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Thilakan Saga continues


The Thilakan saga refuses to die down –  more and more celebrities, reel heroes, cultural heroes and some zeroes are jumping to the fire, some get burned, some come out unscathed. This post covers the controversy as it unfolded and we have made it a sticky post and will be constantly updated. Tell your grand children that you read all about it in VarnaChitram.

  1. Here’s a brief history.
  2. Thilakan out of Christian brothers and blames Mammootty for that.
  3. Thilakan threatens Dharna(sit-in) at Christian Brother’s Shooting location.
  4. Goondas Disrupt the shooting of Christian Brothers
  5. Thilakan denies involvement.
  6. Thilakan recieves a death threat for making a derogatory statements about Mammootty.
  7. Thilakan says Mammootty not to blame for his ouster from Christian brothers, says its another superstar.
  8. Director B.Unnikrishnan is a mimicry artist!
  9. AMMA has delusions that it’s supreme court and serves a Show Cause notice to Thilakan.
  10. Thilakan, a lifelong communist, asks CPI(M) to support
  11. CPI(M), a party which runs capitalist businesses, says no
  12. Thilakan expelled from AMMA and FEFKA.
  13. Sukumar Azhikkode parachutes into the controversy.
  14. Satyan Antikkad alleges that Azhikkode admitted that he never watched a movie.
  15. Azhikkode abuses Mohanlal
  16. Mohanlal says Azhikode is hallucinating.
  17. Azhikode says Mammootty took 5.5 Cr for acting in Pazhassi Raja
  18. Thilakan is planning to create a parallel universe by producing movies with Vinayan and acting in those movies.
  19. Dr.Mammootty maintains a dignified silence.
  20. Renjith mocks that Azhikode takes 5 lakhs per speech and is jealous of super stars.
  21. Punathil Kunjabdullah says Mammootty and Mohanlal are nothing compared to Thilakan who is an international star.
  22. People in Kazhakstan say they have never heard of Thilakan
  23. A researcher came up with a study on the influence of Megastar Mohanlal on the cultural and historical scenario of the state during the last twenty five years – We are waiting for Thilakan’s and Mr.Azhikode’s comment on that.
  24. Innocent suggests that Sukumar Azhikkode should spend rest of his time praying and watching good Malayalam movies.
  25. It gets more bizarre, Sukumar Azhikode alleges that Mohanlal snatched  late brother’s property.  He also finds out that Antony Perumbavoor was Mohanlal’s driver.
  26. Mohanlal erased Sukumar Azhikode from his mind.
  27. Azhikode reads English dictionary: finds Innocent means Idiot.
  28. Meanwhile Innocent reveals that he was also chucked out of Christian Brothers. We are stunned and speechless at this revelation.
  29. Sify reports that superstars have become closer since this controversy, produces pictures as evidence.
  30. Jobless youth attack Thilakan.
  31. Mammootty attempts peace.
  32. Vellapally Nadesan parachutes in, bit late for the party though.
  33. Ambili offers a role for Sukumar Azhikode.
  34. Thilakan: I  lost  the Hollywood role due to FEFKA’s efforts.
  35. Sukumar Azhikode and Mohanlal to sue each other.
  36. Tension inside AMMA: Mammootty accused of one_upmanship. And here’s a neat analysis by Berly.
  37. Thilakan comments that Mammootty as uninvited mediator – likens to a joker.
  38. Supreme court of AMMA temporarily suspends Thilakan from AMMA.
  39. This video clip is awesome.
  40. Mohanlal to  act in advertisements for Khadi clothes – that too for free!  Take that Mr.Azhikode.
  41. Thilakan out of ‘Hollywood movie’ DAM 999 – as FEFKA threatend to pull out all the technicians from this Hollywood movie.
  42. Sukumar Azhikode calls Supreme court justice V.R. Krishna Iyer an old man!
  43. Making Mohanlal goodwill Ambassador of Khadi is bigger crime than murder of Gandhiji – Sukumar Azhikkode.
  44. Shaji.N.Karun ready to cast Thilakan in his movies if needed.
  45. Stink spreads, K.G.George blames star system for his inactivity.
  46. Thilakan ready to give explanation to AMMA.
  47. Rajat Kapoor replaces Thilakan in Dam 999, the hollywood movie.
  48. While everyone is getting weary of this off screen drama, Thilakan submits a 5 page written explanation to AMMA.
  49. Thilakan ponders approaching court to sue FEFKA for denying him work.
  50. Thilakan’s curse. Dam 999 packs up from Kerala.
  51. Thilakan expelled from AMMA – for life!
  52. Thilakan accuses Siddique and Edavela Babu of attempting to manhandle him.

