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Millennium Award


One truth that came out of Thilakan’s mouth and one which we agree is that the film industry revolves around two stars. This is vastly different from the solar system where all planets revolve around one star. The only other place where we have seen two stars like this is the planet Tatooine where Luke Skywalker lived with his uncle and aunt.

Now having a two star system is a problem for an award committee. If it is the state which is giving the award, then it can get away by giving it to Prithviraj or any non-M&M actor. But when a entertainment conglomerate like Asianet gives awards, they cannot do that. They have to give it to both of them. But then only one person can be the best actor. So what to do about the other one.

Asianet-Ujala solved this E=mc2 problem is a novel way. While Mohanlal was the best actor, Mammotty was the actor of the Millennium. Millennium as you know is 1000 years and so Asianet in its infinite wisdom realized that Mammotty is the best actor in the past 1000 years. I am sure Asianet would have compared his performance with other legends like Muthu Pattar (Best Actor in 1025 AD), Veera Pandi (Best Actor from 1200 – 1255 AD) and Kaimal Kaimal, who won the best actor award from none other than Emperor Akbar.

How will next years award look like? Mohanlal is the best actor in Milky Way? Mammotty is the best actor since Big Bang?


  1. that was a funny post..but jokes apart,what these private awards stand for is they try to bring the max number of big names for their show.

  2. One would/should naturally lose interest in awards and lollipops once he/she turns 12.

  3. this nonsense about millennium and universal has to stop.. mohanlal is known as universal star..what do they mean by that..i think kamal haassan is also universal.. i am a huge lal fan but calling him universal is just a joke..

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