor award for Paleri and not Pazhashiraja.And that is a correct decision ;because i too wondered thinking of Mohanlal’s performance in Bhramaram but its a tough fight with mammooty’s Ahmed Haji in Paleri;And i never thought mammooty’s performance is pazhassi is that great but its surely palerimanikyam that made the difference.

  9. @jackson – there is no such award. We’re just trying to find out if people are really going through the list.

  10. To Nisam:

    Mammootty was good in Pazhassi Raja but not as good as Mohanlal in Bhramaram. Yes,I like Mohanlal better than Mammooty but I am able to look at their performances objectively. For example, I thought Mammootty should have won the state award for Ore Kadal when Mohanlal won for Paradesi.

    Also, I think anyone who saw Bhramaram would agree that Lal was absolutely incredible in it. In fact, it was his best performance since Thanmatra.

    Mohanlal should have won not just because Mammootty didn’t tread any new ground with his Paleri performance but b/c Mohanlal’s performance in Bhramaram was simply better.

    Also, I feel that Mammootty was better in Pazhassi Raja than in Paleri.

  11. Last checked objectivity isn’t anyone’s monopoly. Being objective about movies released in 2009, I think Mammootty’s performance in Paleri deserves award. Mohanlal too didn’t tread any new ground in Bhramaram as he has done this type of brooding characters many times in the past.

  12. Bhramaram was good in the first half. Second half Mohanlal was driving around looking for the story. Blessy is a hyped up director and nothing unique in the character. Mohanlal has done similar roles in Bharatham to perfection. This award definitely had to go to Mammotty for three movies which are Paleri, Pazhassi and the small role in Kerala Cafe.

    Suraj is not a comedian. He is an insult to comedians. Also why is there two music awards.

  13. Regarding Music awards – will there be a award for Dappankuthu category next year?

  14. dat kid in bramaram got award? for what? maybe no other kids acted in any othr movie. paleri is the right choice. i did not like bramaram. seemed like a clueless movie.

  15. I actually thought Suraj was a good choice for best comedian…comedy is either funny or not funny and he was damn funny in Ivar vivahitharayal

  16. @Murali & Jibs: I never said Bhramaram was the year’s best malayalam movie, just that it had the best lead performance.

  17. Great work done by awrd jury,deserved awrds…..In case of MAMMOOTY WE WRE EXPECTING A NATIONAL AWRD FOR PALERY OR KUTTISRANKU…He wil defntly achieve that,thus he can prove that he is the number one actor in INDIA.Now kamalhasn and mammoty share the credits in achieving max number of national awrds..

  18. Dee Dee, agree. nothing exceptional in mohanlal’s acting in bramaram. see that before. paleri was very bold and for this year i agree with jury.

  19. @Midhun:

    Who’s WE?

  20. Regarding that supposedly superb performance of Mohanlal in Bhramaram, almost all of Blessy’s main leads go through that cathartic process that is over dramatic. Mammootty did the same in Palunku, Mohanlal did it in Bhramaram. The only difference is, if you happen to be a Mohanlal fan, you tend to go ga-ga over it, and if you are not, there is nothing much extra ordinary about it.

    The final word is Mammootty got a much deserved award. He was way too better than anyone else out there this year.

  21. Yes and its surprising that Nivedita got that award for Bhramaram. She had absolutely nothing to do in it, while she was much better in Kaanakanmani, though the movie itself sucked big time. But then, Bhramaram too did.

  22. @ vinu:…who else should have won best child actor then?….nivedita did a good job….its unfortuante that they could not have picked a better actress to play Lal’s daughter…that actress almost sank the film

  23. @Filmbuff

    Niveda, and not Nivedita deserved that award for her role in Madhyavenal. That was on par with most of the adult performances this year.

    But of course we have had juries in the past too, that have denied an actor an award because he has got it ‘way too often’. We shouldn’t be surprised then that Niveda was not selected by the jury because she had already bagged the award once for her role in ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’ the year before.

  24. Most of the awards were given to CPM sympathisers or loyalists. That is why Mammootty is selected over Mohanlal…

  25. @Dinesh – How come Mohanlal got it for Paradesi in 2007.

  26. Finally after reading comments here, saw Ivar Vivahitharayal. Found nothing exceptional in Suraj’s performance. He did the same irritating thing he does in all movies. In my opinion Suraj & Salim Kumar have taken comedy to new depths.

  27. @VC,

    You should not be putting in the ‘Best movie with the social message’ in this list. That is because many people rely on the information given in your blog. It will not help you understand whether people will go through the list: Many NRKs wil just go through it and think that it is true and not respond. I do appreciate the sense of humour but I feel that Award list post is not that one where you should put it up. Now, how can I know whether you have not inserted any funny liners in between your other posts, say, the one featuring the interview with Renjith Shankar(Director of Passenger)

  28. it is a good descision

  29. I think Malayalam movie awards should have an Oscar style ceremony – announcing a few finalists and then giving away the award to one…. It’s more exciting that way. I’m sure the ratings of the award ceremony will be better.

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