Watch this space more updates …

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  1. ” People in Kazhakstan say they have never heard of Thilakan”

    That’s surprising.. 😛

  2. Thilakan is a great actor

  3. 39. On March 2, 2010, Thilakan founded UMMA- Union of mal movie artists. A union of jobless movie artists.

  4. If amma suspended thilakan chettan, let them goto hell.
    Tilakan chettan, dont you have money to live the rest of life ?
    then why go after these casteist people with begging bowl ?

    Is there problem only when Tilakan chettan say something ?
    In what disrespect and bad attitude did ganesh kumar (madambi) talked about tilakan chettan. when president and secretary of amma is there why do ganesh talk ? why he think himself so big ? with the strength of public money looted as ministers by father son duo ? why action is not taken against him; because though he dont have the tail; he is the son of a pillai ? If actions are taken take them against everybody who misbehaved.

    In a TV programme for “IVIDAM SWARGAMANU”, I found Mohanlal insulting tilakan chettan. At the end of the program, there was cake cutting. Tilakan chettan cut the cake. I expected, being the senior most person, mohanlal will give the cake to tilakan chettan. but he did not do it. Tilakan chettan cut cake many times, but mohanlal did not give any of them to tilakan chettan. Finaly, this “BIG” “MEGA STAR” mohanlal took a tissue paper and moved away cleaning his fingers. Is mohanlal such an ill minded person ?

    Whatever talented mohanlal is, what use of it if his mind is bad?
    Mohanlal himself admit in interviews that he is a womaniser.

  5. Thilakan, who alleges lobbies based on castes like Nair lobby and Muslim lobby, should have rejected his role in a casteist movie like ‘nasrani sahodaranmar’ before he was avoided from the film.

  6. lol davis..this is probably the funniest comment i have read in VC

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  8. Where the hell is Kazhakstan to do with malayalam movies? Thilakan is an awesome actor. Mommotty and mohanlal and other idiots dont even come close to what thilakan can do and have achieved. he can make you laugh and make you cry. he is just an awesome actor. I say Thilakan should just retire and sit and home because malayalam movies has become a joke with all these babaies like mammotty and mohanlal and others in diapers trying to pick and fight with each other. and whats the point of these stupid association in movies anyway? only in kerala you find these stupid associaltions and unions for every thing.

  9. On Thilakan issue:
    1.What is the normal procedure if an artist/technician has been signed/invited for a movie and later gets replaced? AMMA should have(probably has already,i don’t know) a rule on that and whoever does not abide by it should be financially penalised.
    2.Thilakan,however genuine his claim may be,as a (paid )member of AMMA,should have submitted his complaint formally and if,unsatisfied with the proceedings,gone public or approached court.
    3.Sukumar Azhikode,whatever his accusations are against “superstars”,if he expressed it more intelligently and in a civilised way(all the more expected from a self-proclaimed intellectual),matters would stay within a civilised discussion and the actual issues would have got more prominence and the whole thing would not have degenerated so badly.

  10. dear thilakettan, wiggen lal (sorry mohan lal) and the other wiggens may be the stars or super stars in the sky of malayalam film indstry, but you are the only sun in our sky. you showed the guts to bring the truths in light but who knows that there would have been lots of thilakans who were neglected by these castiest lobbys of malayalam film industries.everybody knows that there is an appy lobby in trivandrum led by wiggen lal with his subjects like jagdish, manian pilla raju, sreekumar(sreekooottan),nedumudi venu etc are steering the malayalam film industry. these old guys has to learn lots from aamir kahan and amithab bachan those who are doing their responsibilities through their selection of films as a senoir actors. did u see aamir khans new picture 3 idiots, mr lal you will be a big zero when we compare u to other leading artists. mr lal you are the person has to compete with amithab bachan, nana patekkar, aamir khan, and nazirudhin sha etc and not to be that with poor guys like prithwi raj, thilakan, or any body else. first u remove ur wigg in public. to whom u are trying to decieve through hiding ur baldness, at least u have to learn something from rajnis attitudes towards his public appearance.

  11. See… Who is mOhanlal ? Just An Actor getting huge money. Dont give importance to him than just an actor. All actors are acting. Some will get title roles, some get small roles. The totality is the cinema. Our society & government is giving unnecessary importance to these whitewashed graves. Their real life is so ugly. All artists need to be treated alikely.

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