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3 Idiots


1. Thilakan: It seems the whole world is against you. Reasons vary – caste, religion, politics. It is boring. Next time blame Americans.

2. AMMA: Instead of holding conclaves to act like the Supreme Court of Malayalam Film Industry, please hold conclaves for script writers and directors to make better movies.  Shoot for 11 hit movies this year.

3. Sukumar Azhikode: So what if Mammootty gets paid 5 crore. So what if Mohanlal models for Jeweley shops. So what if his romantic scenes look obscene? We love it. We will even watch a movie in which he just stands still for two and half hours.


  1. Quoting from your reference:

    “Prominent orator Sukumar Azhikode lashed out against Megastar Mohanlal today, when he accused Lal of selling the recognition and popularity that he enjoyed.

    Azhikode was interacting with media delegates here, when he said that Mohanlal’s appearing in an ad for a popular jewelry brand showed that he was looking for money. If he were an ordinary man, he wouldn’t have done this.

    Azhikode also talked against the romantic scenes that the actor played on screen, and said that they were quite distasteful.”

    Yeah, so what? I mean, what if Azhikode speaks out something everbody knows for a fact? Were you or anybody who is criticizing Azhikode under the impression that Mohanlal was doing the ad for altruistic purposes or just for the thrill of starring in a jewelry ad? Azhikode only spoke out the fact. Surely, Mohanlal is in that ad for money, and surely, he was sought after for the ad because of his popularity. So, definitely, he is ‘selling the recognition and popularity that he enjoys’. As is every film star appearing in ads. Azhikode didn’t say what the actor was doing was illegitimate or immoral. He didn’t abuse him verbally, as far as I could gather from the newsreports. Then, why is everybody suddenly up in arms?

    Why should we be uncomfortable when somebody speaks out a well known fact about a well known actor?

    As if we should behave like, ‘Yeah, it is a fact he is doing it for money, and, indeed, when you look at it, you can’t deny he is selling his popularity, but, you see, nobody is entitled to speak that out, he is a star, don’t you know his a**e is divine? Hush, hush!!’

    We are a society that claims to encourage everyone speaking out his opinion. As such, why should we turn livid when somebody just says the truth? Are we that intolerant?

  2. @abhilash….
    Was worried who would replace Sukumar Azhikode’s position after his lifespan…
    People, we have a contender here.

    Some people just want to show that they think differently.
    Some achieve popularity by hard work; others by criticising them and some others by supporting detractors.

  3. “Some people just want to show that they think differently.”

    Differently from whom, mate?

    Have you conducted a poll among Malayalis all over (excluding Mohanlal fans and detractors and SA fans and detractors) to conclude that everybody thought Azhikode was wrong? I guess there are more than a few who think similar to my line on the matter. It has nothing to do with supporting the detractors. I think SA is a nuisance most of the time, making himself a fool, but that doesn’t mean we have to prejudge.

    And I was stating my opinion here. I thought the original poster was just running along with the fans without caring to take a look at what SA said. My main point was, ‘alright, SA talks crap most of the time, but that doesn’t mean we have to look at what he said with prejudice and from a fan’s point of view.’

    If you disagree with me, that is fine. Matter of opinion, but don’t get anal. Meanwhile, didn’t get any sensible point of disagreement from you.

    I guess you think you are quite a smart guy who can assess people from even as little as a single post. You might be here more for picking on people and voyeuring than discussing the posts. Or are you less of a pervert and being just a blind Mohanlal fan?

  4. Whether Sukumar Azhikode spoke the truth or not, WHY is he against the actor? The statements he made yesterday were truly insulting, in case you have missed those reports. Freedom of speech is not the license to speak foolishly. As writer T.Padmanabhan said, SA was jealous of the actor since one award which was decided to be given to SA was later given to Mohanlal. Maybe off-topic, but SA is the same guy who rejected Padmasree award publicly, after informing the panel that he was willing to accept it. Who should I support naturally?

  5. @abhilash dont take me as a Mohanlal Fan

    Mohanlal is a popular actor and he gets lots of money from ads too.Is that a crime.Just doesn’t understand why SA abuses him.Its not that SA said something wrong,when when you listen to the way he speaks its like telling Mohanlal is selling some drugs or spreading terrorism.In my personal opinion as an individual or as an actor it is his personal decision to act in an ad or something.Will you accept actors to come out at SA and dictate him that he should not go for this speech or should not write this book.Mohanlal is a good actor and SA is a person who is best in his field.He actually should not interfere in field that he has no much idea about.Do you seriously think SA was right in abusing Mohanlal for putting make up and acting with younger heroines.Acting is a profession and its not a way of life.SA actually is a respected writer and i respect his contributions to Malayalam.But like that Mohanlal is an actor and a very genuine one in the field.

    I would just conclude by saying that SA such a popular writer and orator should not have said such substandard comments.Mainly because if you are abusing someone that person should have done something wrong.Film acting ads etc are not any crime.There are many other critical issues which he can raise his voice against.But this one just looks like a cheap publicity stunt.

  6. sukumar azhikkode with all due respect to his contribution to malayalam, is a publicity hungry man. he was earlier abusing the CM.

    Azhikkode does not watch movies and is criticizing Lal and Mammotty. Do you think he will make such a statement in Tamil Nadu on Rajanikant? People will burn him alive. Ask Jayaram.

    Mohan lal and mammotty are popular and they are brand ambassadors for many products. They do charge hefty sums also for that. Having said that, they also do ads for state governments and banning plastic wastes etc. And as innocent said, will anyone in kerala buy gold if Azhikode models for it?

  7. If Sukumar got more acting skills let him replace lalettan. Mohanlal ad for jewellery is superb . For which product we can use sukumar or Sukumar wants to play as Pazhassiraja.Let us ignore that uncle we want Mohanlal and Mammootty for ever.


    I think whoever wrote in the above blog makes more sense than all the rubbish.

    I guess Kerala population is heading the way Andhra has, and Tamil nadu is, in becoming buffoons and clowns for politicians and actors.

    Time to sit back and think proper.

  9. Hi Gopan,
    That is the difference between we keralites and tamilians, We are we 90% literate and we use our brain and react with the issues rather that just blindly believe and work for the super stars. I don’t think that this super stars have any supreme power or knowledge more than any common man, that is proved by mohanlal recently. They are lucky and have acting skills, nothing more than that. We cant compare the skills of mohanlal with sukumar azhikode.. super stars are rich and continue in making money… If we don’t watch their movies, nobody will call them for the ads.. they appears in golds ad and force us to buy gold.. making profits for the rich and becoming rich.. and also paying cheap politics in film filed for their benifits.. we blindly supports for them..

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