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Hit or Miss?


Lal Jose’s new movie Elsamma Enna Aankutty was announced recently. Trade publications published the identical  press release and added some stuff on their own.
Here’s one…

‘Elsamma Enn Aankutty’ will be scripted by Sindhuraaj who had been with Lal Jose earlier for the movie ‘Mulla’. For the first time in his career, Lal Jose will experiment his music department with Rajamani, instead of his regular Vidyasagar. As per the latest reports, the shoot for the movie will kick start by May.

Lal Jose’s last movie in theatres was ‘Neelathamara’ scripted by M T Vasudevan Nair, which was an instant hit with the masses.

and here’s another…

Do we have some basis for such pronouncements? Was Neelathamara a hit or a miss?


  1. Producer Suresh Kumar of Neelathamara said its a hit, expenditure was ess than 3 crore collected 3.5 or 4 crore and rest now to get are all profit
    but its not a big hit like LalJouse earlier movies, adn this story writer Sidhuraj cannot creat any hits for Lal Jose’s information

  2. I am not even sure if its a hit, but since the producer says so, it must have been.

    But I am sure it wasnt an ‘instant hit’, as Indiaglitz claims it to be since the crowd reaction in the theatre was far from ‘instant joy’.

  3. i think you are rite.Sindhuraj has written jalotsavam,pattanattil sundaran etc and they were big flops and also not so good films.I think he is the one who wrote for Puthiya Mukham too;the film was a really big hit but honestly i didnt like it.

  4. Any one who has a website or a blog under his name is now a Box office pundit and a movie critic.

    Websites like webdunia, indiaglitz, thatsmalayalam etc does not have any credibility. They declare movies hit and flops based on their own interests and the super star fanatics issues ‘certificate of credibilty’ to these medias.

    Even producers may declare their movies ‘hit’ to guard their own ego and ‘flop’ to guard their own financial interests.

    There is no real way to find out which one is a hit and which one is a miss. unless there is some real auditing and producers have to publish their Balance sheets.

    Anyway why should a layman worry about how much profit a movie had made or how much loss it did suffer ?

  5. Neelathamara did not run for more than 3 weeks here, even when the competition was weak.
    Lal Jose’s latest blog post is a real inspiration for all aspiring script writers. 😛 Guess he has just received a bulk order for remaking old MT movies. Looks like somebody forgot that his biggest hits like Meesamadhavan, Classmates, Arabikkadha etc were written by new faces and not by MT or Sreenivasan.

    Young people need to invest themselves instead of waiting for such people.

    btw, does anyone have any idea how much a movie shot in HD format costs? Heard that ‘Gulumaal’ shot using a video cam and screened digitally was a low budget movie…. any idea or inputs on this?

  6. Really “Lal Jose” is one of the efficient director in malayalma industries. He create manay hits.He already prove his ability as an Director in many films but i 100% appriciate him his super film in “Classmates”. Really this story is very difficult to pictureise and to tell. He made it colourfull. The syle used is also apriciated. Anyway best of luck for his future projects.

  7. elsemma enna aankutty is the best film of the year the title song make a successful review of the film of a cute and bold sister

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