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My name is Priyan

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When we were studying in school, we had a friend who a simple hobby. When two people were fighting over a serious issue, he would get in the middle. Finally the two fighters would stop and beat up the new guy. Somehow Priyadarshan reminds us of this friend.

He decided to get into the fight between a King Khan and a Paper Tiger. When someone tries to parachute into a high profile fight then there can be two possible outcomes – You would get some publicity without almost no investment or you would be swatted aside as if you are a fly, getting reminded in the process that this is a game for adults. Kerala’s own Priyadarshan got the latter treatment, when he tried to inject himself into My Name is Khan controversy.

My Name is Khan had all the ingredients of a Bollywood pot boiler – it had communal problem, international problem, cricket problem, violence etc. So in that charged up climate, Priyan’s comment – that it’s all publicity hype – was not recieved kindly by Bollywood shenanigans. This is a season for apology(for example Jayaram offering apology or AMMA demanding apology from Thilakan) and Priyan wasted no time in genuflecting.

Now, to give Priyan due credit, let us look what happened to My Name is Khan post release. Movie matched 3 idiot’s opening collection of 90 crores and sank after that. To sum it up, publicity did help the movie initially.

Guess who is having the last laugh?

One Comment

  1. The SRK-Sena incident was definintely a win-win situation; both parties got publicity out of it. Of course, SRK managed to get some publicity out of him being detained in a US airport a few months ago.

    PS: That article was just rock bottom. How could it get published? ‘True colors’ indeed!

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